Friday, February 22, 2019

ISKCON Sues Radha Damodar Temple (BG Narasimgha Swami)

PADA: Of course, without folks like BG Narasimha swami and his mentor Sridhara Maharaja originally propping up these 11 GBC as gurus in 1978, none of these lawsuits would have ever happened later on. Anyway, its interesting to see how the GBC does deviant things, while simultaneously claiming to be pure acharyas, and people who can absorb sins like Jesus etc. Of course folks like Sridhara Maharaja endorsed other deviants as God's successor "gurus" after 1936 in India, its a pattern.

Lets not forget, the GBC also buried a deviant (alleged pedophile) and a porno swami in "samadhis" in the dham. Yes, BG Narasimgha, you are right, these people are not gurus and your guru Sridhara Maharaja thus made a huge mistake empowering and enabling these deviants as his idea of ISKCON's "zonal gurus" and God's successors and messiahs. 

Sulochana said we have to DE-FUND and if possible, even bankrupt the GBC's guru process. Otherwise, if they have lots of spare money on hand -- they will use that money to make a regime which will oppress the Vaishnavas. And thus, they will use their ill gotten money to fund a policy of banning, beating, molesting, suing and assassination, which is what has been happening. 

Apparently the "money equals control issue" is somewhat going on now in a foreign temple. A devotee reports to PADA that their temple president there is a tyrant. And thus their president reportedly bullies and yells at women and makes them cry; He bullies the men and has them "walking on egg shells" -- thinking they could be removed (and thus lose their room and salary); He whimsically bans people for no apparent good reason; He takes mysterious unaccounted vacations and raises concerns over -- where the money is going; He is "overly chatty" with the teen age girls; And in general he acts like a bully and a fool, and yet no one can speak out because he has the financial lives of everyone there in his hands. Loyalty, bought and paid for.

And this pattern has been going on all over the place, fear of being economically cut off, banned, being sued, what to speak of having paid thugs on the payroll beating the stuffing out of GBC's opponents, or even having paid off "hit men" sent to assassinate GBC's opponents. And all of this is enabled and empowered by hijacked ISKCON money, as Sulochana has correctly pointed out already. We need to help save their funding -- to save their process? 

How did you guess, as soon as Sulochana said -- we need to de-fund the GBC's program, then all sorts of GBC's folks and their assorted defenders came out to attack Sulochana's idea. That includes more recently the Janardan / Pancali / Krishna Kirtan / Sanat / Mukunda UK / Prahlad das (Paul Coats UK) / HKC Jaipur team, who are still upset that their molester messiah's agenda was sued for $400,000,000, and thus their "innocent people" had to pay for that lawsuit. 

Yep, if there is something important missing from the world today its clearly; that we need to increase the financial supply of Kali's golden MONEY -- to fund a process of -- more and more and more -- banning, beating, molesting, suing and killing of the Lord's Vaishnavas. That is the process that needs -- more funding? Sheesh pilgrims!

Sulochana also called these people, the shekel counter's religion. And thus, lets fund suing Radha Damodar! Yes, lets fund and finance all this process, its something Satan fully approves of! Hee hee!

Oh forsooth! Its terrible I say! Child molesting was reduced or eliminated! And worse! You mean to say there will now be less money on hand for hiring paid for GBC guru's goonda programs -- of banning, beating, molesting, SUING and assassinating the Vaishnavas? Wow! Gimmee a kleenex already, I am crying because of missing out on creating MORE and MORE and MORE -- of this process! Who would want to have MORE FUNDING for this process, apart from the above mentioned hand maidens of said program?

Sorry, Sulochana has been right. And all along! When the ISKCON GBC's folks have had spare money on hand, they have used that money to create a process of contrived banning, if not beating, molesting, suing and assassinating. Did we forget to mention, even the karmis say money is the root of all evil? Or that the Vedas say -- Kali Yuga lives in gold (money)? And so on! 

Thanks to the Lord that He spared us of taking remnants from their money laden table. In any case, good on ya Narasimgha swami! You are right! Sridhara Maharaja handed the GBC's false gurus the keys to the kingdom by making them the "successor acharyas to God," and they then used that post to extract funds to create a giant criminal enterprise which is, how did you guess, banning, beating, molesting, suing and assassinating the devotees, which is an almost exact carbon copy of the program Sridhara Maharaja made in 1936. ys pd     

All glories to -- Money?

ys pd 


  1. PADA: Yes, its hard to figure out why ANY so-called Prabhupadanugas would want to have the GBC's guru program fully financed and funded: So we can be chased by their goondas with baseball bats; So they can sue us for printing original books; So they can parade around as big gurus; So they can bury sexual predators in samadhis; So they can finance their big bogus meetings with all the air fare, computers and etc.; So they can hire lawyers to spend $20,000,0000 suing Prabhupada programs; So they can have big cars, houses and medical expense paid while the peons are sleeping in cars; So they can preach that acharyas are often debauchees; So they can vote in more conditioned souls as their messiahs, ad infinitum. What is the need to have all this funded, unless, you guessed it, they are compromised with that agenda? Yep, great question. ys pd

  2. Dear prabhus, Hare bol.

    Yes, Mukunda UK says no one should read the Windle Turley lawsuit, but then all he does for 20 years is, he constantly publishes, promotes, advertises and crams the wording of that lawsuit all over the universe for the general public to read all day long, as does his chief disciple Prahlad das. No one loves to quote Windle Turley more than Mukunda UK and his disciples like Prahlad. Mukunda is the main person who loves to cite this document, no one else does like this? Of course this begs the question, why is Mukunda UK trying to advertise bad materials, and why do so many devotees complain to us -- he is now a disciple of Hitler, and thus he is advertising Hitler on purpose to make Krishna look bad? And of course now that the GBC is bankrupted, Mukunda is not happy they do not have money to ban, beat, sue, molest, change books, and kill us, which is what they do when they have funds. Why does Mukunda want to get funds to the GBC, so they can ban, beat, molest, print changed books, if not sue and kill us? And if they have money, they will sue us for printing original books? The only way we will get original books is when they no longer have the funds to sue anyone who is printing originals, and Mukunda is crying they do not have proper funds to sue people because they had to declare bankrupted? Why is that? And Prahlad is doing the same thing, he is crying that the GBC has been de-funded so his agenda of banning, beating, molesting, suing, changing books, and killing us -- has been reduced. Oh boo hoo, gimme a kleenex already! ys pd


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