Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sivarama Swami Speaks Against Ritviks!

[PADA: Yep, its futile to say acharyas are not debauchees! Who knew! Anyway this is a good sign, it means our Prabhupadanuga program is expanding into Eastern Europe, the Balkan states and so on -- basically -- the places where the GBC ran away and made their hide outs after they blew out the USA and Europe.  

They probably already knew in advance that eventually -- the people there would catch up to their odious history and reject them. I have some friends over there and they said exactly that, the only reason the GBC gurus are being accepted in that region is that most people do not read English and they were unable to find out about all the odious actions of the GBC gurus because this was mostly covered in the Western media and not over there, but time is on our side, people are gradually finding out about them due to our good preachers over there. By the way, PADA's blog website is more and more being translated into Russian, Balkan, and other languages using the "translate" feature. ys pd]

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