Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PADA letter to Laksmi Kary (Hansadutta's wife) ys pd (ISKCON)

Dear prabhus, First of all I was promoting a video of Hansaudutta saying we should not change the books, so I am promoting what he says and Laksmi finds that intolerable. She even hates it when I promote her idea? I know that Laksmi is against my web site, of course I did not manufacture any of the stories there, this is all testimony from thousands of devotees, newspaper clippings, media stories, court cases and so on and so forth. She is blaming the messenger. We should simply allow more innocent people to step into what she says is a cess pool? Why does she want more people to drown in the cess pool she helped create?

After Hansadutta declared tha Kirtanananda is the only pure devotee on the planet in 1986 and he sent everyone including Laksmi to New Vrndavana, meanwhile Sulochana was assassinated and the police found the license number of my car in a note in the pocket of Tirtha, and they immediately dispatched the police to come to the Berkeley temple and notify me that "you are next." Three thugs (two of them Hansadutta disciples) came to Berkeley from NV and were chasing me down the street when a police car whipped around the corner and saved me from either beating beaten to a pulp or being killed. Laksmi wants people to be beaten and enjoy it and not protest?

Now Laksmi thinks that the program she defends of mass child molesting, beatings and murders program are all some silly joke, she laughs at these victims. She thinks my web site has some cutting remarks, and she cited some, but she forgets that those particular remarks were made by the web site administrator, Urdhavaga dasa. He complained about the gurus and was then shot with a double barreled shot gun in Vrndavana when he was exiting the Yamuna river.

He has had a number of surgeries to remove these numerous pellets and he still has many pellets there. This has caused him a life of physical pain and dis-ablitly. Laksmi simply laughs at her victims. She wants people to get molested, beaten, their friends murdered, shot with shot guns, and then they should just glorify her beatings and shot gun attacks program as something spiritual. She hates it that victims of her program are complaining, just get shot -- and be happy!

Laksmi was married to a nice man and her husband told me Hansadutta ordered him to divorce Laksmi so he could have her. Srila Prabhupada says any guru who has sex with his disciple is the same as a man who has sex with his daughter. Hansadutta was having sex with many women there at the farm, not just one of his disciples.

Laksmi not only encourages this de facto sex with children mentality, she lived it and promotes it, no wonder so many kids were molested. While thousands of children were getting beaten, starved and sexually molested in ISKCON, her hero Hansadutta was molesting disciples (i.e. child molesting) himself, eating like a king hand having sex with many women.

Hansadutta did not lift one finger to help the molested kids, rather he he said the worst molester Kirtanananda is a pure devotee, so Hansadutta was causing more molestings by worshipping these molesters as his messiahs. Hansadutta was licking the boots of the worst molester on the planet and making this molester his next Jesus for ISKCON. Hansadutta was so deluded he was worshipping a child molester and murderer as the next messiah. And Laksmi was at his side doing same. And they dug up dozens of bodies at New Vrndavana, which Laksmi thinks is all my paranoid delusions.
I had to stop a man from going to blow Hansadutta's head off with a shot gun because Hansadutta was having sex with this man's wife. Laskmi and her ilk are the creators of this cess pool, we are the reporters of her cess pool.

Laksmi does not even thank me for saving Hansadutta from having his head blown off with a shot gun, she simply thinks everyone must die, including Hansadutta. And she thinks that her jamming / forcing all these Berkeley devotees to run off to worship a molester in New Vrndavana is some joke as well, she forced children to worship a child molester as their guru in both Berkeley and New Vrndavana, then she wonders why people were beaten, killed and children were molested?

And now Berkeley temple is a ghost town and my wife has to help the deity program there because Laksmi chased all the hundreds of servants who were there away. She ruined this temple here and made it a ghost town she is proud of that. Now there is no one here to do the pooja, and Laksmi thinks this is some silly joke? She stole the servants of God away, made the temple almost unfunctioning and this is a laughing matter? She took all the nice new temple vehicles, and now there is only one broken down van temple vehicle? She is a theif, a crook, and a stealer of temple property, and she is criticizing those of us trying to pick up the pieces of her campaign to destroy this temple!

She is criticizing those of us trying to care for the deity after she removed all the care takers for the deity? She wants no one to take care of these deities. And lest not forget that Hansadutta stole some huge temple deities which he stores in a shed at Laksmi's farm, where there is no one to care for these 9ft tall deities. She has kidnapped Krishna from His devotees and she is proud of that? 

She has no mercy for anyone, except herself. She is a cheer leading participant in this banning, beating, molesting and assassinating program, no wonder she hates to see it exposed. ys pd   

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  1. You were lucky. They beat me to a pulp in 1980.

    Hans asked me once why everybody hated him, he was hanging on my shoulder sitting next to me, crying like a baby. Broken down. So I told him. He sobered up real fast and verbally turned on me!

    Kulasekhara das / Colin Jury.


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