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ISKCON promoting Rocana's "sampradya acharya" idea?

Rocana Dasa: Perhaps, maybe, missing link…..

By Hanuman Das

By keeping Srila Prabhupada at the center, the disciple is relieved of the potential for a great deal of bewilderment which can lead to a loss of faith.
(Rocana Dasa, “Sampradaya Acarya Transcends Siksa and Diksa”, published at Hare Krishna Centre, Leicester, UK)

Right, whenever a pseudo guru falls his disciples are destroyed. Although it happened past 35 years 43 times (54.2 percent failure rate) – what is never mentioned by Rocana Dasa – he even admits that there is great need to relieve the poor disciple of a bone-crushing load – from having faith in Rocana’s self-appointed living maha-bhagavat acaryas.

Rocana’s “bona fide physically present gurus” call for to be worshiped as good as God, being recognized as God’s direct representative and last but not least demand 100% full surrender. When we speak of “full surrender” this includes material possession as well.

According Srila Prabhupada, a diksha guru has to be appointed by previous acarya (“A guru can become guru when he’s ordered by his guru. That’s all. Otherwise nobody can become guru.”).

In this way previous acarya declares to be liable for this appointment. On principle the whole parampara back to Krishna is responsible for any loss in case such a guru is a failure. Therefore Krishna says: “In case of glanir (deviation) — at that time I descend Myself”.

Parampara system is fully perfect, it doesn’t have these four defects of material life. Parampara system means there is no deviation.

Being aware of all this, Rocana Dasa comes up with an obscure belittlement: Listen newcomer, in case one of our voted-in full-fledged uttama diksa guru – who took all your money – falls down, don’t lose faith, Prabhupada is still there to absorb the shock.

Rocana Dasa is getting subtle, you cannot have Prabhupada as your guru, but try to understand, Prabhupada is the real guru who will absorb any loss. Thus Rocana Dasa admits, having full faith in his living gurus only is of no good: “It might leave you with a loss of faith” (expensive trauma healing therapy).

Who is able to develop faith in questionable gurus who self-explanatory provided a complete fall down statistic of 50%?

This is what Srila Prabhupada says, never accept a teacher you cannot have 100% full trust.

Prabhupada: “If you cannot believe in the words of somebody whom you are going to appoint as your teacher, if you have no faith in his words, then what is the use of going to such teacher? There is no use. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste his time. Therefore those who are going to learn to become a disciple or teacher, he must believe in the words of teacher.
Or if you are doubtful, you should not go to such teacher. This is first qualification. If you do not believe somebody, then you find out someone else upon whom you can put your faith. “Yes, here is the right man who can teach me.” Otherwise there is no use of going to a teacher. This is the Vedic principle.”
(Melbourne, April 21, 1976)

In other words, is there any disciple who is fully convinced that his present GBC appointed guru was appointed by previous acarya? There is none. They all say the same thing, well, yes, what we learned so far it is rather unlikely that Prabhupada appointed any gurus, so many fell already, it might happen again, etc.

But de facto this is the real meaning of parampara system, it’s fully perfect, no material deficiency.

Rocana knows that he has a massive clientele within ISKCON in particular those who make their livelihood by this take-over, privatization of Prabhupada’s movement. All those victims of Rocana’s living guru idea – thousands of devotees – Rocana Das once again defines his position: Slam the door incredibly loud.

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