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Petition to Bhakti Caru swami to stop Banning Devotees

Hare Krsna All glories to Srila Prabhupada

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Mantra Yoga Team

[PADA: Yes, many "senior Prabhupada devotees" have been banned from "GBC owned" temples over the past decades. One of them was a woman who told me she lost her will to live as a result of not seeing the deity, and she died of cancer shortly after that (at maybe 40 years old). In sum, the GBC policy of banning is causing a lot of pain to a lot of people. On the other hand, a big Hindu type temple speaker out on the West Coast is advertising Rama Krishna mission on his site. And this fellow is welcomed and allowed to speak, but not others. 

Anyway, its gradually becoming realized that there is a bad element in the GBC management group, and this has gone on for a long time. Petitioning these guys usually does not help much, but anyway lets try to see what can be done. ys pd]   


STOP banning devotees! 

Grant Kishori dasi (ACBSP) free access to ISKCON New Mayapur

Mantra Yoga started this petition to HH Bhakti Caru Swami and 3 others
Since 2012, the managers of the ISKCON New Mayapur temple (France) have banned Kishori dasi (ACBSP) from having free entrance to the temple. They have also banned several other devotees from temple access.

Kishori dasi was the personal cook of Srila Prabhupada for months on end. She had a lot of personal association with him. Srila Prabhupada personally asked her to share the memories of his exchanges with her to the society of devotees, and Kishori joyfully does so in temples all around the world except … in her home town temple, situated only a few short miles away from her home, where she is banned.

Does this sound logical and rational to you?

Kishori is now 76 years old. She suffers great pain from being deprived of the darshan of Krishna Balarama and from being deprived of the possibility to offer her obeisances and services to her spiritual master at the temple.

We are a group of devotees who are fed up with this unjust and offensive situation, which has been going on far too long and for no valid reason. We are trying to raise awareness so that this ban on Kishori (and on other devotees) can be lifted once and for all.

Forbidding pilgrims access to a place of worship is rarely seen in the world of religions (aside from extreme examples such as in Jagannatha Puri and / or in Saudi Arabia). Forbidding a famous and well-loved disciple of Prabhupada access to her home temple, in her home country, while she preaches all over the world of ISKCON, should come as a shock to anyone reading this message.

Therefore we address all the sannyasis, devotees and non-devotees who visit New Mayapur with the following words: what is the use of teaching and preaching Vaishnava etiquette on one hand if, on the other hand, we keep treating devotees as criminals and keep banning them indefinitely? Such an attitude is counter-productive and represents a serious impediment to the progress of Srila Prabhupada's mission and to Lord Caitanya’s Sankirtan movement.

Please sign this petition. By doing so, you will contribute to the effort to show the managers of New Mayapur that a large body of dissatisfied devotees in France and abroad demand the lifting of the ban on mother Kishori, now, before it is too late.

Thank you

Depuis 2012, Mère Kishori n'est pas autorisé à venir librement au temple de la Nouvelle Mayapur en France, ainsi que beaucoup d'autres dévots qui sont aussi bannis de cet endroit.

Elle a été la cuisinière personnelle de Srila Prabhupada et a eu énormément d'association personnelle avec lui. Sa Divine Grâce lui a personnellement demandé de partager ses mémoires avec les autres, ce qu'elle fait joyeusement  dans tous les temples du monde sauf....dans celui situé à quelques kilomètres de chez elle!

Mère Kishori est maintenant âgée de 76 ans et souffre beaucoup d'être privée du darshan des déités et de la possibilité d'offrir ses hommages et services à son maître spirituel et aux déités de ce temple proche de chez elle. 

Nous sommes un groupe de dévots, outrés de cette situation qui ne dure que depuis trop longtemps sans aucune raison valable, et voulons arrêter cette interdiction à vie pour elle et pour quiconque.

Empêcher l'accès à un lieu de culte ne se trouve dans aucune religion, que dire dans le mouvement de Caitanya Mahaprabhu, prédit comme étant la religion de l'âge d'or pour les 10 000 ans à venir. 

