Sunday, October 12, 2014

GBC "Zonal Reconfiguration",4637/

[PADA: Amazing really. The GBC says that in 1986 they had a "guru reform" to "eliminate the zonal guru misconception." Yet, every year since, they still assign "zones" to their gurus. Worse, their numbers have been "dying / resigning / blooping" and so now they are down to 32 GBC, ok and that means -- they are losing not only rank and file people (and not gaining) but they are losing numbers in their own guru / management group.

A devotee told us they are panicking now because their numbers are so far down -- and they are not being replaced, which means their whole operation is in danger of dying out. Right!

First of all, they need to admit that they never fixed their original 1978 zonal guru problem. The GBC agreed in 1986 that this zonal acharya program is bogus because gurus do not have "zones," which they admit is wrong, but they STILL refuse to fix. Now they want to make 133 more zones, oh swell, more gurus with more zones! That means they are going to make their "zonal guru" problem WORSE, and not fix it at all! Of course since they do not have 133 GBC gurus, then what? They are contradicting themselves, no wonder they cannot get anything done. ys pd] 

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