Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Lady Devotee Summarizes Post-1977 ISKCON

Varna ashram dharma depends on men trained in their duties and responsibilities then women can fill the society with their qualities of patience and care. Varna ashram dharma is in sattva, where even the thought of harming somebody else, or disrespecting or ridiculing dare to cross the dharmic mind. Are you ready? 

But INSTEAD we got only barking angry sexually frustrated "men" trying to enslave women for their egotistical gratification. See also how many of these enlightened ones do nothing and their wives go to work, grow the children etc. These men trained on the streets that in few years turned into arrogant aggressive psychologically abusing clergy as if the world has not enough of them. 

In the beginning women have been exploited to get money for their society. children where taken from them at 3-4 years old to be sent to school ran by these same barking men - who hate women and who cannot protect children. 

Then for their greed for position and power sitting in positions without qualities and qualifications, the society collapsed, pretenders renunciants falling like leaves from a tree, again the fault was given to women after been deprived to be mothers and many were abandoned with children to get any job to feed them, while their husbands were falling at false sannyasis' feet and maintaining them. 

Surely they found more support in the materialists' world then the fake religious area. But the world is made of 90% grhastas so the false renunciants started a plan for keeping couples into a conflictual mode (go to any seminar about women and men in Iskcon, it is a joke) in this way they can keep control of the men for money, power and false prestige by promising a society of superiority for all men which utterly flatters their ego. 

Yet bhakti does not sprout in such hearts. So the fools keep kissing their feet and progressing nothing. Because varna ashram dharma will first take away money and management from rascals and sannyasis, they made varna asharam a hell for women, this is diversion of mass attention to the real scope. I just quote this so the intelligent can understand the misconceptions of the pretending leaders : "Dharma is said to be that action performed only out of affection, whose effect does not lead to evil." I do not think any of these barking men have ever taken into consideration the words : affection and kindness as foundation of a devotee society

PADA: WOWSERS! Great summary.

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