Friday, June 23, 2017

Vrndavana Cook Poisons Sadhus to Loot Ashram

Previous report:

Vrindavan, 2017.06.22 (VT): A group of sadhus have fallen seriously ill after taking prasad in their own ashram.

Twelve sadhus of the Varah Adyapeeth ashram at Vrindavan’s Varah Ghat fell unconscious after eating their midday meal. The mahant of the ashram, Shri Rampravesh Dasji is amongst the victims, along with Brahmachari Das, Dharmesh Das, Khadeshwar Das, Ramveer Das, Ganga Das, Vinay Das, Angad Das and others.

The sadhus fell unconscious immediately after eating. Their unconscious bodies were scattered about the ashram while the mahant lost consciousness in the verandah.

Due to the heat, there is very little movement in Vrindavan after lunch time. Because no one in the ashram remained conscious, it was only when Shri Vaidyaram Sevakdas ji of Malook Peeth came to visit in the evening, that the shocking scene was discovered.

Upon receiving news of the incident, Shri Rasiya Baba, Rasraj Maharaj and other mahatmas residing in the neighborhood rushed to the scene. They helped get the affected sants to Ramkrishna Mission Hospital.

Amongst those affected, Shri Rampraveshdasji, Brahmachari Das and Dharmesh Das are in critical condition and have been placed in ICU.

It is feared that someone may have poisoned the prasad purposefully.

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