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Bangalore Court Corruption Probe

"A Fool accepts another Fool as his authority."

PADA: Bangalore Judges in trouble for various signs of corruption. Who knew! 

What amazes us is that GBC, and their apparent cheer leading clones like Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur, and their friends like Ashish, Suren, Prahlad, Dayarama (JPS) etc. have been telling us we "must accept the version of the Bangalore court's leaders." That is our REAL authority. Fer sure?

These folks accept the authority of the same courts where a number of their people eat chicken tikkas, probably drink vodka, smoke beedis, watch Bollywood (if not porn) etc.; And some of these court people are involved in sex scandals etc.; And  some of these court people are getting impeached for corruption. These deviants are corrupt ISKCON's GBC's and associated fans -- new leaders and "authorities"? Yep, many of the GBC's gurus have been caught in the same exact forms of corruption, sex scandals etc. Birds of a feather?

At the same time, the GBC and ilk group are STILL citing Hari Sauri as another one of their authorities. A mastermind behind keeping Kirtanananda, Bhavananda et al. in a seat of authority in ISKCON is someone to quote as an authority? PADA has been exchanging messages with a nice Indian man in India. He tried to work with an ISKCON temple for years and years, and whenever he came forward and complained of corruption, sex scandals, money laundering, leaders with separate bank accounts etc. -- he was told to "shut his mouth." Of course, since the courts approve of all these people, they are bona fide?

Our India friend also said he made complaints about the GBC's keeping Bhavananada in a prominent role (with the help of Hari Sauri) but he could see "Bhavananda and Hari Sauri are protected by the leaders at the highest levels." And now -- not only the GBC's regime -- but  HKC Jaipur folks are also promoting the writings of Hari Sauri as their authority -- essentially these folks "authority" since 1977 -- to help keep their favorite molesters and suspected guru poisoners in positions of power in ISKCON.

And this is all "well and good" because "the courts approve? All this is explained in the Bhagavad Gita, -- people in the modes of ignorance tend to accept (and even worship) another person in the modes of ignorance as their leader and authority. Yep, this neatly explains how the GBC's regime and its corrupt courts emerged as "our authority"?

This is getting very strange indeed! Then again, ruling against the Vaishnavas may have been some bad karma, which is coming home to roost, hee hee! Yes, I fully endorse the courts, where there is corruption, sex scandals, chicken tikkas, --- ohh swell! I need to go and take my percodans now! ys pd


History of Justices who gave 5-23-2011 judgment in favor of ISKCON Bombay.

(1) Article at states following. Note the names of justices – Nagamohan Das and Arali Nagraj

"There is no legal existence to Bangalore society. By falsifying accounts, President Madhu Pandit Das has conspired to breathe life into the society," a Division Bench comprising Justice Nagamohan Das and Justice Arali Nagraj had said while hearing a petition by Mumbai, ISKCON.”

(2) Now read following article which states that Arali Nagraj quits his job on 9-29-2011 – only 4 months after he gave above judgment – he got caught with Sexual Misconduct.
Sitting HC judge quits over sexual misconduct - print news ...

Justice Nagaraj was found in a compromising position with a female court member six months ago; Chief Justice Khehar sought his resignation after committee of judges conducted probe.

(3) Read article below about second justice – Nagamohan Das and others – notice the name of the article itself - Lords of all they survey – Judges involved in Real Estate Scam/favors

Other prominent people who were allotted sites include HC judges Manjula Chellur, CR Kumaraswamy, Vasudevan Jagannathan, HN Nagamohan Das, Ajit J Gunjal, NK Patil, N Kumar, AB Hinchigeri, Anand Byrareddy, S Abdul Nazeer and Mohan M Shanthanagoudar. All allotments were made in violation of Clauses 10(B) and 53 of the KSJEHBCS bylaws.

As many as 82 judges were allotted plots in the society even though they are not judicial employees

In a city where even the middle class makes extreme sacrifices to buy residential property, these judges were allotted sites at shockingly low prices: amounts ranging from Rs 25-Rs 240 per sq ft. This, when prices between 1994 and 2006 in this area were never less than Rs 1,000 per sq ft. The current market rate is over Rs 4,000 per sq ft. Some judges received multiple allotments (a violation of Section 10(a) of the bylaws), and in some cases they already owned houses in the city at the time of allotment.

(4) Current status of Judge Manjunath who ISKCON Bangalore did not want on this case – amassing wealth beyond his sources of income - Impeachment ball begins to roll for JudgeManjunath | The ...

(5) Now think what kind of justice you can get from such judges?


The MPs have also accused him of hearing and deciding a petition involving a housing society 'with clear conflict of interest'.

Written by Maneesh Chhibber | New Delhi | Posted: September 19, 2014 4:28 am

Over two months after the central government sent back the Supreme Court collegium’s recommendation to transfer Karnataka High Court Judge K L Manjunath to the Punjab and Haryana High Court, a group of Lok Sabha MPs has started a signature campaign to initiate impeachment proceedings against him.

It is learnt that the four Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MPs and some others have already signed the notice of motion for presenting an address to the President under Article 217 read with Article 124 (4) of the Constitution for Justice Manjunath’s removal for “proven misbehaviour”.

“Yes, we have started the signature campaign and are very hopeful that we will receive the required support from other parties, particularly those parties that advocate probity and honesty. We are in touch with MPs of many parties and the response is encouraging,” said AAP MP from Patiala Dharam Vira Gandhi.

76 MPs move petition for impeachment of Dinakaran
Justice Dinakaran’s impeachment petition by next week?
MPs set Dinakaran impeachment ball rolling
Impeaching HC judge: MPs take the first step
58 MPs seek removal of Calcutta HC judge

The other three AAP MPs who have signed the petition are Bhagwant Mann, Sadhu Singh and Harinder Singh Khalsa.

Among the charges that the MPs have levelled against Manjunath are: possession of “wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income”, hearing and deciding a petition in favour of a housing society in which his daughter owned a plot, and failing to declare his assets in violation of the Full Court Resolution of 1997.

The petition, a copy of which has been accessed by The Indian Express, alleges that Manjunath, who was elevated as additional judge in 2000 and a permanent judge in 2001, “abused his position to amass several movable and immovable properties worth crores of rupees, disproportionate to his known sources of income”.

Property registration deeds and several other documents have been attached as annexures to support the allegation that Manjunath acquired several properties in the name of his daughter, wife and mother-in-law. The MPs have also accused him of hearing and deciding a petition involving a housing society “with clear conflict of interest”.

An MP who has signed the impeachment motion said it would be presented to the President before the winter session of Parliament, which is likely to begin in the third week of November. In July this year, citing a strongly-worded adverse note by a senior Supreme Court Judge against Manjunath, the Centre had sent the recommendation regarding Manjunath back to the SC collegium for reconsideration. As first reported by The Indian Express, the collegium, headed by Chief Justice of India R M Lodha, thereafter didn’t reiterate its recommendation.

Incidentally, the previous two attempts by Parliament to impeach sitting members of higher judiciary — Calcutta High Court judge Soumitra Sen (now retired) and Chief Justice of the Sikkim High Court P D Dinakaran (now retired) — came a cropper after both resigned from their respective posts before the impeachment motions against them could be taken to their logical conclusion.

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