Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cows Dying In India Drought


[PADA: This is a big problem. They have largely stopped people from killing cows, but many of these cows are not being cared for properly. India needs to not only save the lives of cows, but to set up a system to protect and care for them. 

There are ALSO many cows who are getting very sick from eating old newspapers, plastic bags and plastic cups and things like that, and all this is the result of negligence of their welfare. Cow protection is actually a huge endeavor and the government there needs to do a lot more to make an effective system of cow protection, care and welfare. And if there is no way to care for them, cow breeding should be somehow much more restricted to avoid "unwanted cows." This is really sad. 

Of course, its Kali Yuga and these events are going to happen ...

ys pd]  

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