Friday, October 10, 2014

Development in Vrajabhumi

[PADA: The main problem with Vrndavana seems to be, over the past 50 years or so, there is a lot of talk about reviving the Yamuna, reviving the ghats, reviving the forests, fixing the roads, and so forth. Not much ever seems to get done really. There are signs things are deteriorating in important areas. And some of the recent photos of the state of the Yamuna river there -- are simply awful. I understand the concerns of over-developing Vrndavana, but the other concern is, allowing things to deteriorate and having no back up plan for that problem.

Anyway! Its going to take money, and lots of it, to revive anything there, just like its going to take money to revive my 1973 Ford Pinto. The question no one seems to answer: who is going to provide the money? Yep, problem all along is, who is going to gather together the money to fix anything there? For starters, who is even interested in maintaining and fixing anything there?

The new temple program will bring money to the area, because there will first of all be workers for building the project in the first place. Then, there will be devotees who will come in from all over the world, temporarily as tourists, who will provide lots of local jobs there to cater to these devotee tourists, and this will bring in funds, to assist the local economy.

And then -- with devotee tourist's dollars, and subsequent jobs to care for these tourists, there will be -- local money -- to fix things! And when devotee tourists are coming more, then the state will have an incentive to revive the river, the ghats, the roads, and so forth.

It seems like many people are saying, the status quo is a good plan.

Nope, its not working very well. Some improvement will be better than none, or next to none. As usual, there seems to be no one making a better "plan B," and plan A, the current status, is not working very good either. In any case, doing nothing is not making things any better over there, that is for sure!

We think that the new temple project will put Vrndavana on the map, and then people will naturally start to discuss how to maintain the area. As is often the case especially in India, money is the root cause of anything happening over there. If the river was opened up for example, that would solve the entire water problem overnight. Its a question of getting the politicians motivated to do these things. An important project there might leverage the politicians into action. Lets hope so! Anyway, at least this project is going to build some forests and have cows etc, at least there will be something being done by somebody! ys pd]    

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