Friday, April 19, 2013

Many ISKCON temples deteriorating

[PADA: Atlanta temple was shut down for awhile by the health department. Other temples report problems like -- bed bugs, mice, cock roaches and so on. Cows on one farm were sent to slaughter because the cowherd devotee there was too depressed at the suffering of the cows, due to lack of funds to care for them. So he thought killing the cows would be more merciful. Another temple has exposed electrical wiring near the kitchen sink. This could actually kill someone. Boston has had a rat problem, including rats passing stools on the altars. We know one reason this is going on, the leaders are spending $15,000,000 suing Bangalore, and that is where a lot of their money is going. Why are they suing Bangalore? Because, there are no rats running on the altars there, they want to kick everyone out so they can bring in the rats on the altars program over there as well. ys pd]

ISKCON Boston Kitchen Shutdown by the City


I just wanted to report a very disturbing situation at the ISKCON Boston Temple. The city apparently shut down the Deity kitchen because of various violations several months ago, the main violation being the lack of fire protection gear. Basically, the city has forbidden ISKCON Boston to cook for any public events and the feasts instead have been cooked at various congregation members' houses. Not only is this a violation of the Deity standards, but this is dangerous in regard to the spread of pathogens. And this is also a further violation of city regulations.

At the same time, Niranjana Swami, the GBC for ISKCON Boston, wrote a letter to the congregation basically washing his hands of the responsibility of managing the temple. How can he let a situation like this degrade so badly that the Temple can't even legally have a public program? How can he let the Deity standard sink this low and take no responsibility? Isn't this the Temple he originally joined? I mean, he certainly has the money to fund his extensive traveling. Can't he spare the cost of some of his many plane tickets and get the kitchen fixed to serve the Deities Who Srila Prabhupada directly installed?

This Temple has been through so much. Niranjana Swami let the devotees live in bedbug infested squalor for years, staying at his sister's house nearby instead of addressing that issue. Now, there is no chance of a Ratha Yatra and the quality of the Sunday program, basically the only preaching done, is severely compromised.

Niranjana Swami should resign in shame and let someone else, who cares about the Deities and devotees, deal with it. It is just really sad to see how bad this landmark Temple has degraded while the GBC and Temple President do nothing about it.

Your servant,
Bhakta Dave

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