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Women gurus and Dr. Anirban Ganguly

Average woman knows debauchees aren't gurus? 

ISKCON Vrindavan's Misguided Ban of  Bhakti Vikas Swami's

"Women: Masters or Mothers"?


Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami writes in his purport to Bhagavad-gita 2.56: "It is said that every muni has a different angle vision, and unless a muni differs from another muni, he cannot be called a muni in the strict sense of the term." It is therefore not astounding when there is difference of opinion among devotees. However, there is a very significant difference between difference of opinion, freedom of expression, and bullying.

[PADA: The first question is, why does an ISKCON guru like Bhakti Vikas swami have to write a book to censure, chastise and correct the other ISKCON gurus? BVKS has to remind the other ISKCON guru's party that they are wrong to promote women gurus and they want to give out gay marriages? So first of all, why does BVKS think gurus are deviants who need to be corrected? 

And since Krishna dictates to the guru, why does BVKS think he is smarter than Krishna, and he can advise the guru successors to God with better dictation than Krishna? Who made BVKS the boss of Krishna? Which previous parampara acharyas wrote books to chastise the other acharyas in our parampara? The whole idea that acharyas need correction and chastisement is itself a sinful attack on the parampara, it means gurus are ordinary defective people who need correcting. 

This means BVKS has a relativised idea of acharyas, he thinks the acharyas are ordinary men who need censure, monitoring, chastising, removal, excommunion, and so on. Gurusuh narah matih ... narakah sah, anyone who thinks gurus are ordinary is a resident of hell (narakah). Why does BVKS wake up every day and say, "My task today is to prove that gurus are ordinary men"?

Why doesn't Bhakti Vikas swami even know that gurus do not need to be chastised for deviations? The other ISKCON gurus are deviating, and so BVKS wants to correct them by writing a book, that means he has no idea what is a guru, a guru is a person who is above deviations and corrections?

Bhakti Vikas swami's guru program has already "appointed" and "voted in" all sorts of deviants and debauchees as ISKCON's gurus and acharyas. In fact -- Bhakti Vikas swami's gurus are being caught: having illicit sex; drinking beer; taking psychotropic drugs; offering LSD to their deity; watching football; living in five star hotels -- while the children in their gurukula have had to eat old, rotten, moldy oatmeal; eating meat; being arrested with a machine gun; taking off with women "disciples" while cleaning out the temple safe; saying gurus should wear condoms when they have illicit sex; being arrested, selling temples, farms and properties and never accounting for the money; saying Krishna is a rascal, ad infinitum. Naturally, some women now think they can do a better job. Yet it was BVKS's program that started the whole deviant and fanatical idea that any fool, either man or woman, can be "voted in" as God's messiahs. 

As for "bullying" -- anyone who does not agree that the above behaviors are found in gurus, parampara members and God's messiahs, is banned from ISKCON by the BVKS program. Not only that, as soon as someone says gurus are not fallen and debauchees, the BVKS program spends maybe $20,000,000 suing those devotees in the Delhi Supreme Court, as his program is now doing. 

Under the militant Bhakti Vikas Swami program in post 1977 ISKCON, everyone has had to worship BVKS's "living guru's" project, which contains illicit sex, drugs, homosexuals, sexual predators, criminals, alleged murder conspirators, and deviants of all types. Or else! "Dissenters" will be banished from ISKCON, removed and denied their freedom of expression. And they will be SUED if they persist in saying acharyas are not debauchees! 

In sum, anyone and everyone is being be bullied out of ISKCON if they refuse to worship BVKS's illicit sex guru's pooja project. Of course, some of BVKS's "dissenting" victims have also been beaten and assassinated for protesting BVKS's illicit sex guru pooja program. Indeed, my own friends have been banned, beaten, and some were killed, for their not agreeing to worship BVKS's illicit sex guru's pooja program. 

