Saturday, April 27, 2013

RE: Drutakarma das

Right prabhu. First of all these people like Drutakarma gave Krishna a bad name, by saying Krishna's -- "Pure Devotee Representatives from Heaven" are criminals and debauchees. This gives Krishna a bad name by linking His Pure Representatives to bad and indeed extremely sinful activity. 

God's representatives are evil sinners because God is Himself an evil sinner, that is their actual plan, to deride and degrade the name of Krishna. Now these self-same promoters of giving Krishna a bad name, like Drutkarma, are almost embarassed to even mention Krishna in public, because that reminds people who these folks like Drutakarma really are, they are the promoters of fools, criminals, debauchees, child molesters and murderers as the lord's messiahs. 

They are embarassed to mention Krishna, because they are the ones who poured tons of garbage on Krishna's name. They gave Krishna's a bad name, so yes it is true, they poured so much garbage on Krishna's name even they are ashamed to be identified with that name. And that is why he rarely mentions Krishna and / or almost never mentions Srila Prabhupada in his presentations. 

Of course since time immemorial the demons and atheists have been trying to tie Krishna to evil, while trying to paint themselves as the good guys, that is what their entire game is all about -- all along, for billions of years, the demons are trying to give Krishna a bad name, so they will look like the better person than Krishna. This is called envy of Krishna, plain and simple. This has been going on since the beginning of this universe. ys pd

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