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Paramadvaiti Swami Alleged Sexual Exploiting (English language)

[PADA: The video is in English. Its is an adult conversation about intimate sexual activity, so if that topic is not for you, that's fine. Did I forget to mention, these victimized people need to go to the police and report all this if it is confirmed -- as it appears to be. 

Sannyasas getting "massages" from young women, what could go wrong here? 
Its amazing how this same reported history repeats so often, very big bhoghi yogis, swamis, gurus, avatars -- and the like, fall prey to a woman's glance (as Srila Prabhupada has told us repeatedly). Its a good lesson for all of us however, don't think we are above being bewildered by the material energy, we need Krishna's mercy at every step to avoid falling into these illusions. 

At the same time, to declare oneself to be a liberated acharya when one is not is considered as a severe offense which takes one to the lowest regions. So its better to admit that one is still afflicted by illusion and take a humble position as an aspiring devotee, and not as a finished professor devotee. 

In sum, people who are exploiting others, whether for illicit sex or money or whatever it is, have to stay here in the material world. In the spiritual world there is no room for even one exploiter, not even a teeny pinch of exploiters are allowed to reside there. And immediately these exploiters have to come here and stay here as long as they want to exploit. Its very sad that so many of our dear God brothers did not understand this very kindergarten level basic point of Srila Prabhupada's teachings, and some even took the post of acharya to -- exploit others. 

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Thinking of my spiritual brothers who are sincere in their devotional process and it is not fair that in your meditation you are the means for them to connect with Krishna, I am writing this letter to you.

As Saranagati told her in the phone call in which she asked him about the undue touching that you did to me in Caracas, a woman abused by a father figure, she feels so confused and traumatized that she has a hard time understanding what she has done to her. For that reason, it took me a long time to be able to emotionally assume what he did to me and be able to confront him with the help of my closest spiritual brothers.

Eventually I understood better what happened in the temple of Caracas with me and other devotees and I could associate it with other similar events that occurred during our trips and stays in other temples.

In the 2016 Mela, you caressed my breasts and buttocks inside the car back from the trip to Matucana. In a couple of nights while two devotees massaged her before going to sleep, she first stroked our legs, breasts, buttocks, approached me and then untied my pants and tried to insert her finger into my vagina, which made me feel pain and immediately I stood up. 

While I was massaging him, he tried to bring my hand to his genitals repeatedly during the same massage. Then he asked Jagannathesvari to bring him water, he sat next to me and asked me if I was a virgin, to which I answered yes. And he caressed me affectionately saying "my dear daughter" while touching my lower belly. When the devotee retired, you embraced me and began to run my tongue over my face when I was alone in the room, which confused me and disturbed me a lot, so I retired.

I have also repeatedly witnessed inappropriate touching in the private parts of the body of other spiritual sisters, as in others, of themselves touching their genitals. I know that Atulananda Maharaja is aware of the kind of things you did with your disciples and with myself, but still continues to recommend him as a spiritual master, which not only confuses me and makes me doubt about the authenticity of the mission itself.

Considering the gravity of these events, I ask you to please communicate within your mission the truth of what happened so that everyone can be free to seek an authentic spiritual refuge and no one is deceived in their spiritual process and can make their own decision after tell yourself what really happened. Devotees deserve to know the real reason why you are leaving your mission in the hands of your disciples instead of believing that there are other reasons.

Mitravinda asked me after Saranagati talked to her if I was going to take any legal action for sexual abuse and I answered that I had not thought about that, although the case warrants it. It would have been easy for me considering that my parents are lawyers and work in the judiciary. But, before doing that, I prefer you to be honest with your disciples.

I want you to know that I am not doing this for revenge or for wanting to hurt you because apart from these things, you took great care of me in the past. Also as you know and Saranagati told you, I have been a faithful and dedicated disciple and I would never lie with something so serious about you.

I asked that the telephone conversation that Saranagati had with you be transcribed in which she talks about the things she did to me and in which you recognize some of them, but she says not to remember the most serious ones, although at the same time several times He asks him to tell me to forgive him and take care of me. That transcript will be sent to you these days.

But even if I am able to forgive him that does not mean that it is right for you to continue accepting disciples or to make those you already believe believe in the position of a trustworthy guru whom they should place on an altar or in who should meditate. That must end for the benefit of all and your own.

In this letter I am addressing you directly with a copy to Atulananda Maharaja, but if you do not publicly acknowledge what I am asking of you, that is to say, having failed to take your Sannyas vows and abused some of your disciples, I will make this public letter .

With concern for you and your own spiritual process, appreciating the truth



Paramadvaiti and Radhanath

Letter to the senior devotees of Atulananda M.