A tous les Maharajas, Prabhus, devots et non dévots, venant dans cet endroit, nous voulons dire: quel est l'intérêt d'enseigner et de prêcher "l'étiquette vaishnave" si d'un autre coté on bannit les dévots ou on les traite comme des criminels? Cette attitude est contre productive et un grand obstacle dans le progrès de la mission de Srila Prabhupada.

En signant cette pétition, vous montrez aux décideurs, à quel point cette situation est urgente et comment nous voulons collectivement que cela change. 

Merci beaucoup. 

Mantra Yoga


(Mahesh Raja prabhu)

to: Puranjan Prabhu, Hare Krsna!

Do not think that petition will work. These demons do not listen to petitions.
But here is something for devotees you can put out that they will read AND the pressure will mount on these crooks:

You must leave’. That is not our policy

SPL to Jayapataka 12.08.1969
Our policy should be to keep members as much as possible. We should not flatly say ‘You must leave’. That is not our policy.

SPL to Madhudvisa 24.08.1972
We can reject anyone, that is very easy, but to reform him that requires great skill and tact and if you can reform him by kind words and dealings that is best

SPL to Tamal Krsna 23.08.1973
Our only tie is love of Godhead. It should be our definite policy that nobody is ill-treated that he may go away. We recruit a person to join us after spending gallons of blood. Everyone comes for reformation, you cannot expect everyone to be perfect, rather it is our duty to make everyone perfect as far as possible. So we shall be very much cautious and careful in this matter.

SPL to Nityananda 25.11.72
Differences should be discussed openly amongst ourselves, not secret meetings. We are Vaisnava devotees, not politicians. So these things must be stopped, plotting.

73-08-23. Letter: Tamala Krsna
N.B. I have received one complaint from Indian devotee at Mayapur Prabharupa Das Brahmacari that he is mal treated by our American devotees. Kindly inquire into this matter and do the needful. Either Indian or foreign whoever joins us they are not under any obligation, our only tie is Love of Godhead. IT SHOULD BE OUR DEFINITE POLICY THAT NOBODY IS ILL TREATED THAT HE MAY GO AWAY. We recruit a person to join us after spending gallons of blood. EVERYONE COMES FOR REFORMATION, YOU CANNOT EXPECT EVERYONE TO BE PERFECT, RATHER IT IS OUR DUTY TO MAKE EVERYONE PERFECT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. SO WE SHALL BE VERY MUCH CAUTIOUS AND CAREFUL IN THIS CONNECTION.

72-08-24. Letter: Madhudvisa, Amogha
So far the presidents are concerned, they should not be abruptly changed in future. If there is any complaint they should be first of all informed to me. ONE THING WE SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER IS THAT ALL OF OUR DEVOTEES PICKED UP HERE ARE ACCUSTOMED TO ALL OF THESE BAD HABITS IN THEIR PAST LIFE, SO IF SOMETIMES THEY REVEAL THEIR OLD CHARACTERISTICS, INSTEAD OF REJECTING THEM, IT IS UP TO US TO RECTIFY THEM AS FAR AS POSSIBLE. So try to reform Mohananandan there. What he will do by coming here? Amogha has indicated he has already shaved his sikha and has left everything. Do you think U.S.A. is a magic place, simply by coming here he will become reformed? If possible you can send to the U.S.A., but it is better to correct him to the standard point by friendly gestures. WE CAN REJECT ANYONE, THAT IS VERY EASY, BUT TO REFORM HIM THAT REQUIRES GREAT SKILL AND TACT AND IF YOU CAN REFORM HIM THERE BY KIND WORDS AND DEALINGS, THAT IS BEST. When I was there in Sydney, I observed that Mohananandan is very, very good boy and he has great intelligence and talent, simply it has become little bit misguided due to circumstances. Now you both big leaders in Australia, along with the others, you make a very concerted attempt to help Mohananandan over his difficulties and persuade him that everything is all right; that I am not angry or displeased in any way. These things will sometimes happen even with the best devotees, and in this way try and persuade him to become engaged with his previous enthusiasm for becoming once again a great devotee. He is young boy, so we should not take his actions too seriously, better to forget the past and try to reform him. His service can be once again very much valuable there in Australia, I know he is very good boy. Do not drive him away, that will be the discredit to all of you leaders. But if there is great difficulty, he may come and live with me here in Los Angeles for the time being, I have no objection. But he has done very nicely in Sydney up to the present time, so if you can utilize his experience and talents there, that is the best plan

