Friday, November 20, 2015

Global GBC Created Krishna West

[PADA: This is getting interesting. The mass of devotees are finally catching on, -- that the entire GBC is responsible for creating most (or all) the deviations of ISKCON, especially folks like Anuttama. 


So if the Global GBC is responsible for making hundreds and hundreds of deviations, then they are not acharyas, plain and simple. What are we are left with then? Who will be the acharya of ISKCON since they are not? And it seems, Srila Prabhupada will win that title, and is winning that title, by default. That means our idea is winning -- albeit -- without them admitting our idea is winning. 

As for our "living guru" GBC guru defenders like Ajit Krishna and Torben Nielsen, we hope they finally get to the point of realizing, theirs and Rocana's ping pong swami / sexyasi / bogus acharya's / foolish living messiah's program is not going forward, its collapsing. We are not going to worship the people who are creating Krishna West as our living gurus! Sorry! Ours is the idea that is -- moving ahead. 

ys pd]  

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