Monday, October 13, 2014

Yamuna River Crisis Worsens

[PADA: This is the type of problem all the devotees from various groups should unite on, focus on, and try to collectively fix. Having the Yamuna River reduced to a mess like this is not a good sign for all of the collective devotees of Krishna -- from whatever camp they are in. 

As this article notes, the River's problems are causing great difficulty for the usual Vedic ceremonies, the bathing ghats, the local agriculture program, and many related other spiritual functions that the devotees normally would normally use the Yamuna river to conduct. 

In sum -- its making it difficult to perform the Vedic Yagnas that formerly used the River in traditional poojas and programs. Worship of Krishna is related to having a nice Yamuna River for the past centuries, and getting it restored should be everyone's priority. ys pd] 

And lets hope the government finally takes action on this matter -- they have not made much progress so far --

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