Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Satsvarupa's "Entertaining" New Book!


The Story of My Life

Autobiography Authored by Satsvarupa dasa Goswami

An entertaining autobiography of Satsvarupa dasa Goswami, previously known as Srila Gurupada in the Hare Krishna Movement.
Check out also the 2015 release of LOOKING BACK

About the author: The creative side of Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami's (SDG) is clearly visible in the expression of his poetry, writings and art. But his journey wasn't always imbued with artistic freeform expression and the lighthearted indulging of his creative impulse. Rather, his young adulthood and middle-aged years were marked by a heavily regimented life, one that carried the weight of both spiritual discipline and organizational responsibility.

[PADA: Yep, Satsvarupa Das Goswami's creative "freeform expression" is -- that deviants are God's messiahs. Lets all worship deviants, real freeform creative entertainment indeed. His "light hearted" idea is -- that we all have to worship his deviant messiahs or be banned, beaten, or shot to death, as happens in SDG's realm. Wow, how entertaining and jolly! 

Yes, he has had a "heavily regimented life" of -- living in Howard Johnson motels, watching football, getting loaded on psychotropic drugs, and getting into sexual liaisons with a woman he forced into a divorce. He carried a heavy weight indeed, lets push forward the weight of the worship of deviants down everyone's throats, and cause mayhem, bankrupt ISKCON, create a mass exodus of the citizens of ISKCON, and ruin the good name of ISKCON in the process, wow! That is hard work!]

His was a severe if also blissful path, full of dutiful action and devotional delight.

[PADA: Yep branding anyone who does not worship SDG's sexual predator messiahs is poison, and getting them killed is "devotional delight." Delightful! He also has a "duty" to declare that anyone who does not worship deviants is envious poison, so he can get them beaten and maybe killed, and this duty has been given to him -- by the personality of Kali Yuga? Satan? Beelzebub?]

As a serious student under Prabhupada's tutelage in bhakti since as early as 1966, he temporarily left the spontaneous world of improvisation of self-expression for the more structured life of a monk.

[PADA: Right, making sexual predators into messiahs is "spontaneous and improvisational self expression." Agreed, this has nothing to do with the Vedas. It was all improvised ad hoc on the spot by folks like SDG.]

Yet he did manage ISKCON Press in Boston for some time and became editor-in-chief for Prabhupada's Back to Godhead magazine, which gave him an outlet for his creative writing.

[PADA: Where SDG wrote in 1986 that Kirtanananda is "like Jesus, Prahlad and Haridas Thakura."]

By 1972, in recognition of his serious commitment to ISKCON, he was awarded sannyasa, which is a formal stage of life in the Vedic social order, indicating learning and renunciation. As a sannyasi, he would travel the world, sharing knowledge of Krishna Consciousness with others and helping his teacher manage the movement.

Along these lines, he had two years earlier in 1970 become a Governing Body Commissioner (GBC), that is, a managerial authority in the movement, and for a brief period between January and July of 1974, he served as personal servant and secretary to Prabhupada himself. His first two books were Readings in Vedic Literature, which was a scholarly overview of the Vedic tradition with special attention to Vaishnavism, and, soon after his guru's departure, Srila Prabhupada-lilamrta, an exhaustive multivolume work on the life and times of his spiritual master.

Numerous books would follow, even as he continued to help manage Prabhupada's movement and, eventually, he would initiate many disciples of his own. But in due course, exhaustion and poor health caused him to pull back from management and formal involvement as a leader of the movement. His books started to engage free-writing techniques, almost Kerouac-ian in nature, but, as always, he continued to keep Prabhupada and Lord Krishna as the main foci. His contribution is valued and well-read with Spanish, Italian, Russian and another 40 languages in translation both by GN Press and BBT publishers. Being the senior most disciple of Srila Prabhupada he continues to inspire his followers over the years.

[PADA: An ex-gurukuli who was a victim of SDG's living guru's program says, SDG's writings are all useful only as "toilet paper." About sums up the feelings of his many victims. 

Even BV Puri Maharaja said, "No one DARES write about their passing stools, enemas and constipation, and then one page later, writes about the colors of the saris of the gopis, all in the same few pages of a book. This is the result of Narayana Maharaja's sahajiya preaching, and its worse than even the sahajiyas, they never write about their passing stools and the gopis all in the same book." Yep, the GBC still promotes SDGs' "worse than any of the sahajiyas" books and writings all over ISKCON. ys pd]  

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