Friday, November 6, 2015

A Film About Femicide From India

[PADA: Wow! These people are pretty bold to expose this issue. Its a sad fact that women are not valued as much as men in various sectors of contemporary Indian culture. As Srila Prabhupada says, the fate of people who have abortions and their doctors is -- they become future fetus' and they are themselves aborted. Not a pleasant future for those engaged in this process. 

I do not think babies are actually offered to Goddess Kali in some sort of rituals, but there is for sure some sort of twisted "religious" rationalization for why female babies can be taken out of the womb en masse, and its not correct. 

Even in America where many women have abortions, its almost never because they do not want a child of one sex or the other, usually its because they feel they cannot afford to maintain the baby. Not a good excuse mind you, but taking out the baby based on its sex seems very cruel and insensitive right out of the gate. 

As one Indian man told me, ultrasound technology was a giant curse on India immediately when it began, because then people could tell the sex of the baby in the mother, and that started the femicide problem. Anyway, this is a warning to all of us about how Kali Yuga is progressing and its not getting any better. ys pd]

Published on Nov 2, 2015

Kajarya is a film that tells a story set in the backdrop of female infanticide and the widespread preference for male progeny in today’s India. The film is a powerful, yet sensitively handled story that touches on several issues in the subtext of its narrative. It revolves around the story of a rookie journalist in Delhi (Ridhima Sud) who exposes a woman, Kajarya (Meenu Hooda) believed to embody Goddess Kali, who ritually kills female newborns in a village nearby.

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The film questions notions of women’s emancipation, feminism and of themselves as it weaves though an interplay of drama and events and explores how India continues to live in many centuries at the same time, both in its villages as well in its cities. 'Kajarya' follows the life of these two women from different backgrounds, whose lives intertwine as the story explores the condition of women both in rural and urban India through a different perspective.

Cast: Meenu Hooda, Ridhima Sud, Kuldip Ruhil.

Director - Madhureeta Anand
Producer - Starfire Movies
Co-Producers - Ekaa Films, OddJoint

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