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Los Angeles Prabhupada Festival Report by PADA

YOGESVARA DAS was lecturing there that ISKCON needs "a new paradigm" and needs to "speak a new language." And thus -- devotees should start to incorporate NEW preaching techniques, such as -- talking about modern events, like ISIS and Global Warming. Fine except, even in the 1960s there were environmental protest groups, as well as terror groups, and there always will be such groups probably as long as Kali Yuga continues. This is not "new" news, its chewing the same old chewed.

The real problem with these folks is -- they always think we need to ADD something "new," thus we do not need to go back to old ISKCON's roots, or the "good old days" process, and this was the process that was building and growing the movement. Of course this all fits in fine with Hrdayananda's "Krishna Westernized-ology," yep we need something else, something new. NO! We need to go back to the same old programs established by the acharya. Of course Yogesvara seems oblivious to the fact that the GBC's illicit sex acharya's programs is about as popular as finding a dog's stool in your sweet rice.

PUSTA KRISHNA PRABHU was lecturing that he saw Vishnu in the sky. Well maybe so and maybe not, but we are not supposed to tell people these things in public -- even if its true. Srila Prabhupada never preached these things in public either, he said this would create a sahajiya mood.

Then, Pusta Krishna Prabhu sets up a table on Watseka to sell SRIDHARA MAHARAJA'S Gaudiya Matha books. Swell, we all need to listen to the founder father of the 1936 bi-sexual guru's deviation which had dissenters banned, beaten and killed, and whose program then morphed into the GBC's "shiksha guru advisor," which once again, created more banning, beating, assassinating of dissenters and GIANT LAWSUITS (and horrible public media). That also happened after 1936, there was beatings, killings, giant lawsuits and subsequent bad media coverage of these lawsuits, beatings and murders. Except now we also have had molesting and many other crimes added to Sridhara's conditioned souls "guru parampara" idea.

Did we forget to mention that Sridhara Maharaja writes that "acharyas go mad after money, women and followers." OK he is the originator of the idea that acharyas are often debauchees, and this has then become the main theme of the GBC's position papers, lectures and writings of ISKCON post 1977. Even GAURA GOVINDA MAHARAJA wrote a paper for the GBC saying that their "acharyas" are sometimes demons, even he knows the GBC promotes demons as their acharyas, and the advice you are given to fix that is to "pray to Krishna to get you a real guru."


Except, as soon as Krishna gives you Prabhupada as your guru, and anyone accepts Prabhupada as their guru, then the GBC and Gaura Govinda program bans, beats, kills and sues such persons. Gaura Govinda told me that Kali yuga has entered the highest places (gurus) of ISKCON, now there is a vote of confidence! Meanwhile he told me he has to work with them, he has to work with Kali Yuga?

Why is anyone promoting the founder fathers of the 1936 Gaudiya Matha's bi-sexual deviant's guru program -- at all? Of course as we see there in LA personally, as soon as TRIPURARI SWAMI goes to LA, he has all sorts of people falling at his feet. Yep, anyone who supports Sridhara Maharaja and his ILLICIT SEX ACHARYAS program, is worshiped as some sort of saint.

Of course if JAYADVAITA SWAMI goes to LA he is followed around by many dedicated folks there, because he says God's successors, gurus and acharyas are often caught engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. Now there is a guy we need to follow! Why are many Los Angeles devotees teaching small children there that God's successors are often fallen and engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, and is this even legal?

Is this not corrupting the morals of minors even from legal idea? What kind of religion says that God's messiah and guru successors are often engaged in illicit sex with men, women, children, and maybe goats? And Jayapataka is the founder father of this idea, has no one noticed that he looks like he got hit by a truck?

Why is all this allowed even? Yet if some of us go there to set up a table to promote Prabhupada as the guru, we will have to meet hell fire and brimstone attacks from the LA goonda squad. Apparently, only the promoters of the founder fathers of homosexual guru deviations which murders the people who worship the acharyas are allowed to speak around there?

Srila Prabhupada said Sridhara's 1936 guru was "sex and sex" (with men and women). Wow, the successors to God are debauchees, same as the bogus GBC's guru program, is there an echo in here? And as soon as many of these Los Angeles GBC people see a person who says God's successor acharyas are having illicit sex like dogs and cats, they worship that person! Read: They worship the people who insult the acharyas.

When I was in Los Angeles I asked GOVINDA DATTA (Dennis Brown) why he was sending his kids to a CHRISTIAN school and not a school run by his GBC's gurus? He replied, "Are you kidding, I am not going to send MY kids to the GBC's guru schools -- they could be molested"! OK wait a minute, some leaders of ISKCON are afraid to send their own kids to their own guru's schools, where their own gurus are worshiped, rather they can only rely on the outside schools managed by the mundane society. Meanwhile, they are preaching in public that everyone needs to surrender to the same GBC folks who have made, managed and orchestrated the molester guru regime?

The mundane society is more advanced than their guru process? OK why are they advertising these GBC guru people as their jagat gurus of the world -- if they have zero confidence in their own guru's managing, and would not dare send their own kids into a program managed by their own gurus? So that means, they are trying to induce the ignorant and the innocent to follow the GBC's gurus program, and have the innocent send their kids to their guru's program, and worship that program as the messiahs of the jagat etc, while behind the scene these leaders are not going to surrender to that program personally,

Right, this is their real plan. All the ignorant of innocent people, ok you fools and suckers, can become victims of their program, but the leaders will not become fooled themselves, because they know in advance their product is rotten and dangerous to children.

