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What Will Exist in 100 Years?

PADA: First of all, no I am not a "paid spokesman" for ISKCON Bangalore (IB), the CIA, the Illuminati, or anyone else. Hee hee! Of course, some people have said (a) that I am being paid large sums by the CIA, the Illuminati and so on. Meanwhile, (b) others have said I am a poor guy residing in a trailer park who is living on food stamps. Apparently. the people who work for the CIA do not get paid very well? Yep, some "devotees" are not taking their medications.

What is all this? Its called blaming the messenger.

There will always be different groups (or cliques) of devotees, and this was also the case even when Srila Prabhupada was here: (A) Tamal Krishna swami had his "sannyasa" clique -- guys like Bhavananda, Giriraja, Danavir, Vipramukhya etc; (B) Kirtanananda had his intimate entourage of loyalists; (C) We had our little clique of Sulochana and friends, and we were supporting Vishnujana swami when its came down to his battle between him vs Tamal; (D) Jayatirtha had his group of admirers in Los Angeles; (E) Hansadutta had his "Germany soldiers"; (F) Siddha Swarupa had his "Hawaii faithful" (G) Nitai ran off to the smartas -- and so on and so forth. There always was, and maybe always will be, various cliques of devotees.

There are currently all sorts of such cliques. We also have the Gaudiya Matha's and Narayana Maharaja's cliques, and cliques within these cliques etc. For example, some of Narayana Maharaja's people in one clique -- are now complaining that a competing clique -- intentionally left Narayana Maharaja's body in swamp water to deteriorate -- while the money for his samadhi was taken for other purposes. OK these two groups are not ever going to see eye to eye, never mind there is considerable bitter acrimony between these groups.

The list of "devotee" groups and sectors is endless really, there is the Mahanidhi clique, Radhanath clique, Devamrita clique, and even -- various ritvik cliques ad infinitum, hey that's life. A swami recently declared he was the successor to Sridhara Maharaja, but all the other swamis in that camp said no, this man is not part of the Sridhara mission. So the schisms and break-away camps are endless, and were also endless after 1936 when the Gaudiya Matha schisms started. Anyway, what we are trying to do is to establish certain things that will last way beyond all these temporary infighting groups.

* 100 years from now, we will all be gone, what is going to be left remaining after 100 years?

* That is the real question, which clique or group will have standing, or even be standing at all, 100 years from now?

* And which among "the issues" will be considered as verified by history in 100 years?


SRILA PRABHUPADA is the ACHARYA. The first thing that needs to be established now for the sake of the  future legacy of ISKCON  is, who is the actual LEGALLY recognized acharya of ISKCON? At the moment the GBC has established that they ARE the (illegal?) acharyas. Worse they say that acharyas are often: voted in, voted out, suspended, censured, monitored, deviating, falling down into scandals, engaging in illicit sex with disciples, taking drugs, engaging in criminal behaviors, being excommunicated -- and so on. That is how the GBC has officially (legally) presented the position of acharya in ISKCON.

Notice below their "training course" on the "multiple guru environment":

In order to even start to reverse this program, we really need to have at least some sort of legal effort to establish that Srila Prabhupada is (or at least should be) the LEGALLY named acharya of ISKCON, and not all these self-appointed GBC "multiple" guru imitations. Otherwise, his main legally created mission will still be owned (hi-jacked) by these outside parties, who are misrepresenting who is the acharya of ISKCON. There are some folks who say that recovering the name of ISKCON is not even important, why is recovering the ISKCON name not important?

And since ISKCON is the legal name Srila Prabhupada established for his mission, he should be the LEGALLY named acharya of ISKCON, at least in one property somewhere. And his definition of acharya should be the legal reference point for the post of acharya, i.e. a person who does not fall down into scandals, and all this (and more) should be the legally stated and recognized requirement for being the acharya of  ISKCON.

