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Swami B.V. Narayana maharaja Empire is Collapsing

The "Acharya Board" for BV NM program?

"Don't try to become over spiritual master. Then you'll spoil. Remain always a servant of your spiritual master and present the thing as you have heard. You'll be spiritual master. This is secret. You should know it. Don't try to become overintelligent. That will spoil."

His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Sri Vyasa-puja -- London, August 22, 1973.

Swami B.V. Narayana Empire is Collapsing

From: Facebook page of Bhaktivedanta Vaikhanas Swami.

Dandavat pranam Dear Devotees, All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga. This paper is the result of discussions that took place in Vrindavana during the week of Navadwipa Parikrama. The reasons are many and have been talked about in the months leading up to the parikrama. In summary, we perceive a decline in the standards that Srila Gurudeva established for sannyasa and guru within our society. 

[PADA: Look at the foolishness of these NM people! First of all, they rubber stamped a pack of "messiahs from heaven gurus" for their "Pure Bhakti" mission -- then AFTER these NM folks declared they had found a number of "Pure Bhakti" messiahs -- [those who are speaking to God directly] -- NOW they are trying to decide -- what is a guru, and what is pure bhakti? This is like making a proclamation that kindergarten children are equal to brain surgeons, then asking, "what is a brain surgeon"? Very foolish people. They should try understand "what is a guru" -- BEFORE -- they begin handing out messiah certificates and designating that a bunch of them are gurus already. The NM folks are making the same mundane mistake as the apa-ISKCON's GBC's gurus are doing, i.e. they are making unqualified persons into "gurus," then asking "what is a guru" -- after the fact.  

This is the whole trouble with Narayan Maharaja and his bogus "rubber stamping of gurus" policy all along. NM has supported the bogus idea that neophytes and even the GBC's deviants are "gurus." And now the result of NM's concocting all these false nomenclatures and titles is coming home to roost in his own mission. In short, NM first of all produced piles of gold painted plastic jewelry for ISKCON, and declared it is real gold jewelry. This is of course called "cheating" by the standard of everyone else on the planet. Now, his own NM society is being afflicted by the very same cheating process. And due to NM's policy and program of cheating people by declaring that painted plastic is real gold in ISKCON (surprise, surprise!) there is now suddenly "a decline in the gold standard" in his own society. No, his cheating guru process is simply being exposed there, that is all. NM is a promoter of cheater gurus and his policy is being gradually exposed in his own movement.     

To her credit we heard that Jadurani is not going to accept disciples in the NM movement, she probably is starting to realize how dangerous that is for her and other's spiritual lives. At the same time, why is she not speaking up about all these bogus policies?

The NM program's bogus gurus "problem" is the same as what happens with the bogus GBC's gurus, the same gurus that NM supported and promoted. There is "a decline in the behavior" of NM's "messiahs from Vaikuntha" (the "gurus who are in a chain of gurus from God"?) The NM and apa-GBC guru program essentially declares that the guru is a mundane man -- who is sometimes following and sometimes not? 

And exactly what is "a GURU in DECLINE"? This makes no sense at all? The guru is an uttama adhikary, he is a resident of Krishna loka, he sees Krishna at every moment, therefore -- he is deteriorating and declining? Spiritual beings are not ever "in decline," they are ever fresh and moving forward eternally with Krishna. This proves that the NM and apa-GBC never even understood the basics of what is a guru in the first place. NOTICE what NM is really saying! (A) The guru is qualitatively equal to God, (B) Simultaneously, the guru is in decline, because (C) ... since Krishna has the quality as the guru, that would make Krishna also in decline! Krishna is sometimes falling into illusion and decline? Yes, this is atheist idea.]    

BV NM folks: We further perceive a lack of collective will in upholding these standards among our leaders and confusion about these among many devotees around the world. 

[PADA: Great, the gurus of their entire matha are deteriorating; their king has no clothes. And yet none of the rank and file members of the Narayana Maharaja matha program has either the brains or the courage to point out these problems, hence they "lack the collective will" to speak up. Even "senior devotees" like Jadurani haven't got the spiritual vision required to speak up about these bogus gurus.

That means the NM group as a whole is compromised with a false and fallen standard for guru. That means Narayan Maharaja has not ever trained his followers to understand the basics, that the guru is of the highest standard, therefore they allow "guru" deviations and decline -- without protesting. This is not "creating confusion" -- they are already confused, therefore they are not able to distinguish the fact that -- when NM and his leaders are saying -- "the guru deteriorates," this does not even register in their minds as a problem. 

That is because the followers of NM have never even understood what are the basic standards for a guru in the first place. And that is because NM supported the bogus GBC's "guru program," which had all kinds "declining gurus." "Deteriorating standards for a guru," that is like saying there is a deteriorating standard for gold. No, there is one standard, gold is gold. Deterioration comes from cheating people with false gold.]