Hee hee, yes, someone commented to PADA that the GBC is like the bad Chinese baby food companies that sell toxic baby food. Their toxic product is for YOUR baby, but the company's leaders will never feed their own product to THEIR own baby. And a guy at our work bought a bad "dog chew" that was made in China -- and it too was toxic, and it almost killed his dog. So these products are meant for you to use and not for the SELLERS and PROMOTERS of these products.

Of course this is different, here we are dealing with giving people a bogus product to WORSHIP as their connection to God Almighty. This is a much more serious deviation than selling bad baby products, because it affects people's eternal souls. And this is why the Isopanisad and other shastras say these atma hana killers of the souls will always dwell in darkness, and their future is very obnoxious and so on. And this has lead to various people calling these GBC folks the servants of Satan and so forth.

Yep, making people buy toxic gurus as their path to God, which will harm or kill them spiritually if not physically, is not going to be much appreciated by the guru quality control board, headed by Lord Yamaraja. Srila Prabhupada says false gurus and their supporters, OK like these Los Angeles illicit sex messiah lover types, are headed for the most obnoxious regions where they will rot for a long duration. And then people think PADA is too heavy? Heh heh heh!

To sum, you'll need to send the innocent new bhakta's kids over to the GBC's guru program, and you'll need to get the innocent new bhaktas to worship these gurus, and their kids will be taught that God's successors are illicit sex and cats and dogs, but some of the leaders are protecting their own kids from this program, and they are in fact "afraid for their own kids" in this program. Yes, you'll have to worship these folks as your gurus, while their salaried employees, assorted hired henchmen, handlers and promoters do not necessarily have to. Then again Srila Prabhupada says worship of illicit sex gives you a monkey body (at best) in your future, of course if we repeat that in LA they will beat us with shoes!

And various GBC folks over the years have said to us they would not ever accept ANY GBC gurus themselves (if they were in their shoes as newcomers). OK so they are hoping they can CHEAT some ignorant and innocent people into accepting someone as a guru that they never would personally. You have to buy their used car, but they consider their own used car to be so dangerous and faulty, they would not drive it themselves.

As we reported earlier, Jayapataka goes there and all sorts of people immediately get off their seats to fall flat on the ground at this guy's feet, as if they had just seen Jesus walking down the street, and to offer him flower garlands and prostrated worship. Did we forget to mention that he is the founder father of the molester messiah's project? Did we forget to mention that the Windle Turley lawsuit says that kids in the Jayapataka program were the worst cases of abuse ever seen by the law firm and the courts? Did we forget to mention that some of the victims spontaneously commit suicide after seeing these leaders strutting around LA like some sort of worshiped Jesus?

Did we forget to mention that many ex-children wrote their own stories -- if not affidavits -- reporting that they were molested, abused and maybe beaten etc. in the JPS -- Mayapura "school" compound or its affiliates? Why does Los Angeles temple management want people to worship the number one orchestrator of the mass child abuse program in ISKCON, and Bhavananda's main henchman associate?

Don't they know that kids in JPS "school" program became mortified, and many became dysfunctional, and even suicidal? Why do they want people to worship the founder fathers and main henchman of the molester messiahs program, that causes some child victims to spontaneously -- want to die? Your own society's kids want to die due to the JPS program, or even seeing some of its members. and you want to make them worship the JPS program? So there is no mercy for PADA, no kidding, but there is no mercy even for their own kids?

And JPS main Mayapura henchmen like Hari Sauri and Bhavananda are still there? And JPS disciples like Dayarama and Varada Krishna already admit that the JPS program promotes homosexuals as their acharyas. Even their own people know that the GBC is making homosexuals and molesters into messiahs for ISKCON. Then they wonder why ISKCON has a bad name?

And the local Mayapura Bengalis had a revolution there recently protesting keeping Bhavananda in charge of projects there? And the JPS program has caused ISKCON to be sued and bankrupted for mass child abuse, so we need to worship the person who causes the society to be sued for $400m? And some of people who protested the JPS child abuse messiah's program were banned, beaten, sued and some were assassinated? So we need to worship the main henchmen leaders of the illicit sex with men, women and children sexual predator acharyas' program, and then we wonder why so many ex-kulis are alienated from the society, and in fact the mass of Prabhupada devotees is alienated from the society, and the mass of public is alienated from the society?

Sheesh! Anyway, the good news is that our readership is up again, and we are always making more progress in convincing people to move ahead with our idea of worship of the bona fide acharyas like Srila Prabhupada. We have to give a little credit to the Prabhupada festival folks, its a good ideal, but it needs to be made a reality and not a show bottle festival. ys pd

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  1. Thanks prabhu, good point and I like your example, Jayapataka is only standing head and shoulders above all the rest of his God brothers, because he is standing on a pile of the crushed skulls of the children victims of his molester guru program. He elevated himself on a pile of Krishna's children's skulls. Wow. I am almost speechless at that example, and that is rare for PADA. And you are further right, that means the people who worship him in LA are either clueless or heartless, take your pick, yep. Right on! And what kind of karma awaits the person who elevated himself by standing on a pile of the skulls of Krishna's children? This person is either clueless or heartless one million percent. Agreed. ys pd


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