From: Atulananda < >
Date: September 15, 2018 at 6:24:10 AM GMT-5

Subject: Letter to the devotees

Then I send you the letter that I could show to at least the elderly devotees or those who wish to know about my position and opinion. I consider that it is still confidential, but not so for the elderly devotees.

Letter to the devotees:

My dear devotees and mothers, this time it is my turn to touch this delicate subject that is already in the mouth of many, and it is with respect to what happened with our Guru Maharaj. Without going into detail of what may have happened, I feel the great need to apologize to all those affected.
It is true that this can cause many to condemn him and others, despite this situation, we continue to appreciate and accompany him on this path that he has prepared us with so much love, energy, beautiful achievements and effort.
I think that Sri Krsna sends us these facts because something wants to teach us. 

Something, without a doubt, Gurudeva Paramadvaiti has to correct and learn, and there are also things that each one of us also has to learn. It is for this reason that in the scriptures we find examples of great personalities who have had their problems and this has become of eternal and universal knowledge, but we have also seen that they got up and resumed their path. And this is because Sri Krsna does not send this to condemn His beloved devotee but rather to get attention and rectify it.

[PADA: OK here we go, acharyas are falling down and they need to be rectified. Nope. Conditioned souls are falling down and need to be rectified, not acharyas.]

Personally I do not want to be in the group of those who wish to condemn him.
First of all because I do not consider myself worthy to throw the first stone.
Secondly, because I consider that the debt I owe him is very great, that he has done a lot for me, and I see this as an opportunity to return his hand to help him overcome this difficult situation.

Third, because friendship and love are just to help us in our difficult times.
Fourth, because I have been taught that this is more a path of mercy than of justice, because I have just seen the great grace that Sri Krsna and Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga showed to so many souls.

Fifthly, because in all my life I have kept in mind the phrase of Jesus where he says: "with the rod that you measure, you will be measured"; so I would like to receive mercy so many times I need to receive it, which of course is at every moment of my life. And in sixth place, and perhaps this is the most valid, because great devotees like Sripad Gopananda Vana M have asked him to correct himself and to continue with his service.

Nor would I want to be in the group of those who condemn because they most likely nurture much their discouragement and do not want to continue in the process. I prefer not to reject it and remember with gratitude its many sacrifices and efforts.

Of course we also follow the principle of "condemning sin but not the sinner". Many times we have seen that those who condemn the sinner fall into something very similar and even worse, while the one that failed is redeemed.

I want to also quote what Srila Narahari-sarakara Thakur says in his Sri Krsna-bhajanamrta regarding the possible fall of a guru. In sloka 59 to 61 he says:

"If a spiritual master commits an erroneous act that breaks the Vaisnava regulative principles, one should converse with him in a solitary place and treat the subject for correction, resorting to the logic and clear conclusions given by the sadhus, by the sastra and for the gurus, but you do not have to leave it." (60)

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says that anyone who thinks the guru is falling down is a resident of narakah. He did not provide us with these translations, and if he would have, then there would have been his own purports. We never find Srila Prabhupada saying acharyas are falling and deviating.] 

"One should not doubt, nor fear, confronting or challenging the spiritual master, because it is said that one should discipline that spiritual master who is confused about what to do and what not to do, who has no experience and who is ignorant, one who has strayed from Krsna consciousness, and one who is covered by pride." (61)

This affirmation of the scriptures is to be applied at all times and circumstances. (62) "

I also want to copy some words of Srila Sridhar Maharaj that seem very illuminating to me:

"Sometimes you see an anartha that comes out or appears abruptly in a Vaisnava that has a high realization, but it is only to accelerate its process.
Some undesirable events or events occur, and a fire of repentance of great intensity arrives and pushes you toward the higher: a higher region. Just as a rocket is launched, from below there is a great push.

[PADA: Well yes, the neophytes go through periods of bhogha, tyaga, doubts and even sometimes rejection of guru and Krishna and so on, that is what happens to neophytes, not self realized souls.]

If you want to get up, there is a need for pressure from the bottom. So sometimes in the case of a Vaisnava, you can see that something, somehow wrong appears in your heart and a great fire of reactionary type helps you to progress. He will ask himself: "What am I really? How did this come to me?
This is sometimes seen even in high Vaisnavas, so do not misinterpret it, because it is really part of the progress and comes in this way because of the Lord's desire to grant His devotee greater realization. 

Therefore, it should not be considered as a setback, rather it should be seen as an improvement. Jiva Goswami Prabhu mentioned this. Let us be careful in judging the character of a Vaisnava.
Because these situations can be manifested by the Lord's desire, we can not understand them correctly and we think otherwise. So we are warned not to venture into judging the activities of a Vaisnava. "

These were the words of Srila Sridhar Maharaj and they make us see that the process of bhakti is not something simple, there is much to understand and much to tolerate and forgive. I also want to address especially to all those people who have been affected. From my side I apologize. I apologize to each one of them and as Paramadvaiti Maharaj himself has said, the affected souls can feel at liberty to seek another guru and mission.

