Friday, November 13, 2015

Karnamrita's Cancer Journey

[PADA: I hope that this does not sound cruel or mean, but it does seem odd to me that so many devotees have been getting life threatening and serious levels of cancers (of all types) at, around, or just past 60 years old. Or they are dying of other fatal illness, such as strokes, heart attacks etc when in theory. the devotees would have better health record than the average people, who seem to have a longer life statistically. And a very nice devotee lady we know of, she just died a few days ago -- of cancer.

I do feel that the stress of dealing with the crazy guru's issue may be a contributing factor.

Meanwhile a number of the alleged gurus have also died already from all sorts of fatal illness, and a number of them are also very ill. At the same time, our 90 plus years old neighbor has had a recent birthday, and she still goes out on her porch every day to feed all of her cats. And her main diet is apparently, a lot of coffee and almond crusted pastries, at least that is all we ever see her taking when she is out on the porch.

In other words, I believe many devotees are ill from stress related illness. Yep, I do blame the leaders for creating this artificially stressful environment. Then again, maybe Krishna is just rounding up everyone to re-assemble the harinama samkirtana movement elsewhere. I also wish Karnamrta all the best on his journey. Good luck my friend! ys pd           

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  1. Thanks, yes you are right, if a society is crippled, diseased and ill due to promoting false messiahs, then the members of that society might become affected themselves in the same way. Makes sense to me. I think we have all been malefically impacted in different ways by this situation -- whether we know it or not. Its going to take decades if not generations to recover from all this ... ys pd


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