Even one of the first woman devotees of ISKCON, Jadurani dasi, was banished from ISKCON under the jackboots of the BVKS program -- because she refused to worship BVKS's illicit sex acharyas / messiahs program. Apart from that, the condition of ISKCON women in general since 1977 is: 

-- They are often exploited; 

-- They may have their marriages broken up; 

-- They may become objects of sex attraction for the BVKS "gurus"; 

-- The varnasrama program meant to protect and facilitate women and children was never established; 

-- Worse, many of these women's children were molested under the BVKS program of worship of illicit sex as acharyas, and so forth. (The BVKS sexual predator's guru project was sued for $400m for mistreating children, and they pleaded "no contest" in court). 

Why would any intelligent woman want to surrender to the BVKS idea that they need to worship a guru lineage of homosexuals and sexual predators in order to attain God? Where did BVKS find his idea that it is required to worship his illicit sex gurus in order to go back to Krishna? And who authorized BVKS's program to enforce that women and children have to worship his illicit sex messiahs, or they would have to leave ISKCON?] 

Recently, ISKCON Vrindavan banned, unbanned and then again banned H.H. Bhakti Vikasa Swami's new book, purportedly at the cajoling, intimidation and rumor mongering of Feminists within ISKCON Vrindavan. It was clear from the objections raised that the nuisance creators had not even read the book.

[PADA: Its false to say that the people who object to BVKS program of worship of illicit sex as the "acharyas of the jagat" are "feminists." Women, even ordinary mundane women, simply do not want to worship illicit sex, that's all. And that means even ordinary mundane women are more advanced than BVKS program, which thinks that we need to worship illicit sex as our gurus and messiahs. Even the average mundane woman on the street knows that its a severe offense to GOD ALMIGHTY to worship illicit sex as one's acharya. 

Yep! The average hamburger eating woman knows more about spiritual life than the BVKS program, because she knows we have to worship the pure devotees like Jesus, and that worship of illicit sex as acharya is an EXTREME OFFENSE to God. Of course as soon as many thousands of women said they did not want to worship BVKS's illicit sex acharyas, they were booted out of ISKCON by the BVKS program. Sulochana said that the BVKS guru program is anti-women, anti-children and family, and is pro-homosexual acharya worship. In that sense, BVKS's project spawned a sort of feminist backlash movement by making the "men's" worship of deviants so odious.] 

The book is replete with a hundred plus quotes of Bhaktivedanta Swami on the topic of the role of women in the society. 

[PADA: And not one of those quotes says that women and children have to worship BVKS devious, sexual predator and gay mafia acharya's program? Bhakti Vikas swami's writer / editor / spokesman Jayadvaita swami writes that in the BVKS guru program, their gurus are often falling into "illicit sex with men, women and possibly children." Why doesn't the BVKS program know that persons engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children -- are not God's successors, gurus and messiahs, when any woman walking down the street knows that is bogus?

Why does BVKS get "voted in" to a guru program that says acharyas are often sexual predators, and -- sexual predators with men, women and children no less? Yep! Any ordinary woman off the street makes a better spiritual authority than this BVKS lot, because even the ordinary woman on the street knows that acharas are not "engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children." Why does BVKS program not know that acharyas are not debauchees, when any ordinary woman knows that is wrong?]

Being completely disillusioned at their failure to muster enough numbers in getting "democratically" elected to the post of Female Diksha Gurus, they resorted to intimidation, and physically pushed and snatched away books from brahmacharis who were looking to present this book to visiting devotees during the month of Kartik.

[PADA: Right, the BVKS program has deteriorated so badly under his bogus mis-managing, that more and more people think they too can be voted in as acharyas, now including some women. That means the BVKS diseased idea that conditioned souls should be voted in as acharyas is spreading to the women sector now. He has never cured the original disease, that conditioned souls should NEVER be voted in as gurus. This has nothing to do with women and feminism, its the original problem that BVKS's program votes in conditioned souls as his acharyas, and now his disease has spread to a few women, that's all.]