73-02-21 Letter: Karandhara
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 13 Feb. 1973 and have noted its contents carefully. Regarding Sriman Hayagriva Dass; IT IS OUR DUTY TO RECTIFY HIM. TO CREATE A DEVOTEE TAKES MUCH LABOR AND TO REJECT HIM IN A MINUTE IS NOT TO OUR CREDIT SO PLEASE TRY TO DO THE NEEDFUL IN THIS REGARD. Consult the other GBC men there, then make a proposal to Hayagriva and if still he is incorrigible then you take the necessary steps

73-10-18. Letter: Jagadisa:
Regarding the management of the Ottawa and Regina centers try to train them. We have to train sometimes. Whenever there is something extraordinarily wrong, you can remain there for sometime. YOU SHOULD RECTIFY, BUT NOT REJECT. MEMBERS ARE COMING TO JOIN US TO BE RECTIFIED, NOT TO BE REJECTED. SO, TRY TO RECTIFY THE INCORRIGIBLE, AND IF NOT POSSIBLE, THEN CHANGE. What can we do?

SPL to Madhudvisa 24.08.1972
We can reject anyone, that is very easy, but to reform him that requires great skill and tact and if you can reform him by kind words and dealings that is best

71-11-20. Letter: Hamsaduta
Regarding your question about incense, Karandhara has just informed me that our Spiritual Sky incense business is making now $1,000,000 a year to spend for Krishna. How can that be Maya? My Guru Maharaja used to say, "Anything material, if it is used for the service of Krishna, it is a mistake to give it up." Because I have understood this principle, he used to appreciate me in front of my godbrothers. I have given this idea all along--why you big leaders do not understand it? You should take it to heart as a guiding principle that somehow or other we always please Krishna by doing what is practical and necessary, according to time and place. Not that we should be whimsical. But one test is that all the devotees should be satisfied. They have given their lives to Krishna, so we should see they are always happy. THEIR SERVICE IS VOLUNTARY. IT IS NOT THAT WE CAN FORCE ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING. IF WE DO THEY WILL GO AWAY AND THAT IS A GREAT LOSS. EVERYONE MUST BE ENCOURAGED TO DO WHAT HE LIKES TO DO FOR KRISHNA, SO IF SOMEONE LIKES TO DO BUSINESS FOR KRISHNA, LET THEM MAKE $1,000,000 FOR KRISHNA.

71-12-08. Letter: Vamanadeva, Indira
As for your questions about householder life, first of all, who is looking after Oklahoma City temple? If you are the President, then what is the use of opening center if you cannot attend all temple functions? Who is looking after temple management? If you are in charge, either you should live there or there is no need for such temple. Of course, it is not that anyone is excluded from being my disciple if they do not cent per cent attend all of temple programs, but they should be encouraged to attend as far as possible. Living outside and working are not prohibited, and it is not recommended that such strict rule as no outside living should be enforced, but living in the association of devotees is better. From our side there is never any objection if it is inconvenient for temple living, but if you are in charge of organizing your new center, I think you should live in the company of the other devotees there, to train them and work with them for distributing our books and magazines and pushing on this Krishna Consciousness Movement full-time. But if there is some difficulty to do this or some problem with getting money, then you should consult further with your GBC man to make adjustment. PREACHING IS OUR FIRST-CLASS ENGAGEMENT, INCLUDING SANKIRTANA PARTY, SELLING BOOKS, SPEAKING, LIKE THAT. BUT IF FOR SOME REASON A DEVOTEE IS UNABLE TO DO THESE THINGS, THEN I SAY THAT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO LIVE OUTSIDE AND WORK AS A CONCESSION. OUR SERVICE FOR KRISHNA IS VOLUNTARY AND CAN NEVER BE FORCED. AND WHATEVER POSITION IN LIFE ONE HOLDS HE CAN SERVE KRISHNA IN THAT WAY. But yourselves being such qualified and experienced preachers, what is the benefit of engaging in the second-class activity when there is so much preaching work to be done? Practically speaking, our Krishna philosophy will save the whole world from the most dangerous condition, that is a fact. So now you just become convinced yourselves of this fact and help me spread this Movement for saving the world with all conviction and attention, and in this way you will be performing the highest type of activity and very soon you will go back to Home, back to Godhead, know it for certain. I have no objection if you keep home deities.

