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Hanuman Das (Croatia) "The Parampara from God is Imperfect"

Hanuman das: The parampara contains voted and "imperfect" people. 
The guru parampara from God is full of defects?

Hanuman Dasa: Well, prabhu, everything is in the Prabhupada's books, we don't need any living representative right, so why are you writing me so many letters? Everything is in the Prabhupada's books, so, by writing me emails, you are just distracting me from reading Srila Prabhupada's books, right?

So, why are you so much concerned about my bhoga and my prasadam, everything I need to know is in the books, so, I'll just read them, and I'll worship Prabhupada and I go back to Godhead, why do I need your emails? Prabhupada is alive, Prabhupada is in his books? So, where is the need for me to communicate with you at all?

[PADA: OK so you once again cannot even answer the first question, who should we offer our bhoga to? Every person in our program knows we have to offer bhoga to Krishna via media the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada, while you cannot even identify "who" we should offer our bhoga to? Of course later you said the GBC's program of training people to be offering their bhoga to various illicit sex deviants and administrative managers is "doing great preaching." Really? 

You also admit you personally worship Sridhara Swami ACBS, and the GBC said his followers should offer bhoga to him and other GBC. Sridhara swami was himself a GBC. Why should we do that? Where in shastra does it say we offer bhoga to the Governing Managers of the Church? I just got this question from a few Russian devotees, where were we told to offer bhoga to the managers of the religion? 

This sounds very silly, you folks are starting a religion where we offer bhoga to -- the Church Council members? Why don't you know we cannot offer bhoga to the Church Council leaders, we have to offer to the acharyas? Wow, even the Christians offer grace to Jesus, you folks say we need to offer grace instead to -- the Church managers? So we should go to a Church, to worship the managers by saying grace to them, and not worship the acharya instead? Bhoga that is offered to conditioned souls and managers NEVER BECOMES PRASADAM.]

I could not figure it out either?

HD: With your emails, you are trying to come between me and Prabhupada, but you don't need to do that, that is against rtvik philosophy. So, just let me read Prabhupada's books, I don't like to talk to you because you are useless. :D :D :D You say that all Prabhupada's disciples from the GBC are useless, even if they opened many temples and distributed many books. 

[PADA: I never said that? I said that the post 1977 GBC established the worship of illicit sex acharyas, and so-called GBC managers, and we need to reject that. And if you think worship of illicit sex is valuable, why are you making your own program to object? Are you saying you are the only person who can object? Are you saying the people who are making the illicit sex pooja are useful, while worship of the pure devotee is useless?]

Well you are useless that much more because you don't have any achievements to show. This voted in gurus made at least something, but you've done nothing, I didn't even hear for you till couple of days back. So you are more useless than any useless iskcon guru, because iskcon gurus are at least doing something.

[PADA: OK so the GBC gurus are establishing the worship of illicit sex acharyas, and that is "valuable preaching"? Where in shastra does it say worship of an illicit sex guru parampara is valuable preaching? Srila Prabhupada says your illicit sex guru paramparas are headed for the most obnoxious regions, what is so valuable about that?] 

So, find somebody will low IQ who will accept you as authority after you explain to him that Prabhupada is only authority :D :D :D I'll rather stick with "imperfect" disciples of Prabhupada who are trying their best to continue the parampara, and your "perfect" nonsense of making Prabhupada into Jesus. :D :D

[PADA: Great, so now you are saying: Srila Prabhupada's books establish that "the parampara from Krishna":

-- Supports your GBC's and their illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara. Where is this stated in the books?

-- And moreover, because your parampara is establishing the worship of illicit sex acharyas, it is conducting "valuable preaching. Where in shastra does it say worship of illicit sex acharyas is a "valuable" process? 

-- At least the good news is, you admit your guru parampara from Krishna contains "imperfect" people -- which invalidates your entire parampara. As soon as we say some of our parampara is defective, that invalidates the whole program. 

-- Srila Prabhupada says the guru parampara is eternally perfect, and it is not full of defects, and its an offense to say the parampara is faulty and defective from square one. Why don't you ever read the books?

-- Where does Srila Prabhupada say the parampara is imperfect and defective?]

Good luck, and don't write me anymore, I want to read Prabhupada's books and you are constantly coming between me and Prabhupada. :D :D 

ys Hanuman das


PADA: Ok so one of my friends is right, you do not even know who we should offer bhoga to? Nor do you ever explain that? And if you do not name your current guru, then, according to Srila Prabhupada, you are a mayavada. 

He says anyone who does not name the guru is a mayavada. And when you do not name your guru, then you say we need to worship Sridhara Swami, a departed guru? Why should we offer bhoga to Sridhara Swami, when he was Tamal's right hand man, and apart from that, he is departed, so according to you we cannot worship him anyway? 

My friend seems to be correct, you do not even know the process of offering bhoga to Krishna, which has to be offered only to a pure devotee. And you cannot tell us who that is, so everyone in your system is eating bhoga and not prasadam. ys pd 

On Friday, June 16, 2017 7:11 AM, Hrvoje Marjanovic <> wrote:

For you everybody is child molester, :D :D :D, and if somebody is not child molester, then he is supporter of child molester, and if he some guru is not child molester or supporter of child molester, he is child molester anyway, because he is voted in by child molester :D :D :D , and all the followers of gurus who didn't participate in any child molesting, they are also bogus, and grandma of any ISKCON member is also not bonafide, because she is grandmother of disciple, of guru who is voted in by somebody who is supporter of child molester. :D :D :D Great philosophy, I bet you have a lot of intelligent people in your small rtvik temple, can you send me photo? I would like to see all the intelligent faces?

So, Prabhupada said to continue the parampara, but you are not continuing it, rather you are imagining your own process, and somehow you are better then gurus who are voted in, because you are disobeying Prabhupada independently of the GBC :D :D :D

What a joke.

Let me tell you straight away, if I am going to be initiated by an acarya who left this planet, I would like to be initiated by Brahma, since as rtvik, you are in contact with all previous acaryas, can you connect me through with Brahma, I mean, he is the main guy in the universe?

[PADA: Right, we need to offer bhoga to the managers; The parampara is defective; The parampara is full of bogus voting; The parampara contains illicit sex with men, women and children, etc. we got it. Glad you admit that is your program. Saying that God and His parampara are defective is how we all came to this material world in the first place! Sacinandana swami preaches that the guru parampara is voting, its defective etc, and so do you, you are his disciple. ys pd]

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  1. Yes, agreed. Hanuman is actually a great help for the ritviks, he says almost all of the gurus in his GBC guru parampara are deviants. We agree. Yet then he says, there are a few, maybe one or two, who are somewhat bona fide, but they are not perfect.

    OK so now he is saying the guru parampara is not only full of deviants, its members are not perfect. That is not how the guru parampara is described in the Vedas.

    Yep, there are a few who are bona fide, so why are they participating in a guru parampara that is full of deviants, and persons who are not perfect? And why should people offer their bhoga to such a program?

    He says we are bogus because we want to worship someone like Jesus, but he wants us to worship a guru line that is mostly full of deviants, and the rest are not perfect. That makes no sense, we have to worship a guru line that is mostly deviants and the rest are not perfect? And worse, the rest are propping up the deviants, by burying sexual predators in the holy dham for example? He is trying to re-package the GBC guru line as bona fide, despite being its worst critic. Yes prabhu you are correct, this is called hypocrisy, one of the symptoms of Kali yuga. ys pd


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