Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ukraine Devotees Needing Assistance

Thanks to your help, we VOLUNTEERS of the charity project "Help to Vaishnava children of Donetsk" could do MUCH during six months of the project existence!

Starting with the month of June, every Sunday Vedic temple families with children were heard and distributed humanitarian aid in the form of fruits, juices, cereals, sweets, canned vegetables, fruits, etc. For children there were organized sweet table with cheese, fruits and sweets, which, because of high prices is almost absent in the diet of Donetsk children.

During the summer, several dozen people were taken to rest outside Donetsk, outside the military zone, and a large amount of Donetsk children were made healthier. Also, assistance is provided not only to the families remaining in the Donetsk region, but to those who left it.

In addition, thanks to your donations, we were able to take care of a few large families of Donetsk, family-type homes and children with disabilities. In mid-September, we opened a Social Medical Center in the center of Donetsk, which is currently undergoing physical and psychological recovery of families with children.

At present, we continue to purchase equipment for the center: massage beds, inhalation devices, appliances electrophoresis, quartz lamps, devices for darsonvatsii etc.

We sincerely ask you to support our project in this difficult time for Donetsk that is in the area of social instability. Donetsk people struggle to survive in the city, where there is no banking system, which you even cannot leave to the other part of Ukraine without a pass. People receive low pensions and salaries in the city of exorbitant prices. Residents of the city live in constant stress, fear and insecurity.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance to these requisites:


US Dollars (USD) - 5168 7420 1790 7597
EURO (EUR) - 5168 7420 1061 8498
For the confirmation of receipt please email to Oksana: 

2) Money transfers with "Western Union", "PrivatMoney", "Unistream", "Contact",
Recipient: Bereza Oksana, Ukraine, Slavyansk
Recipient's telephone number +380990188962
We want you to inform us: payment code, sender's name, city of origin, amount.

If you have any questions regarding translations, please contact the organizers of the project - Oksana Shul'zhenko by email: 


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