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Help Needed for Mahadevi Dasi Riggan

[PADA: Yep, generally when the GBC's guru type folks have a health problem, they get the best doctors in the land. When the peons have a health problem, they are on their own? This guru thing was largely and economic war against the God brothers and sisters by a few elite leaders. Kick out the mass of rank and file and take over the money and assets. Gaudiya Matha pt. 2. "Follow the money" and the whole thing can be figured out easily. I am not sure if this address below for sending money works or not, someone might confirm this to PADA. ys pd]


... A plea for an elderly Godsister Mahadevi Dasi Riggan who is now passing her last years in Vrindavana and Puri.

I had a personal message yesterday from our respected Vaishnavi sister Mahadevi Dasi Riggan who spent 40 years on sankirtan, collecting Laksmi to support Srila Prabhupad's movement in various ways, giving all of it without a thought for herself. Now in her elder years, she lives in Vrindavan and because there is nothing set up to support devotees financially at this period in their lives, she is forced to beg from her spiritual family for basic health maintenance.

As you'll see in her message to me, she originally posted the request publicly, then took it down and chose to send individual messages instead. I hope she will be alright with me reposting it publicly, but it is so important I am doing it with the intent that we will, as her spiritual family, come together to help her at this very important time in life. And I pray that Amburish Prabhu and all the other devotees who are prosperous will see the importance as well, and share their wealth with her and the other elders who have served in Srila Prabhupad's mission for so long.

Here is the letter from sister Mahadevi Dasi. Please open your hearts and let Krishna direct you what to do.

"It's sad that so many of us who collected hundreds and thousands of dollars for Prabhupada's Mission are forced to beg for medical expenses in our senior years, but I was raised as a warrior, and am trying to be useful to our Prabhupada, somehow or other.

I'm so sorry for being such an idiot. After posting an appeal for Laksmi regarding my heart and breathing treatments here in Puri, I realized it was better to delete that public post and send out personal appeals.

Doing these beg-a-thons for my various medical needs from time to time is so humiliating. Then I see the lepers lined up with their begging bowls and wonder why I'm crying. Look at their situation! I suppose it's all they know. My begging bowl is almost empty and I get freaked out when I have to beg for Laksmi for medical treatments and self care.

It seems Social Security is not keeping up with the rising costs of living. My total income is 30,000 rupees a month. Half of that is rent, electric and maintenance on the flat in Vrndavana. When I think of the years of collecting so much Laksmi for ISKCON, I get nostalgic about that younger body, so energetic and fired up!

(note from me... what a great example of Vaishnava humility in action... it would be so easy to complain and focus on all the negatives here, but just see the humble, positive attitude!)

Now I'm on my own getting old, with diseases and ultimately death. Although we are never alone, it just feels like it when I need funds to take care of special needs. Right now my heart still goes into a pain spasm (from a diagnosed blocked artery) if I walk too fast, and my breathing has been irregular for months.

I don't want to do the allopathic suggestion of operation as I feel the improvement from Ayurvedic suggestions and treatments. I just want to keep doing what I'm doing, which seems to be working.

The air in Vrndavana is heavily congested and difficult to breathe during hot season. As you know, the air in Puri is very different. Slow Japa walking with the sacred Sumudra, plus the Ayurvedic treatments have really been helping, but expenses have racked up and I'm down to almost nil again.

Expenses are more now then ten years ago. What used to be 500 rupees is now 1000 rupees. This material body and mind is such a debilitating challenge, yet I'm trying to use it in Prabhupada's service. It's all I know.

If you can give anything to help this fallen dasi, I'd be able to get a few more weeks of steam, heart massage and acupressure treatments, and finish off the blood thinning tonics and strengtheners. That would include my simple living expenses so I can japawalk with the Sumudra everyday and learn how to walk and breathe properly again.

My basic living and medical expenses for 3 weeks in Puri come to around 450 dollars, or 31,000 rupees.

I feel like a failure but we still go on. It's always been about serving as a warrior in Prabhupada's Mission and trying to please Him.

Hoping this meets you healthy and enlivened. If you can spare a donation, please just drop it into Varanasi's PayPal bowl.

BTW, I am also working on my writing project in glorifying Prabhupada for saving a hard core alcoholic and drug addict, my mother, who ultimately died in Vrndavana during Kartik and was cremated on the side of Yamuna.

She literally gave up her vodka and drugs for cauliflower pakoras and the association of devotees who gave her Prabhupada's Love and Kindness. Maybe other addicts will get inspired.

Such is the Divine Grace of our beloved Srila Prabhupada.

Please send me your blessings on that project to finish it.

Thank you for even considering this fool. Your prayers and well wishes are also so much appreciated. Let me know how I can be of some service to you.

Ys, Mahadevi Dasi

(below is Mahadevi's Paypal address if you are moved to help this worthy Vaishnavi. It would be money well placed, and according to what Srila Prabhupad taught us, more pleasing to Krishna than any big temple. Don't we have enough trouble managing the temples we already have? Doesn't it make sense to serve devotees instead? I am also at the age and time in my life where health and finances are a big challenge, so i can relate with everything Mahadevi Dasi says in her humble request for help. She gave her life for bringing Lakshmi to Srila Prabhupad. Doesn't it make good common sense to help her now? I heard Srila Prabhupad say many times... "Krishna consciousness means common sense!"... and what has been shared here is pure common sense.)

Go to and type in the amount.
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