Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No need to identify our guru?

Puranjana prabhu, there never came a need for me to identify my Guru. So, this can’t be considered as an evidence that I am a mayavadi. How does it make a difference whether I identify my Guru or no? I can definitely assure you that one of the ISKCON devotees that the GBC has accepted as a bonafide spiritual master is my Guru. That has nothing to do with the issue at hand, it is just a means to distract the attention of readers.

PADA: Because Srila Prabhupada says unless we give the name of our guru, we are a mayavada. We are personalists, we use names. Your guru does not teach that, because he is bogus. Now you are saying, following Srila Prabhupada's ideas is not important? That proves your guru is bogus. You are saying there is a bona fide guru, but you do not want to tell the world who that is -- so they will suffer, that is also mayavada, they say they have to keep their mantra secret and so on, while the world suffers.    

That means, your guru is bogus. Sorry, for you to say that following Srila Prabhupada is "a distraction" means, your guru is bogus for sure. You think following Srila Prabhupada's idea is a distraction, because you are not following his ideas. You are concocting. If your guru is with the Jayadvaita party that says gurus engage in illicit sex with men, women and children, where is his public recantation of these odious ideas? If he is not protesting, then he is implicated with these ideas. Srimate Draupadi said, anyone who does not speak up is just as bad as Dusasana is. And Srila Prabhupada says, all those who did not speak up, had to be killed because they made Krishna angry for not speaking up. ys pd

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