Saturday, October 6, 2018

Devotees Shocked to Discover Radhanath's Real Story

Radhanath Swami aiding Kirtanananda's Samadhi Program

CG: When Radhanath Swami visited Bhaktivedanta Manor a few weeks ago there was much excitement. Some devotees were running around, others were crying in anticipation. Then suddenly a solemn air descended on the happy devotees. A "Guru" -- one of the favorites of the multitude -- was going to speak his wisdom attained from the spiritual master Srila Prabhupada.

Then someone told me "he's a murderer you know?" Well I didn't. I became very annoyed, keeping my cool I told this person to go forth and multiply. He replied, "Really? Read this." I read it and the bottom of my world fell out. How could I be so deceived? I wandered around the neighbourhood in a state of apoplexy, not exchanging Hare Krishna with people I passed. Not even a Hari bol.

Then I thought what is ISKCON doing about this, does anyone know? More unqualified gurus? How could I be so stupid. Radhanath is supposedly one of the best money earners and his materialism seems to be at the heart of ISKCON. Over and above morality.

[PADA: Yes, why is the GBC making Radhanath their main representative and spokesman? Its baffling. Many people write to PADA to complain that Radhanath's books are mayavada; his lectures rarely mention Krishna or Prabhupada; and his temples seem to be devoid of Srila Prabhupada's books and instead have mostly only Radhanath's bogus books. We also get complaints that Radhanath's program is not a legal charity under the name of ISKCON, he has an independent program.

We also get complaints about RS aiding Kirtanananda's samadhi and so on. And of course we get questions on a regular basis about Radhanath's role in support of Kirtanananda's regime -- and the subsequent scandals and murders that were being generated by that regime. And this all begs the question, how did Radhanath swami become the darling of the GBC and ISKCON?  

There does not seem to be a good explanation for supporting this person? There also does not seem to be any good explanation for why we should be burying deviants in the holy dham under the supervision of the GBC / Radhanath regime?   

Meanwhile we have never had any explanation from the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur / Bhakta Peter / Janardan / Pancali etc. program -- why their group has been advertising the speaking of Radhanath's cheer leaders like Bhakta Dasa? Of course none of them ever explained why they supported the Hitler prajalpa program folks from square one either? 

Bhakta Peter wrote to tell me, supporting and promoting Bhakta Dasa is "not a big deal." Umm what, its not a big deal to promote the people who are cheer leading the molester messiah's project? Well sorry it is a big deal, especially for the many New Vrndavana ex-kulis and other victims who told us so. 

Then again, banning, beating, molesting, lawsuits, scandals, police raids, murders and so on are never "a big deal" for any of these folks it seems? As one ex-kuli explained to PADA, these folks are like a person on the deck of the sinking ship, the Titanic. As the water on the sinking Titanic gets closer and closer to their chair on the deck, they simply move over to the next chair up the deck and start reading their newspaper again -- as if they have solved the whole problem. Hee hee!

Anyway! Yes! Are we trying to make people into disciples of Krishna, or Radhanath, or maybe Hitler? This is simply another complaint we get from various devotees from time to time, how will the world benefit by being disciples of Hitler? So all of this is the same type of deviation, lets make people into disciples of Radhanath, or Hitler, or anyone else -- except Srila Prabhupada. 

These are the questions we keep getting in private correspondence. Don't these folks know that Radhanath is a deviant and we should not be promoting him and / or his cheer leaders? All we can say is, more and more and more people are coming on board the PADA idea, Radhanath is a deviant and so are his cheer leaders. ys pd]  


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