Friday, June 24, 2016

New Vrndavana Kulimela 2016,5649/?

[PADA: There were a lot of kulis there, and it looked like quite a big group turned up this year. Some of our Prabhupadanugas ex-kids attended and they thought overall it was pretty nice. One kuli complained that electronic dance music was playing until late hours and -- they could not sleep. At the same time, another kuli was complaining, ok we have something nice built for us once a year, then we have to go back to having no program at all for us. Right. Yet another kuli said that although the kirtans were nice, he was feeling a little empty knowing there was no follow up programs for these ex-kids. Seems to be a theme.

There is no ongoing program for the ex-youth, but there is $20,000,000 always on hand to sue the Prabhupada worshipers?

Another ex-kuli recently sent us a news article about a man who had caused his wife to commit suicide due to his abusing her, and he has been charged with her murder. This kuli thinks that the ex-school kids who committed suicide were in fact murdered in a similar way by these GBC's leaders.

This kuli thinks the ex-kids deaths are related to abuse either direct or de facto, and these leaders also should be charged with murder for these ex-kids whose lives were lost, never mind they should be charged with criminal neglect and so on. He thought it was interesting how the karmis could connect abuse, suicide, and how this is a type of murder, but the GBC's leadership cannot figure this out.

I sent him a message saying, you are right on here!

Of course abuse may also make a person dysfunctional, and not be able to work a job and make a living properly, and that should have been compensated for as well, but again, there is only $20 million bucks laying around to hand over to lawyers -- so they can harass anyone who wants to worship Krishna and His pure devotees. Of course, Chitragupta and Lord Yamaraja are keeping track of all this, and proper compensations will be dished out later on at some point.

I do think a number of these ex-kulis are waking up and smelling the coffee so to speak, they realize more and more how they were victimized so that a small clique of elite leaders could live like millionaires while these kids got to eat rotten apples. Another kuli told PADA that Bhakti Vikas swami's writing how women need to surrender to the GBC's "men managers" is so foolish he cannot believe how totally out of touch these folks are.

So there is apparently more sympathy for our idea that these leaders are evil doers and thus we need to focus on Srila Prabhupada more. Anyway, if anyone has something they'd like to report about this event either in personal name or as anonymous, send us your report to: Danke! ys pd]    

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