72-12-14. Letter: Tusta Krsna
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letters dated November 18, November 22, and December 3, 1972, and I have heard that you are having some difficulties, so I have sent Siddhasvarupa there to help you. Now try to keep a cool head under all circumstances and always remember that Krishna will protect you in any case, you haven't to worry anything. I THINK THAT WITHOUT YOU THE NEW ZEALAND AFFAIR WILL NOT GO ON, BUT NOW YOU ARE LEAVING THERE TO LIVE ON SOME FARM IN AUSTRALIA. OF COURSE, OUR SERVING KRISHNA IS VOLUNTARY AFFAIR, SO WHAT CAN I SAY? IF YOU THINK THAT IS THE BEST CHOICE, I MUST AGREE, OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT GO AWAY ALTOGETHER. Anyway we shall discuss in detail if I come there in future.

72-12-22. Letter: Karandhara
So my point is that the regulative principles must be followed by everyone. Otherwise their enthusiasm dwindles and they again think of sex and become restless, and so many problems are there. There is some symptom of missing the point. The point is to be engaged in doing something for Krishna, never mind what is that job, but being so engaged in doing something very much satisfying to the devotee that he remains always enthusiastic. He will automatically follow the regulative principles because they are part of his occupational duty--by applying them practically as his occupational duty, he realises the happy result of regulative principles. SO THE FUTURE OF THIS KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT IS VERY BRIGHT, SO LONG THE MANAGERS REMAIN VIGILANT THAT 16 ROUNDS ARE BEING CHANTED BY EVERYONE WITHOUT FAIL, THAT THEY ARE ALL RISING BEFORE FOUR MORNING, ATTENDING MANGAL ARATI--OUR LEADERS SHALL BE CAREFUL NOT TO KILL THE SPIRIT OF ENTHUSIASTIC SERVICE, WHICH IS INDIVIDUAL AND SPONTANEOUS AND VOLUNTARY. They should try always to generate some atmosphere of fresh challenge to the devotees, so that they will agree enthusiastically to rise and meet it. That is the art of management: to draw out spontaneous loving spirit of sacrificing some energy for Krishna. But where are so many expert managers? All of us should become expert managers and preachers. We should not be very much after comforts and become complacent or self-contented. There must be always some tapasya, strictly observing the regulative principles--Krishna Consciousness movement must be always a challenge, a great achievement to be gained by voluntary desire to do it, and that will keep it healthy. So you big managers now try to train up more and more some competent preachers and managers like yourselves. Forget this centralizing and bureaucracy.

73-11-01. Letter: Acyutananda :

74-08-14 Letter: Bali-mardana
I have received one letter from Sudama das Goswami that both of you had some hot conversation on the points of management, but I request both of you not to become agitated on any controversial point. A Vaisnava is supposed to be more tolerant than the tree and more forbearing than the grass. Besides that we have taken a great mission of the cult of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, so everything should be done very diligently and soberly so that our missionary activity may not be hampered. ALL OF OUR MEMBERS ARE GIVING VOLUNTARY SERVICE, SO THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE ENCOURAGED IN THEIR SERVICE ATTITUDE. 

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