BV NM folks: Equally important; although we call ourselves the International Pure Bhakti Yoga Society (IPBYS), until now there has been no written definition of who we are and what we stand for. 

[PADA: What? We started a society ... and we forgot to figure out what it stands for BEFORE we made the society? Sheesh! One thing is for sure, if one has a society of PURE BHAKTI, and the gurus are deviating, there is no society of pure bhakti at all. There is instead -- the worship of deviations. Srila Prabhupada says even a dog eater can make progress if he worships a pure devotee and chants Hare Krishna, but what happens when people worship deviants? How will people be able to progress doing that? The NM leaders admit herein their own followers are confused, because their leaders are confused. Confusion means material contamination, says Srila Prabhupada.] 

BV NM folks: Srila Gurudeva gave so many instructions on these topics which we used to formulate a simple statement of mission and values that we are presenting to the devotees around the world for review.

[PADA: Right, if the "mission statement" is to promote pure bhakti, why are these folks instead promoting "bhakti acharyas in decline"? What kind of mission is that, "we are promoting messiahs who deviate, and this is pure bhakti"? No, this is pure speculation and deviation.]

BV NM folks: The first topic we discussed is how our society will define itself. What are our values and our mission?

[PADA: Good, at least now they are wondering what they have been doing for 35 years? If the stated value and principle of their society is -- to promote pure bhakti, why was that not defined already? These folks mean to say, the NM folks have gone on for 35 years without knowing how to define BHAKTI? And how BHAKTI relates to their own society? Worse, they have not yet even defined -- what is a guru, the prime example of BHAKTI?]

BV NM folks: Following the stated objectives given by Srila Gurudeva, our life and our culture are based on the pursuit and practice of pure bhakti. He also wished that we help others in this way throughout the world. We believe that the desire of Srila Gurudeva is to establish the IPBYS as an open society that encourages association with pure Vaisnavas, irrespective of institutional affiliations. All our outreach and teaching, our organizational designs, protocols, and standards are meant to serve these purposes.

[PADA: OK except they started out by saying their pure devotees are not pure, they are in decline? How do people get pure association then?]

BV NM folks: For some reason, there is a difference in understanding and application of the standards for one who accepts the post of guru. 

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says, guru is one. Now all the sudden there are many mundane classifications of gurus, some are good, some are bad, some are ugly. This means they have made the guru into a mundane position. The "difference" in (a) understanding and (b) application is simple. The guru has to be pure, that is the correct understanding, but Narayan Maharaja promotes bogus people, such as the apa-GBC bogus messiahs as his idea of gurus, so the application fails. And now their society is promoting the same class of bogus gurus because they never had the understanding upon which to base the application (just like the apa-GBC under NM's shiksha advice). 

Notice also how they say "one who accepts the post of guru,"as if guru is something any fool can volunteer and sign up for. "I accepted the post of Boeing 737 airplane pilot, but I cannot fly even a paper airplane"? So the airplane crashes and everyone dies. This is the NM program in a nutshell, innocent people are getting beaten and killed, women are being abused, children are being molested, many cows are suffering badly, but who cares, NM is issuing Boeing 737 pilot licenses like hot cakes to the orchestrators of these conditions.

Sorry! One does not "accept the post of messiah," just like one does not "accept the post of airline pilot"? One HAS TO BE qualified as guru first, then one is promoted to that post by GOD empowering that person. And after NM's bogus gurus crash their airplanes, and thousands of people's lives are ruined, NM just rubber stamps another pack of gurus, so their airplanes can crash, and more thousands of people are ruined if not killed. The only good news here is that the NM folks are gradually being very conscious of the problems they are generating, so they say -- make sure none of the blood of the victims gets on my shoes, I cannot be connected to the devastating mess I am making here!

In the case of a bona fide guru, one has to be "selected" and thus empowered by Krishna because HE IS THE PERSON WHO SELECTS THE GURU. These fools from the Gaudiya Matha think they can kick Krishna out of the picture, and "select" gurus themselves. They no longer need Krishna to be the authority over His gurus, they have self-appointed themselves as the masters of the guru. They think they are better than God, which is how these fools landed in the material world in the first place! They think they are better than GOD ALMIGHTY. 

This NM and his clan has more ego than the ordinary man, they think they can do better than God and promote "God's gurus," but only a total fool will promote other fools as gurus as is explained nicely in the SRI ISOPANISAD -- low class people will simply select another low class person for their acharya. This is why NM selected the GBC's homosexuals, child molesters, murderers and other fools as his idea of acharyas in the first place. A fool promotes other fools as gurus, this is what shastra tells us.]  

