Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PADA's message to the Armageddon-ites Devotees

Janardan Das says,

After spending some time with some kuli mela's at the recent gathering in New Vrndavana... I realized that this movement doesn't stand a chance at ever getting back on track. It's going to take something world changing, a societal collapse, to re-establish order within the ISKCON movement.

[PADA: This really does not make a lot of sense? There are other devotees who think like this too -- the world will collapse into disorder! Armageddon will happen! Money will be useless! There will be food riots, looting, and criminals running amok -- maybe killing folks, and this will magically organize the Krishna religion into tip top condition! Really? 

The Mukunda and Prahlad das UK team have had the same basic idea, their idea is -- lets blow up the entire world with nukes and then, by some odd miracle not even mentioned in the Vedas anywhere, a Vaikuntha preaching paradise will appear out of the rubble! Meanwhile, they cannot seem to make a basic home preaching program in UK?

And then there are some Christian sects who also cannot wait for the same type of thing -- "the end times." Thanks to the Lord -- these people are really not in charge at the present moment! Hee hee, of course if the end times actually arrive, how will these fools survive any better than the next guy, if they survive at all? They will have a better stock pile of peanuts than everyone else?  

There are several countries RIGHT NOW where the large scale collapse process is already going on, i.e. money has little value, people are rioting and looting food trucks etc., does this magically make the Krishna religion emerge in any organized way over there? Not really! 

This idea is simply another pie in the sky excuse for these people who did not think we should try to actively preach to change the Krishna religion. And some of these folks are now hanging out like isolated survivalists in the woods, maybe around New Vrndavana, and are waiting for -- the coming collapse. Then they will suddenly emerge as the big saviors and "big preachers" -- the stars of the Armageddon show. Post dated check! 

Meanwhile! These same folks let their own religion collapse and fall into disorder, and now they are saying some external societal collapse, or WW III etc., is the only way to fix it. This is like saying an explosion in the printing factory will produce a nicely polished book. It won't. It will produce broken stuff and dead people, and a much harder struggle for existence. It fails to answer the question, why did our God brothers not fix this problem themselves by helping people like me and Sulochana das?

This is more false flag denial. What will fix things is -- to build a functioning and cooperative society, which actually works! At least we are building some sort of Prabhupadanuga alliance, and it is working to some extent, but these thinkers never seem to agree they should actually cooperate with this group to build something with other devotees, they just want to see the blazing fire of material existence burn everything down. Of course, the Bhagavad Gita says there are some devious people who wish to see big devastation and the use of horrible weapons, and these people are considered as worse than the modes of ignorance. 

Progressive organization among devotees will ONLY manifest when devotees actually get together and start to get organized, that is always the process. Also, Srila Prabhupada said our devotees should not wish for a big disaster or a war, because many people will suffer and die, that's all. Devotees should not wish for such suffering upon anyone, because for starters, these materially contaminated folks are ALREADY suffering in the material world -- and for billions of years.

Anyway, we heard all this before, preaching will be better after the holocaust, that is -- assuming there are preachers left to do the preaching? If most people are already NOT doing proper preaching now, what is going to change that scenario if there is a societal collapse or a war? All kinds of social collapses and wars are going on already, and all over the place, is this producing more or better preachers? Well, nope. Its another lame excuse for their dysfunction and inaction.]

One of ISKCON's main objectives is the systematic dumbing down of the younger generation... through new age pacifist mantras that many of the guru's propagate such as "Group unity is more important than individual purity"... or preaching basic concepts of "love and forgiveness" as a priority over being chaste to truth and loyalty to Srila Prabhupada's teachings .... which differ greatly from these new pseudo guru's, who have usurped the movement. 

[PADA: OK if someone hijacks your religion, and then you sit in the woods waiting for Armageddon to get started, then the hi-jackers win by default.]