As a Professor in the Academia, I can vouch for this much: I have never seen such degraded behavior even in the cut-throat academic world. If there is a genuine difference of opinion, one should attempt to prove the author wrong.

[PADA: Open discussion is simply not allowed in the BVKS program, as soon as anyone says that worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as Krishna's acharyas is not authorized, they are banned, sometimes beaten, and sometimes assassinated. In sum, no one is allowed to say that acharyas are not fallen debauchees in the BVKS program, or they face severe punishment including -- being assassinated. Thousands and thousands of women were banished because they would not help BVKS's gay mafia program of establishing the worship of homosexuals, sexual predators and various other deviants as ISKCON's acharyas. As soon as anyone says acharyas are not deviants, they are bullied, beaten and worse.] 

But when the author solicited questions that the naysayers might have had, none were forthcoming. I am left wondering as to what kind of degraded "feminist intelligentsia" is this? Those who attended the lecture held on this book outside ISKCON Vrindavan on November 18th would actually agree that the author had, in fact, expertly glorified the role of mother that a woman play, both in the lecture and in his book.

[PADA: BVKS says women have to be silent, non-protesting participants in his worship of illicit sex project, or they should be banished. And his program is famous for exploiting women such as they did with their women's collecting party's and etc.] 

In conclusion, I strongly urge the opponents to read the book and put forth genuine questions to the author so that he can clarify, or you could prove him wrong. However, in the absence of the ability to find fault with the author's line of thought, which as per him is same as Bhaktivedanta Swami's line of thought, and I agree with him, the supposed opponents are well advised to refrain from degrading themselves further and preventing their further fall into the abyss of unwomanly conduct. 

[PADA: The thousands and thousands of women who protested and left BVKS worship of illicit sex acharyas program are heros, they protested his program of worshiping illicit sex by voting with their feet, they left his abominable guru program of worship of illicit sex, they had enough intelligence to know that BVKS program of worship of illicit sex is the most sinful project on the planet. These women also know the BVKS program exploited women, children, cows and in sum his program viciously attacked the weak and defenseless.]  

Mind you, banning does not work among intellectuals. The book will sell more. I am told the book was rightly lapped up by many devotees from the world over, with close to 500 copies being sold in 2 weeks. It does not even make "business sense" to opt for a book ban purely because you find it hard to digest the truth. Feminists failed in their agenda and the book sold like hotcakes right through the month of Kartik.

As an academician unaffiliated to ISKCON, I would like to point out that I will follow through on this issue. I promise to take it up strongly with the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, GOI, if any further attempt at banning this well-written book is attempted without providing suitable and well-written or well-presented arguments.

Satyam Param Vijayate!

[PADA: Wow, does Dr. Anirban Ganguly think that the BVKS program of worship of illicit sex as acharyas is bona fide? What kind of religion is Bhakti Vikas swami's, where one has to worship his program of illicit sex with men, women and children as messiahs? And where is any of this found in the Vedas? Do any of these people ever read the Vedas? 

Recently the Bhakti Vikas swami program buried a deviant named Kirtanananda in "a samadhi" in the holy dham of Vrndavana. Kirtanananda is a KNOWN sexual predator, a criminal, a person connected to the murders of vaishnavas, a person who was having sex with minors in his motorhome and etc. 

Why does the BVKS program worship known homosexuals, deviants, criminals, molesters and orchestrators of murders as their "eternal messiahs in samadhi"? What kind of "samadhi" is this where the guru is having illicit sex with minors in his motorhome? 

Why are these deviants being connected to ISKCON, gurus, Krishna, India culture, and "acharyas from India"? Then again some have suggested that certain women might make better leaders than BVKS's sexual predator men gurus. Even karmi women might make better leaders than the BVKS acharyas, even the karmi women know that the guru must be pure.   
ys pd] 

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