Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sacinandana Swami / Ramesh Baba (Update)

Fugitive Video at Large


Dear Prahladanada Swami,

please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

(full letter with all videos and photos can be seen here)

After we had Ramesh follower Brajraj Sharan visiting Croatia for a preaching tour, that was in February 2016, there was no reaction on your side, at least not publicly. Then, to counteract this Ramesh infiltration in ISKCON, at the end of April, I published my video about Ramesh baba and Sacinandana Swami, after which I was banned.

Since then, video was watched more than 200 times by devotees in Croatia, and over 1200 times globally. Also, my website which covers this incident was visited from Croatia over 450 times in last two weeks. So, this pretty much means that majority of devotees in Croatia saw that video.

Does this indicate to you as GBC for Croatia, that you should publish some kind of statement regarding this incident? I guess, if you want to remain silent, devotees will take my video as only source of information on this issue.

After you failed to act on initial Ramesh infiltration, then you banned me because of my video, it looks like you and Croatian management are actually protecting Ramesh. And your silence on this issue is also quite interesting.

You and the ISKCON Zagreb temple board lost the battle, you were not able to hide secret Sacinandana Ramesh society. So, maybe now is that time to stop acting as if nothing happened and give public statement about Ramesh baba. I guess devotees in Croatia would like to know if Ramesh baba is bonafide or he is sahajiya as I claim in my video. Most notably, there should be practical advice regarding Ramesh baba which should be produced by you as the GBC for Croatia. It should answer questions such as:

1. Can I put picture of Ramesh baba in my bedroom, or is it better to keep it in the kitchen?

2. What happens to next devotee who says that Sacinandana Swami is involved up to his neck with Ramesh baba? Does he get banned like me or what?

3. When the new unmarried girls come to the temple, can we organize Ramesh dance every Sunday, or we must wait until you come to Zagreb?

4. Is Sacinandana Swami right when he takes intimate association of Ramesh baba as shown in my video?

I personally would like to know answers to these questions. What would be Srila Prabhupada's stance on this issue? If you will not give me statement on Ramesh baba as ISKCON representative, based on all correspondence with you so far, I have following evidence:

* that you were informed about Brajraj Sharan 2016 tour in Croatia and you did nothing about it.

* that you are aware of the video I made, and you also aware that I am banned because of it, and you support this decision. (Gestapo tactics of protecting Ramesh baba)

* you are also aware that ISKCON Croatia didn't publish any statement on Ramesh baba and by failing to act, you are actually damaging Srila Prabhupada's legacy by introducing sahajiyas into his movement.

Also, there is another question which popped into my mind, what is svarupa of Ramesh baba, is he organizing the dance in spiritual world also? Is he a good friend of Srila Prabhupada in spiritual world, because I see here in material world, you are allowing Ramesh baba and Sacinandana Swami to take Prabhupada's followers to the higher realms of Radha bhakti, so probably they are well connected. Judging by his dance, he is manjari or gopi in the spiritual world:

Also, I would like to know if Gour Govinda SNS will get some kind of reward for inviting Brajraj Sharan (Ramesh follower) to Croatia at the begging of 2016. Same does for Madayanti dd SNS, who organized whole tour, you are GBC in Bosnia too.

As you learn from previous experience with secretary issue, the longer you ignore my letters, the more evidence I gather on your negligence and the bigger pressure I create, and then at the end, you call me offender and you want me to apologize. So, please give public statement about Ramesh baba now, so that I don't have to increase public pressure, devotees become squeaky when I turn on my pressure cooker.

your servant,
Hanuman das

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