Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bhagavan Das forum about "fallen gurus"

[PADA: Of course, Srila Prabhupada says there is no such thing as a fallen guru, if he is fallen -- he never was a guru. Bhagavan das has ran off to the Gaudiya Matha folks like Narayan Maharaja, who helped Tamal, Satsvarupa and the entire GBC institute their "guru reform," wherein -- they said their "gurus" are often fallen and deviant, who then need to be chastised, monitored, censured, removed and "reformed," and so on. Relativised acharya ... ys pd]  


GG: You may be aware that there has been a ten year court battle between ISKCON authorities and the management of the Bangalore Temple and millions and millions have been spent.

Bhagavan das: Prabhupāda wrote in his diary when he first came to New York, that he received a few dollars donation from one of his guests so he was able to go out and buy chapati flour to offer to Krishna. When I was GBC in India, he chastised us for being a few paisas off in the bank reconciliation. Prabhupāda hated waste and squandering. Evidently those signing the checks are convinced that he approves going to court is the only way to resolve this conflict

Going to court is gambling, regardless of how airtight you think your case is. Gambling is something to be avoided when dispensing laxmi, especially laxmi that belongs to your guru. The courts are often no better than gambling casinos. Not being KC enough to call forth the Deity or guru’s presence into the quandary necessitates this wasteful misuse of laxmi to the lawyers. This is the state of affairs today. The leadership does not see how they are causal in bringing any of this about.

The challenge here is that there are two opposing forces to everything. Two opposing ISKCONS, two opposing sets of GBC, two philosophies of initiations, two sets of Prabhupāda’s giving each party the go ahead to do battle - and two Krishnas that everyone is depending on to defeat the other party.

I do not believe that Prabhupāda would want his funds to be spent fighting for years in courts, regardless of where the funds came from. I do believe that he would want all money to be used for nonviolent goals and not be put into the pockets of lawyers. I do believe that he would not tolerate the viciousness of attacks by either party.

There is no certainty that all parties involved have made no errors or done everything with true righteousness without a pinch of self-righteousness. As such, Krishna can appear to either party as an unexpected turn of events that can foil even those who are convinced they have the best intentions. Why is it said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? It is because good intentions can have denial intertwined with truth and that can lead one to unfortunate places. One need only look at the gurukula history or the guru history to see this twist.

[PADA: People like myself and Sulochana tried to reign in the guru abuses, gurukula abuses and many other crimes going on, but we were not supported whatever by people like Bhagavan das, Narayan Maharaja et al. The Bangalore court case is the result of Bhagavan das's making up the big lie that 11 gurus had been appointed, its gone to court now because his lie took over the society. ys pd]

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