Right now ISKCON Bangalore alone has undertaken the job of making Srila Prabhupada the legally named acharya of his own society, aka ISKCON. Self-apparently, no one else has even sufficient interest in this matter to even bother with this LEGAL issue all, never mind the will power and desire to take this matter to court. And its not likely anyone else will even bother to take up this court case function -- to establish ISKCON's actual proper acharya. Worse, the more time we waste (and wait) to do the task of taking all this to court, the harder it will be to do anything later on. Court cases have to made as quickly as possible after the fact, ask any lawyer.

If this case is made in court 100 years from now, the court would ask, why are you trying to change the status quo already in motion for a century? So if we wait 100 years it will be much harder to make changes at that later date. Better to take this matter to task now, or as soon as possible, and yet almost no one else seems to even know that this task is required at all, outside the ISKCON Bangalore folks?

Ask any Christian this question, do we not need to establish that Jesus is the guru of the Christians, or is that  not an important issue? It is amazing to us that so many "devotees of Krishna" have no idea how important it is to establish legally who is the acharya of their own religion. Of course, anyone who says that Srila Prabhupada should be the legal acharya of ISKCON will be beaten with shoes by various GBC and their compromisers (as we are being attacked all the time since 1977) and that is to be expected. And so these folks demonize us to preserve their bogus idea, that deviants are the acharyas of ISKCON.

Anyway, 100 years from now it will be publicly known that AT LEAST someone tried to keep Srila Prabhupada in the legal seat of acharya for his mission, whereas hardly anyone will remember these GBC gurus / or the various splinter groups and individuals who opposed making him the LEGAL acharya.

SULOCHANA DAS said that his number ONE priority was to have the bogus GBC gurus challenged legally. And now that has come to pass by Madhu Pandit das' taking legal action against them. A devotee named Praghosha das (the book distributor) says that all these lawsuits have cost the GBC over $55 million dollars, and counting.

Some of the GBC guru's people and their clones keep saying these lawsuits are of no consequence because "no one takes these PADA issues seriously," "this is all laughing out loud LOL," and so on. Ummm, $50,000,000 (and counting) is not "a serious issue"? $50m -- is a "laughing out loud" (LOL) amount of money, its chump change for these fools? No, the bogus GBC is spending all this money because we ARE a serious threat to their false guru program.

What amazes us all the time is that even the worst case karmi mundane person knows that $50m is a VERY significant issue, whereas some of the GBC folks and our other opponents are always clueless about -- what is significant and what is not? Yep, same folks do not think establishing Srila Prabhupada as the acharya is a significant issue either. Lets face it, the opponents of the lawsuits plan have no better plan, and worse, they cannot even sue a chihuahua dog for barking too loud -- never mind take the GBC to task. They will never do anything of substance to oppose the bogus GBC's guru program, and so, they will become dust in history.

Sorry, the "lawsuits issue" is one of the issues me and Sulochana wanted to have happen, and it is happening. The dogs will bark, the caravan will pass. The real reason people object to this lawsuit process is simple, they do not want to see Srila Prabhupada established as the LEGAL acharya of ISKCON, they want the deviants to stay LEGALLY in that seat.

Oh boo hoo!

Hopefully, Srila Prabhupada will gradually be established as the LEGAL acharya at least in a few places to start off, and then this process will expand -- so that within 100 years -- he will have been established as the acharya in MANY more places. We at least pray that will happen. In short, making Srila Prabhupada the legal acharya of ISKCON has many other important legal and practical aspects, such as, -- if he is the legal acharya -- then his pooja system, his initiation system, his unchanged books system, and so forth -- are all going to be followed and fixed automatically. Moreover, it will not be legal to introduce other acharyas and other systems into ISKCON.

In any case Bangalore folks are doing more to make Srila Prabhupada the acharya than any other group(s) at the present time, and we think they will be the important group going forward in time since they are the main folks carrying the ball on this issue.


SRILA PRABHUPADA'S BOOK LEGACY. Another important legal issue is the original books. We helped solve this to some extent by getting enough interest in the 1980s to start a lawsuit to get the rights for printing original books. Once again, Bangalore ISKCON is really helping along with this issue now by making major contributions to the printing and distribution of these original books.