We do not know why this misfortune has happened to us because I do not stop considering Maharaj an entirely sincere soul. This shows us that no one is free from danger and that we are humans who are in this effort and in this struggle to get out of Maya. This misfortune can make us more understanding and united, or it can disunite and disintegrate us. Of course I pray that we all remain united.

In this respect I always remember the story of the Bhagvatam when Indra did not rise from his seat when his guru Brhaspati arrived and immediately he recognized his great error before all and declared to the other devas that for that lack of etiquette they were now going to lose it all. And so it was, they lost everything and had to go live in the clouds, but we see that the devas did not leave Indra. 

We see that Yudhisthir M was also defeated by his weakness but his brothers and his wife never left him, and they even continued to show him the same respect, even though he had even played them on dice. Undoubtedly there are more examples that we can cite, such as the case of Ajamila, where the Visnudutas lamented so much before the Yamadutas to see that the principles of religion had lost so much mercy, and seeing them so anxious to take him to hell. 

The Visnudutas asked for immediate forgiveness from Ajamila and determined to protect him, even though he had only committed himself to sin for at least sixty years, without ever asking anyone to chant the holy name or do any service.

I take this opportunity to quote Srimad Bhagavatam 6.2, where he says in his first three verses:
The son of Vyâsadeva said: O King, after the servants of the Supreme Lord listened to the Yamadûtas, being the first ones well understood in the doctrine, they said. (1)
The Vishnudutas said: "Oh, how painful it is to see how the assembly of dharma knowers is being affected by irreligion. See how those people who must apply the dharma now wish, unnecessarily, to punish those who are free from all sin. (2)
To whom will the citizens be able to appeal, asking for refuge, if there is iniquity in those who act as their protectors, and that having full virtue and being equanimity they only want to apply the law (or justice)? "
(1) The son of Vyâsadeva said: 'Oh King, after the servants of the Supreme Lord had heard what the Yamamatas said, they replied as experts in the doctrine. 

(2) The Vishnudûtas said:' Alas, how painful it is to see how irreligion affects the community of the knowers of dharma, to see how from those being allotted the task, sinless people unnecessarily have to undergo punishment. 

(3) To whom must the citizens turn for shelter if there is iniquity among those who as their protectors, endowed with all good qualities and equal to all, [want to] defend the law?)

I ask for forgiveness for Maharaj and I ask for forgiveness from all the people affected. I ask for a thousand pardons. I kneel and bite straw imploring this forgiveness. And I want to let you know that every soul that leaves the process because of this will cause me great pain, but at the same time I feel that those who forgive and move forward will receive much grace from Krsna to continue accompanying this Vaisnava who has sacrificed so much for us. in a continuous way, that so much life has given to our lives, and that has always supported us and guided us with so much love and enthusiasm in all our services and situations that we have gone through.

If so far he did not say anything it was mainly to not cause pain to the devotees or to discourage them in their spiritual lives, knowing how important he is to us. Undoubtedly wearing this on his own should not have been easy, so I think it will also be a relief and comfort for him that this is known, and also that he knows of our great love, fidelity and gratitude that we feel for him, and that we pray for his speedy recovery, because we understand and feel that his beacon of light can not be equaled by anyone.

This proves that we are human but that we aspire to be saints. This shows us that we must take care of ourselves and that we need a lot.
[PADA: Yep, they say acharyas are ordinary humans. Gurusuh narah matih, narakah sah, anyone who thinks the acharyas are ordinary humans is a resident of hell.]

It is a fact that we made mistakes, leaving him alone and not taking better care of his health and energy. But now is the time to show our love for him. It is the moment to forgive to be also forgiven.

I also believe that Maharaj will have a lot to teach and tell us. He wants an understandable retreat that we must respect, but I can only ask him to replenish himself soon to continue guiding this flock, as has been the instruction of Srila Narahari Thakur in his Sri Krsna-bhajanamrta just quoted.

This would be, in a few words, my opinion in this regard, and once again asking for forgiveness from all those affected, I only aspire to continue in your beautiful service.

Bv Atulananda A.

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  1. Chaitanya Charitamrita Madhya Lila 8.138

    In the material world, if one is sexually inclined and enjoys sex life, he enjoys something temporary. His enjoyment vanishes after a few minutes. However, in the spiritual world the same enjoyment may be there, but it never vanishes. It is continuously enjoyed. In the spiritual world such sex pleasure appears to the enjoyer to be more and more relishable with each new feature. In the material world, however, sex enjoyment becomes distasteful after a few minutes only, and it is never permanent. Because Kṛṣṇa appears very much sexually inclined, He is called the new Cupid in the spiritual world. There is no material inebriety in such desire, however.


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