Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mafia Attacks Vrndavana Saints

SG: These bastards are without mercy. They are stone hearted criminals who have no thought for vrindavan. Oh lord destroy these rakshasas in their own blood. We know these criminal evil bastards well. Black hearted black faced. They would turn vrindavan into a blood drenched slaughter house if it was worth their while.

Let madam.hema break this criminal nexus and leave off defenseless old widows. Let her pick a fight with these criminal extortionists. Blackmailing murdering mercy less bastards. Then when she finds her life in danger then we'll see her convictions.

Many of them are not even from.vrindavan. Many of them from a certain community. Mmmmm. Everyone knows who they are .... bloodthirsty caricatures out of a Mumbai mafioso movie. We saw them.decades.ago when they were small pennies compared to today. Why vrindavan has become more expensive than Delhi. Is this comprehensible???

The wealthy come too assuage their guilt with Gaudy useless darshans ... Gaudy useless puja ... caring nothing that rakshasic criminals control every aspect.of braj darshan  Let madam hema confront this monstrous rakshasic enterprise. If she dares --

SD: These haters have poison in their blood, it seems they are from different sect or religion and they dislike Krishna followers. Udhar Pradesh Government not doing enough to prevent these crimes.

[PADA: Yes, its interesting that a few people"become disciples of the mahant" to wedge their way into the inner circle of the guru, to get the confidence of the mahant, so eventually they can take over the property, or the community. Is this what happened in ISKCON? 

We see a connection to the MAFIA taking over lands in Vrndavana -- and the criminal take over of ISKCON. Perhaps these items are connected? Anyway, this is another sign that India has major problems with corruption. Its amazing to us that sometimes people from India write and tell us they have full confidence in these government institutions, which are apparently, in cahoots with some of these bad guys, or they are at the least turning a blind eye to the problems.  

This is why some of us might need to stay connected to a few of the "higher ups" in the government over there, at least the MAFIA might not attack us if we have some friends in higher places that can watch over us. PADA used a similar technique here in the USA, we made friends with the Police, and that protected us from getting whacked by the GBC's MAFIA over here. If the police in Vrndavana are corrupt, we need to have higher friends than them. ys pd]   

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