As Srila Prabhupada said many, many, many times, we need an organization to print and distribute his books, and the critics of our original books program generally have no large scale printing going on, and usually very little book distribution going on. Nor are they very likely to get that process going anytime soon.

Its actually amazing to us that some people would say PADA is bogus for helping in getting the original books lawsuit organized, it seems this should be the number one thing Srila Prabhupada's followers would want? Anyway, we ALSO hope that getting our foot in the door to be part of ISKCON will help us further liberate other areas of Srila Prabhupada's legacy, including his books.

As for those who say no one takes our issues seriously, sorry, even many people in ISKCON are asking for original books only today. We've got that issue on the map! Our friends on other forums tell us they see many ISKCON members making it clear they are quoting ORIGINAL BOOKS, that means our original books idea has -- gone viral! Yep, so 100 years from now -- most people will know that SOME FOLKS stood up and said, hey we want the originals!


TEMPLE BUILDINGS. There is a long history AND TRADITION connected to temple buildings in India especially. So we think it is important to establish Srila Prabhupada-centered temples NOW -- so that there will be: (Ritvk) initiations of newer people; Standardized worship process; Temple festival's tradition; Preaching process; Acharya's focus; Printing, distributing books; Classes and lectures (using standardized books); Community development, and so on -- established within those temples, all being done starting NOW, so this process will continue OVER TIME.

We do have a number of independent ritviks who have smaller home programs and so on and so forth, which will continue the process in a sort of grass roots effect, and that is good. Better yet is to have official larger temples with a support community being developed. Then, these congregations and temple programs will work together -- where all these programs will be preserved. Bangalore ISKCON is currently making many such temple programs, at least more than anyone else. So they will have a preserved program over time, and that is the need of the hour.

Different people have complained about the Bangalore program, but they are simply not developing temples and communities on this scale. So we are confident that in 100 years their program will still be standing in a number of locations, because for starters their programs will be so widely spread over large geographical areas. And since they will have an organization, they will be doing the preaching, programs, book printing and so on and so forth.


POISON ISSUE. When we first came out with this issue in 1997. the IRM and others vigorously opposed us for doing that. Actually, we only had maybe half dozen people who even agreed with us on the issue in 1997, and only a few of them who thought it should be launched in 1997. In sum, even many of the "ritviks" thought the issue was TOO EXTREME to be made public.

It is a difficult issue for sure. Unfortunately, ISKCON was not doing great in 1997, so it seemed like an issue that NEEDED to come out, to explain how everything ELSE had gone downhill so badly in ISKCON after 1977.

And we think this issue does explain why everything went down into a criminal downward spiral after 1977, because there was a criminal clique who hi-jacked ISKCON -- after they had apparently poisoned the founder of ISKCON. That history makes a lot more sense. Anyway, the issue is out there for sure, and its getting more people on board on a regular basis.

100 years from now?, well, we think the issue will be accepted very widely by that time. Its the best explanation for how ISKCON went so topsy turvy with criminal mayhem. Maybe by 100 years the issue will have been presented in a legal case, we shall see, but for sure its getting accepted more and more and it will be widely known and accepted as time rolls on.


History is ALREADY clearly favoring our ideas, that these gurus were never appointed, that these bogus gurus mistreated people, that they changed the books, that there is a poison complaint etc. Meanwhile, everyone else is free to present their own versions of the history all these issues, its a free world out there.

However, we are quite confident our versions are already standing to a large extent, and will still be known, standing and accepted in 100 years. The PADA version of the bogus appointment, the mistreatment of devotees and children, the book changes, the poison issue etc. etc, are all sticking as the factual history and this version is gaining more traction all the time.

No one else seems to be coming up with a better explanation, or an explanation that is gaining steam. Perhaps our explanation, that we started presenting since 1979, has been gaining in wider and wider acceptance, because, there is no better explanation. Some of our exasperated opponents are now saying LOL "laughing" is the best explanation of all this. That's not going to fly. And its certainly not going to last for 100 years. ys pd


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