Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bhaiyyu Maharaja's Suicide Shakes Up India

[PADA: This is why its better for a saintly man, a sadhu, not to get too involved in mundane political events and personalities. "It is depressing"? No kidding! Lord Chaitanya was very cautious about association with worldly minded people, especially big leaders. One India politician recently said, if I tried to remove one percent of the corruption in my district, I'd be out of office in two minutes. Hee hee! 

This has been ruled a suicide, and apparently it is. So the better course of action for the sincere devotees of the Lord is -- to allow the mundane people to deal with their mundane programs, politics and events. And the devotees should instead use their time to think of Krishna and spiritual topics. 

Anyway this is sad. 

A person gets the rare human form of life only once in a great many, many, many births, to connect with Krishna. And if one loses that opportunity, it may take many more lifetimes to get back into a human form, to have another chance to attain Krishna. We hope this soul gets on track to find Krishna sooner than later, otherwise his depressing situation will simply continue indefinitely. ys pd]   

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