Tuesday, October 7, 2014

London SCS Temple Opens


[PADA: New UK center for the Gaudiya Matha's folks, looks very well done. Grand opening was attended by several big shot ISKCON leaders. There are some other "ISKCON independent" centers in UK, for example a Gaura govinda maharaja's center. However! There really is not much going on in UK in terms of functioning temples for the so-called Prabhupadanuga devotees, such as IRM and others.

There just does not seem to be much cooperation among so-called Prabhupada devotees for starters, we are not seeing much in terms of even small home programs. And getting them to try to work together for building independent programs and centers is more or less like pulling rotten teeth out of a mule, -- its difficult and apparently -- could almost be dangerous.

And that may be part of the problem. Right now a few of the so-called Prabhupada devotees from the UK are trying as hard as they can to micro-manage everyone else's programs, like the PADA program, the Bangalore program, the Monsato corporation, and basically take over managing other's programs, and this begs the question -- where is their program -- since 1977? This is apparently the real reason they are so upset with everyone else's making programs and progress, it shows they are not going forward hardly at all there.

At least these Gaudiya Matha folks stick together and cooperate to get a few things done. Again, not endorsing the Gaudiya Matha's folks, however, Srila Prabhupada said even the Rama Krishna mission is getting things done because they focus on working together cooperatively. And Srila Prabhupada said, we should learn something from them about doing practical things in a cooperative spirit, and follow their example. Meanwhile, these other programs will move ahead with or without us.

Of course, then some of the so-called UK Prabhupada folks wonder why people adopt these programs and not the Prabhupada centered program, well, for starters it may be because these other folks have an organized public preaching program, temples and etc. to attract people to. Same folks cannot understand why people keep going to the Bangalore program's temples, well for starters, they have temples! Just saying! ys pd]           

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