This dumbing down ensures the ruling ISKCON elite a continuance of their machiavellian policies and further degradation of Srila Prabhupada's mission, and also guarantees the preservation of their lavish lifestyles of luxury and comfort... at the expense of actual societal progress in Krishna Consciousness. They could care less about the state of the world affairs... or the declining consciousness of humanity. This is why none of the conditioned guru's ever speak about anything beyond universal love and forgiveness. You will not find any guru who calls a spade a spade, who is heavy, who points out the world demons, who talks about spiritual revolution, or the necessity of Varnashrama Dharma.

The kuli mela kids ... are clueless, most of them cannot do anything practical ... no skill sets ... no knowledge of anything beyond playing complicated Mrdanga' beats and mimicking Bengali tunes or melodies they have adopted, like parrots, from their conditioned guru's. They have never even heard that Srila Prabhupada wanted us to be self sustainable ... to be warriors like Arjuna ... to identify who is saint and who is not ... not that we mingle about in social cliques' and host kirtana parties at the nicest yuppie devotee house on the block .. and then glorify conditioned souls as good as god. 

[PADA: All right, but we have saved at least some of these young people, and they have agreed to our Prabhupadanuga idea, and they thank us for giving them the proper perspective. What good does hiding in the woods accomplish? 

And what good will it do to preach down to humiliate the ex-kulis and poke fun at them? They need our support, and in fact they deserve our support because after all -- its all the adults collectively who put them into whatever illusion and confusion they currently experience. 

If these ex-kids are clueless, you might want to look back to the adults who did not train them or educate them properly, and people like Janardan das are among that group, either they failed by commission or omission. These kids are a by-product of what the adults gave them. We need to win these kids over and beating them with shoes is not going to help them, at all! We are getting the sympathy and support of some of them, and we need to encourage that process along. We should be apologizing to them, not beating them with shoes.] 

I will never again make the mistake of having any type of hope or willingness to open up to these "devotees" again ... but, they are just a by-product of an infiltrated and ineffective movement, after all, what can you expect?... the new ISKCON, where lying and cheating is glorified and masked in new age truth....because Prabhupada is irrelevant now .... get with the program.

[PADA: OK but you guys never did anything of substance in the first place. And you are not doing anything of substance now? Its your lack of preaching and making a better alternate to the GBC that has made Krishna irrelevant. Now you are preaching doomsday stuff, which is about attractive as finding a dead fly in your sweet rice. 

A number of these ex-kids also said they cannot stand the GBC's or their program, and they would rather work with an alternate program, but -- where is that program? 


*** Where were you guys when me and Sulochana were writing papers together? 

*** Where were you guys when we were making the changed books a big issue, and helped orchestrate a lawsuit to get the legal rights to print originals? 

*** Where were you guys when we had to stop more children from getting molested by exposing the abuse culture? 

*** Where were you guys when we went out with a big sign at the 1997 Los Angeles Rathayatra and announced the poison issue? 

*** Where is your counter protest to the GBC's bogus guru process even found? 

*** Why did the CBS TV news people tell us, we cannot find evidence of other protesters? 

Anyway, if you want to change things, goody, however you'd need to do more than hide out waiting for the bombs to drop. You'd need to convince at least some other people of the proper process -- and get them to convince others and so forth, and build a small scale model of how things should be done. 

Find others you can cooperate with -- and build some sort of small unified program. And then we can try to unite these various smaller independent programs later on into some sort of coalition. That is how any new religion in another country is built from scratch, and we will have to do the same thing. 

Calling for the bombs to drop is not going to attract anyone to your program, and it will make young people run away from your horror show end times program. Kailash Chandra has the same disease. He is waiting for the bombs to drop, and the society to collapse over in Moab Utah, meanwhile, his religion collapsed wholesale due to his inability to preach a better alternate. 

So start to cooperate with the Prabhupadanuga alliance, and start preaching something positive, that's what we have told you guys for decades. At least some people are accepting our idea, and they are making nice programs. That is the way forward. ys pd 

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