Monday, October 29, 2018

ISKCON Wants to Kill Me (BLISS / Ramachandra das)

PADA: The GBC's folks are still harassing some Prabhupadanugas, this time a GBC goonda attacked one of the BLISS' folks, Ramachandra das. Sounded like a really bad encounter. 

The bad news is, there are still some GBC's goondas out there. 

The good news is, they are a dying breed because not that many people want to defend these GBC's guys anymore. And a friend of mine who visits some GBC's temples says they are filling up these places more and more with salaried Hindus, who are there mainly for the money and so they are not really GBC guru fanatics. These people aren't really that much dedicated to the GBC's guru process, and as such they are not as dangerous as the first wave, many of whom really were fanatics.

The overall upshot is, now Ramachandra prabhu is more convinced than ever that the GBC's sabha is, as we said all along, a goonda operation. I think this event also helped him realize the poison issue more solidly because, if they would poison their guru, they would want to kill his followers. So that also means, he gets the PADA medal of honor award. If they want to eliminate him, he must be doing something right. 

We hope that he will be safe, and that the police will assist him in the event these threats are going to continue. I hope he gets some other devotees to help him by validating his story with the police. In any event, if the GBC folks have to resort to goonda tactics, they are losing their argument. Even Krishna does not use violent force on us to make us submit, He gives us "free will" and allows us to choose to serve -- or not. Forcing people into serving just does not work, even for Krishna. 

Another devotee from former Soviet Union wrote to tell me the GBC's folks are giving him a severe migraine headache, because they argue with him that he needs to worship one of the GBC's gurus, because he cannot simply accept Srila Prabhupada as his guru. And they are very aggressive with him, but at least they are not threatening physical violence on him. Of course, if he has a migraine, its a sort of de facto physical effect nonetheless.

So I told him, you mean we have to worship the GBC's illicit sex guru program -- and not worship Srila Prabhupada? And that will take us to Krishna? No wonder this poor guy is suffering a severe migraine. So this is really another form of attacking some poor vaishnavas. 

And guess what, he is waking up too. 

So it seems like these aggressive techniques are back firing on the aggressors. Anyway it is sad that some of their people still think their goonda process will win them converts, it won't. Rather it will backfire, and win us converts, and it is. ys pd                

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