Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Wellness Workshops" for GBC's gurus?

Now the GBC gurus are attending “wellness workshops.”

Of course, they do not care if any of the other devotees are well or not?

Yes, Harikesh has been living nicely after he left, he quite obviously took a lot of cash when he left. He was also living like a king when he was a guru, flying all over, using a big motor home, he had a big sound recording studio for his personal recording etc., and in sum he was living like a rock and roll star very opulently — meanwhile the children in his schools had hardly any blankets, proper clothes, and forget about heaters, air conditioners, …. or even soap, food and basic medical care.

Almost all the money that was meant for caring for the children was being spent on people like Harikesha for their jet set lifestyle. Some of these children have hardly any teeth now that they have grown up, since they were fed so poorly, they had malnutrition problems. Some have stunted growth, curved spines and so on. Meanwhile people like Tamal and Jayapataka were having huge feasts every day, its obvious the children’s money was being siphoned off for their personal jet set program.

Yes, lets all go and spend money on our own wellness programs, since we did such a good job mistreating everyone else. This is really getting silly. Rather oddly, some of these gurus have become very sick and some have died, apparently, from over-eating.

This is amazing, they were starving others and eating like hogs, so they are suffering from their own hog-like behavior, like Jayapataka is, from stuffing their faces too much. Starving others and stuffing oneself, this is what evil kingdoms, dictators, and bogus leaders have done for centuries. Kim Jong Un comes to mind, that is his program, he eats nicely, while his poor citizens get to eat dead cock roaches. It means these leaders have no sense of mercy or compassion, they have become the most self-centered and selfish people on the planet. The karma for this type of behavior is very, very, very, severe however. ys pd


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