BV NM folks: As these standards are stated clearly in the writing of Sri Guru, Sastra and Sadhu, we have asked knowledgeable devotees from different ashramas to write papers on this tattva.

[PADA: This is exactly what the GBC has been doing since 1978, they have penned tons of "position papers on guru," all of which are totally bogus concoctions because none of them are gurus in the first place.]

BV NM folks: These will form the basis of our discussions prior to Kartika 2013. We call on our leaders to commit to a clear and unambiguous statement of policy for this within our Society. Thus all who have taken on the role of guru and wish to have the support and recognition within our Society for that role will accept and uphold those standards and values.

[PADA: Those who have taken the role of another Jesus, have to write a paper explaining how they are another Jesus? Does this make any sense? The kindergarten child has to write a paper explaining how he is a brain surgeon? This is foolishness on top of more foolishness. The guru is "self effulgent," he does not write a paper explaining how come he is fit to be worshiped as the messiah?]

BV NM folks: There is also a concern among devotees worldwide that some of our gurus are accepting devotees for initiation in a cavalier fashion.

[PADA: This happened right in front of my face. A NM devotee came into the Sunday feast here in Berkeley and said "Who wants to be initiated today"? And some dirty hippies raised their hands, and they were escorted to a van outside which took them to a NM "initiation ceremony."] 

BV NM folks: In prior meetings, those who are initiating others agreed upon certain practices, such as a waiting period prior to initiation, working with the local sanga who may recommend new devotees for initiation, and confirmation that an aspiring disciple is able to follow basic standards of Vaisnava conduct. It is observed that these agreements are not being followed by all. There are also problems arising from one guru criticizing another in front of that guru's disciples. Sometimes one guru will canvass for another's disciples. These irregular actions are creating doubt and confusion in the hearts of devotees, both new and old. This has to be addressed in a serious manner.

[PADA: Cannot be addressed at all, the idea that we can have multiple gurus who are infected with anarthas never works, period.]

BV NM folks: The sannyasa ashram plays an important role in guiding our Society and providing spiritual instruction and inspiration to our members. Srila Gurudeva placed a great deal of trust and responsibility in the hands of his sannyasis. In recent years, some of the sannyasis in our mission have had difficulty maintaining the requirements of this ashram. When this is not recognized and corrected, it sows confusion and distrust among our members. There has been no definitive guideline as to the behavior and etiquette for sannyasis and what to do as individuals and as a society when a sannyasi has difficulty upholding his vows.

[PADA: Right, well one of your sannyasas said he could not attend Mayapura because the followers of another NM guru might attack him physically. You are making the same dangerous cults that the ISKCON gurus created. You are simply a mirror of the bogus GBC, who has all these same "troubles."]

BV NM folks: We are addressing this in the same way as the guru issue, having papers written and using them as the foundation for an agreed upon and published policy. Both of these papers will be ready by mid-June.

[PADA: People who are gurus already do not need to study what is a guru, this is a totally foolish idea of NM and his clan.] 

BV NM folks: Srila Gurudeva created a society based on love, affection and trust. These qualities bound us to him. If we are to remain united and cooperative in preserving his mission and legacy, these same qualities have to be practiced by all, but especially our leaders. Srila Gurudeva manifested these spontaneously. But we, as conditioned souls, need some modest guidelines and agreements that help to nourish and protect the essential values that Srila Gurudeva espoused.

[PADA: We are gurus, therefore, we are conditioned souls? We are gurus, therefore we need written guidelines to moderate our behavior? Sorry, you are NOT GURUS!] 

BV NM folks: We request that the senior devotees, sannyasis, math commanders and devotees from all ashramas who are dedicated to the service of Srila Gurudeva, will read and comment on these suggestions. We are also calling for this to be the main topic of discussion in the five days before Vraja Parikrama 2013.

Now we await the comments from concerned Vaisnavas. We also have some additional ideas for organization. Those are better discussed after we have developed some consensus on the fundamental principles that we have presented here.

Aspiring for the service of Sri Guru and Vaisnavas,
Swami BV Sajjan
Swami BV Vaikhanas
Brajanath Dasa
Yasodananda Dasa

[PADA: Yes, my suggestion is that you are turning into another GBC guru cult and will have the same troubles they had, including eventually, murders, if you do not step back from the abyss now. ys pd] 

"That there have been no newly initiated devotees from Japan is all right. It doesn't matter whether they are initiated or not. If they are coming in large number, that is the success of our mission. We are not after making initiated members very many but our concern is that people understand this philosophy in wider circles. Initiated members are for managing the temples and preaching work, but our program is to invite people to our feasts, let them hear our philosophy and dance and chant. That is the basic principle of our philosophy in preaching work."

Srila Prabhupada letter to Sudama, April 11, 1971


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