Sunday, April 28, 2013

GBC "not caring for the devotees" update


Dear SG, OK I have worked ordinary jobs with ordinary people. We have had many people there working who are 70, some have been over 80, and they are not only alive, they were still active and working. The average life span of the ordinary people is apparently -- way above -- what the so-called devotee level is.

This is the reverse of what should be happening, i.e. the devotees should be living longer due to healthy and stress free lifestyle.

Instead we find many devotees are getting incurable diseases, such as cancer, tumors, colon removal, kidney failure, heart attacks, nerve disorders, and of course we have had no small numbers of deaths from drug overdoses (one nice lady died of heroin overdose, just after she told me she was very depressed by the GBC goonda program). There has also been deaths from alcohol poison, and so on and so forth, none of which are normal deaths for devotees.

One nice devotee lady told me she “lost her will to live” and she died of cancer, that was in 1986. She died very young. There has also been a series of suicides. Of course another group of devotees has died from violence, getting shot and so on, due to engagement in criminal activity. And even some of the gurus have been attacked by disgruntled disciples. Most of the gurus complain of a wide variety of ailments, sickness etc., and premature deaths are happening there. Of course, I had to save one guru from getting his head blown off with a shot gun because he was having sex with a man’s wife, I had to restrain the shooter. This is another “cause of death” that is not normal for devotees.

Meanwhile, even my 70 year old neighbor is outside working hard, building fences and lifting big rocks out of his garden. Something is amiss here? It seems to me that SG is trying to say, who cares about Krishna’s devotees who are suffering and dying, let em all die, so our bogus guru program can survive? Its a little heartless to say all this dying and suffering is normal. It seems there is not an ounce of compassion for the suffering of others, which is the trade mark behavior of the GBC guru program all along. As for Nrshinghananda, he think I am making “overblown” statements and that there is not really a big problem here, no wonder, since he earns his livelihood supporting the bogus guru process, which is the real cause of all this suffering and death in my opinion. Not only the rank and file is getting sick and dying, the gurus are also getting sick and dying, like I said, its an epidemic. 

What is even worse is, while there is always say for example $375,000 readily on hand to put various GBC gurus into the top of the line (i.e. most costly) Cedars Sinai Hospital (where some of them have gone in Los Angeles) … there are virtually no available MEDICAL funds to help “the peons” when they get sick. Notice, there is always some “emergency fund” to try to help the poor peon people. These “fund raisers” never collect more than a few thousand dollars from my experience. Meanwhile, the GBC does have a spare $15,000,000 (15 million) dollars of spare cash to sue us in court. Evidently, buying Mercedes for lawyers is the highest priority, and not taking care of Krishna’s devotees. Yep save the poor devotees, because all of their money is being spent on lawyers and not medical help for them. ys pd

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