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Cost of Silence II (Sanaka Rsi about compromised ISKCON GBC leaders)

SR: Almost two years ago the Cost of Silence documentary covered the extensive child abuse, both historic and current, that has plagued the the Hare Krishna movement, and the inadequate initiative of ISKCON’s leadership to tackle this pandemic.

Part Two looks at what’s happened since. How the the leadership responded to address this pervasive problem.

When the Cost of Silence first came out I hoped that raising awareness on the extent of the child abuse problem in ISKCON would motivate the devotee community to give careful consideration to the issue, and inspire some constructive changes; I never imagined there would be a need for a follow up…

Over the years I have repeatedly observed the GBC make decisions that were detrimental for child protection. But some recent developments that have unfolded in the last two years highlight the extent of their willful disregard for the plight of the children. Two years ago, it may have been still possible to give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t know the full extent of the child abuse problem. 

That perhaps they had been so busy and distracted with their cumbersome managerial responsibilities that the welfare of children had slipped out of their sphere of awareness... Unfortunately, today it is no longer possible to afford them this benefit.

As you watch the Cost of Silence II, you will see how the GBC have not only failed in their duty to protect the children, but also how they have gone a step further and knowingly placed them in harms way…

Click here to watch the Cost of Silence II.

[PADA: Yes, "silence" of child abuse is a bad idea, because it facilitates and enables the abuse. For example, Mukunda UK and Prahlad das' best pal Sanat told me he knew "every single kid was molested" in Satsvarupa's school, but he did not ever report it to the police. And since Sanat's wife was a teacher there, they had first hand knowledge this was going on. They also did nothing we can see to notify the other ISKCON devotee parents of this problem. So this is simply one example of how these things were being covered up, by the leaders and their hand maiden servants. Multiply this by hundreds of cases of cover up, and we can see a pattern which Sanaka Rsi calls "the tip of the iceberg."

Even recently Prahlad was complaining that I was being cruel to his child abuse cover up agenda pal Sanat. Yep! The child molester lover's club has many tentacles on the ISKCON society, and that is what Sanaka rsi is also basically saying here. 

And! Often not reported to the authorities. If ever! Yep, we have to save the leaders like SDG from prosecution. Worse! As soon as some GBC folks and the Sanat folks found out hundreds of kids were being pulled from their molester guru process after 1997, they were infuriated by that process as well. What, you mean our molester regime is being dismantled in some areas? And people are still telling me various GBC leaders and their hand maidens like Sanat are the good guys. You mean to say, the SAME people who cover up child abuse, and are upset to see hundreds of kids liberated from that process, are the good guys? 

Then we wonder why there is a problem? And their agenda buried a sexual predator and a porno swami in holy dham samadhis, and people are upset we are exposing that process too. Really? And guys like Muralivadaka, Laxmimoni, Dhanurdara, Nitai Chanda, Bhavananda etc. are always seeming to be welcomed -- as our folks are banned?

So it appears that leaders like Satsvarupa, many other GBC, many of their followers, indeed so many people apparently knew there was a problem. But no one took it to the authorities? A conspiracy for sure. Hand maidens of the problem. Or what?

OK the co-conspirators were silent, at best. And some of these type guys are STILL coming forward saying they are in favor of the GBC's (the cover up agenda) and not in favor of our expose process, so its simple -- they are STILL with the GBC's folks agenda. Yes its the same agenda -- plain and simple. There has been a conspiracy of silence, correct. Yet there has been another side to this, jack boots to the head of anyone exposing this issue, that is way worse than silence.

And thus some of these guys are not only "not silent" they are the most vociferous attackers of those of us who addressed the molesting issue. So that is not silence, that is defending the evil doers. As for the GBC itself, well all we have to do is look how they treated me and Sulochana ilk for complaining about the molesting, our party faced banning, beating, suing, and assassinating. How did you guess, Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks complained that we were giving Sulochana a can of beans with our "contaminated money." Yep, lets starve Sulochana of funds, or anyone who complains about their abuse process. That is worse than silence, that is actively supporting the agenda?  

In any case! That is not silence either? 

Nope, banning, beating, suing and killing people who oppose their molester agenda is an active process of defending that agenda. And GBC guru folks and their allies like Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad (Paul Coats UK) / HKC Jaipur etc. will also stomp their giant jack boots on anyone who opposes their molester guru process and agenda, because silence is not their only real problem, its their vehement attacks on anyone who addresses their molester infrastructure agenda. 

Anyway, more people are waking up in ISKCON, Catholic Church, and more and more famous singers, movie stars etc. are being exposed as predators and etc., its all coming out, that is what we intended to see, and we are seeing it more and more. ys pd]

PS: As for Hanuman Croatia, come on, you mean to say Bhakti Vikas did not know about this agenda? ys pd



  1. Yes PKD, ISKCON has become like the Catholic Church, or worse. Same problem: the dubious people who created all the corruption, are not going to be able fix the corruption they created. It would require new blood to make new policies, and un-motivated people who could weed things out, and call out the corruption and take proper action to fix things. That process will not be allowed by the current crop.

    That is why the GBC pretty much has excluded getting new blood, and they added and / or recycled all the top department leadership posts to a few people like Prahladananda, Basu Ghosh types. And the ex-gurukulis are pretty much edited out of the picture, we see few if any of them taking up posts of authority, its mainly more and more Hindu types who are being added as temple managers and so forth. So its sort of like a collection of old people keeping the helm to themselves, as happened in the Gaudiya Matha.

    At this point in time, almost none of the leaders even care that ISKCON is teaching that acharyas are often debauchees, because they cannot go against the system lest they lose their retirement income, that they are dependent on the society to collect. As Sulochana said, even if the GBC announced that they were going to have worship of a bucket of dogs stools now, as the standard for ISKCON, almost none of the top echelon would complain because they are economically dependent on the corrupt process. That is a problem. So our best effort is to do what we are doing, expose them as deviating from the teachings of Krishna.

    To sum! The molesting issue cannot be solved properly, because the founder fathers of that system are still in charge. As for me personally: I get hammered by some victims for not taking strong enough action, they think I have back-pedaled badly; Then again hammered by other victims for "exploiting their cause" (with no idea how their cause would be heard widely in their hands); Then again hammered by others for being way TOO strong, obnoxious and incessant on these issues. Ya can't please em all. Overall I think we are making good progress, we are getting more and more favorable replies and comments, and we think that MORE people want to make independent programs that do follow the proper standards and that will be the wave of the future for Vaishnavism. Anyway, we did what we could with what we had, which was not much resources. Jayate. ys pd

  2. Krishna cursed Aswattama that he would have to live with his wounds into kali yuga for thousands of years, and he would pray for death, but it would not come, due to his attacking children. Imagine then the fate of the GBC's guru program that orchestrated mass child abuse of Krishna's children! Yes, as one ex-gurukuli told me, the GBC are the direct disciples of Awsattama. I agree! ys pd

    PS: Of course Prahlad das UK says the GBC's mass molesting is not the real problem, the problem is Puranjan has a "bad taxi driving income." And "he makes karmi music." Yep, my bad income, my bad music, that is what is causing all the trouble in the universe! Who knew! ys pd


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