Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lets have -- nothing at all? (more examples of mayavada and sunnyavada infiltering)

Dear SG: The “proof” that accepting Srila Prabhupada as the current guru is a working idea is simple, all kinds of people are worshiping him all over the world and they are advancing in spiritual life under this process. They are now worshiping Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada’s books etc., when they were not doing this formerly, what more “proof” do we need that this is a good idea?

And in sum, our Prabhupadanugas program is expanding. We are gaining more centers, more devotees, and so on and so forth.

What baffles us about your types of folks is: (A) you are agreeing that the GBC program is crumbling, that there are rats, bed bugs, cockroaches etc. infesting more than several of their temples, that the city authority is shutting down some of their kitchens, actually in more than several cases, due to code violations (because there is no money to fix the code problems). There are -- in more than several cases -- huge problems paying the electric bill etc., and there are even cases where their cows were sent to slaughter because there is no money to care for these cows. And now Niranjana swami is admitting he has neglected Boston temple because he is too busy hanging out in Poland, so he is letting all this happen intentionally, and so forth. Hence — their program is dying out. OK we all agree, their idea is dying on the vine.

Then you say (B) our program, which is growing, and which is having no problem here paying for our local Prabhupadanuga temple, is also bogus because “its not found in shastra.” OK so you also want to shut down our program. And this will leave us with your idea which is (C) Shut the GBC program down, and shut our program down, and in sum shut everything down, and then -- we will have nothing left standing at all?

Then you wonder why no one is in favor of your proposal and process? 

Because it is mayavada and sunnyavada. Your idea is that -- "nothing" -- is better than what the GBC is doing, or what we are doing. This is mayavada. You will have the Titanic (ISKCON) sink, and now you want our ISKCON's lifeboats to sink, so there will be no survivors left at all? What kind of proposal is that? You are not presenting a working model of what we should do instead? You just want everyone else to stop. Sounds like very sour grapes indeed. 

This is the same problem we have had for example with an ex-devotee who got upset that the Krishna's mistreat their children, so he went back to the JEHOVAH'S WITNESS program. Ooops! The Jehovah Witness program is being sued in more than several states for CHILD ABUSE because they sometimes do not take their sick and dying children to the hospital, and the children suffer and even die as as a result etc. 

One lawsuit is even charging these folks with intentionally forcing CHILDREN to die as an "offering to God." So their church is also being charged with child abuse of the worst order, i.e. their children victims are even dying. So he objected to one situation of child abuse, ok fine, but then he simply ran off to another child abuse process, even worse order -- since their children are even dying? 

This means, he has no better idea? In addition, these Jehovah's Witness people eat tons of meat daily and they and their children get all forms of severe suffering and illness and they DIE because of that. Why does this ex-devotee want children to eat meat and get cancer and heart diseases etc.? That means he has gone off to an even worse idea than ours. OK, then this ex-devotee wonders why all the Krishna devotees are not  running off to join his program, never mind even the "worst case" Krishna devotees also do not want to torture and kill millions of animals every week? 

This is all mayavada and sunnyavada, they have nothing better to offer, or even, their program is worse than ours. So our request is very simple, instead of saying everyone else is bogus, even if everyone else is bogus, you still have to show us A BETTER PLAN. Sour grapes is not going to attract anyone, nor will it save anyone. Its that simple. We see this all the time now, the GBC is bad, the ritviks are bad, the Gaudiya Matha has bogus gurus that they cannot control right now, so they are all bad, everything is bad, that is what some might call, a dead end. 

A dead end of simply complaints -- about everyone and everything else -- is not a program, ok its against everyone else and their program, but it is not a program itself, it cannot go anywhere. You need to lead people out of the forest fire, not tell them there is no exit from the fire, where they will simply die in the fire? I have no idea what the point of all this is? So, like it or not, our program is attracting people to worship Lord Krishna and read the books of Srila Prabhupada, at least we have some proposal for people to follow. And its working. ys pd  

Prabhupadanuga-ness is spreading despite all these naysayers!


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