Wednesday, April 24, 2013

All of us are diksha gurus?

Dear Krishna das: Disciple of my disciple? OK, however they kicked out almost all us disciples? There were 5,000 disciples, and they kicked almost all of them out. Lokanatha swami wrote about that in 1988, the temples are all ghost towns, no one is left, where has everyone gone? That is what he noted in 1988, there was no one left hardly.

The GBC never said what you are saying now, that ALL of the disciples are now going to be their gurus? They said there are only 11 gurus. And when we said some of your gurus are debauchees and deviants, we were then banned, beaten and sometimes assassinated. They never implemented your idea that all of us disciples are going to have our own disciples? When was this implemented? Now they are fighting that women cannot be gurus, they never even said that all the women would be gurus, what to speak of the men?

They kicked out almost all the rest of the disciple group. They never implemented your idea that ALL of the disciples should be included in their process? Not only they banned, beat and / or assassinated most of us “disciples,” some of us (like me) were chased by GBC goondas with baseball bats, and I was saved at the last moment by the police, otherwise I would have been beaten to death.

Is this the way you folks treat your other co-gurus in your “we are all gurus” idea? Your party bans, beats and kills ALL the other gurus? If your idea is correct, all of us are gurus, this begs the question, why are you folks banning, beating and killing — thousands of other gurus?

You are then asking, why is this program not bona fide, the program that is violently expelling all the other people that you claim are also gurus? We are all gopi rasika acharyas, so lets kill the 5,000 other gopis and declare that 11 are the best or only gopis? Have you any idea what your program is doing here? You are essentially saying that gopi level devotees — ban, beat and kill off the other gopis? What is that?
I personally would have been killed without the FBI intervening, they arrested the GBC guru’s hit man who had a description of my pick up truck in his pocket, they were going after me next. To kill me. That is what the FBI told me. So I am also a gopi rasika guru like the GBC, so lets kill the other gopis?

I am not sue why you think this is the proper way to treat all of us co-gurus with the GBC, whom you claim are also — gurus, because all the disciples are gurus? Are you trying to tell us that your idea is that other gurus are supposed to be banned, beat and assassinated, so that only 11 can claim to be gurus and all the other gurus are supposed to be viciously oppressed? 

I am not sure why you are saying we are all gurus and that the GBC guru party is authorized to exterminate all the rest of us gurus like we were termites who need to — die? Who authorized you to declare that we are gurus, and then — to exterminate all of us other people that you claim are also — gurus? This is not making much sense here? All of us are gurus, so call in the hit squad to exterminate all but 11 of the 5,000 group of gurus? Can you try to make sense of your idea — before you express it? I have never heard this before, there are 5,000 gopi rasika gurus here, so lets ban, beat and kill almost all the other gopis? Have you been taking your medications is of course the next self-evident question? ys pd

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