Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ramesvara Removed from Brooklyn Book Table

Ramsevara Dasa (Robert Grant)

Hare Krsna. Pamho. AGTSP!

I am dumbfounded- for the first time in my life a devotee ordered me NOT to sell books. I was at the book table booth at the NYC Rathayatra when Ramabhadra Prabhu saw me and cautioned that I not "politic". When I told him in disbelief that I'm here to distribute Srila Prabhupada's books and not politic, he told me I'm not assigned and should leave the booth. Despite me appeal, I had to leave that booth. I clearly lacked the spiritual purity to warm his heart. His aspiring servant, Ramesvara Dāsa

Caitanya Dasi: I am going to recall and incident that happened to me back when Robert Grant was in charge in LA. My children and I had been banned from going to the temple. (Gopal Bhatta was the TP, and demanded that Robert Grant ban my children and I from going to the temple, and I could not engage in any type of service.) I won't go into the details here.

After a few weeks, my twin daughters were granted permission to attend classes in the gurukula. I was forced to live at my parent's home, which was an hour away from the temple. I had to drop my twins off, and my younger daughter and I waited in an apt. up the street until school was out. Then I would drive the hour back to my parents home. This went on for a couple of months.

It was Lord Nityananda's appearance day, and I thought that maybe if I went to LAX and distributed books, and if I could get a big donation, maybe I would be allowed to attend temple functions and engage in service once again.

I managed to sneak into the women's Sankirtan office, Sanatani was in charge, and begged her to allow me to go in the van to LAX, and allow my twin daughters to come to her office after school until I got back. She agreed.
I went to LAX and was praying and praying to Lord Nityananda to please send a sincere soul who would take a BG and give a big donation. My prayers paid off, and someone handed me a $100 bill. 

Immediately another devotee ran to a pay phone and called the temple to report this big donation. (back then rarely was such a big donation given). When it was time to go back to the temple, everyone in the van was so happy for me.

I entered the Sankirtan office to collect my daughters, and I was told that Gopal Bhatta had been told that I went to the airport to distribute books, and my daughters had been told they were not allowed to be there. I started crying, and asking why couldn't Robert Grant, who was the GBC, sannyasa and in charge of the BBT do something about this? Everyone hung their heads, and said they did not know why.

I am sharing this today to state: what comes around, goes around. We never know when a reaction for our injustices to devotees is going to manifest.
I have long ago forgiven all those who mistreated my children an I; but Krishna does not forget when his devotees are mistreated.

At one point, I was taking all three of my daughters to local parks, and we would sit down and chant the holy names. I had taught them to play mridunga and karatals, and I played harmonium. I made popcorn and cookie prasadam, and would have my girls distribute to the children in the park. Just because the temple authorities had banned us from the temple and doing service, I realized that we could still engage in Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan movement, and no temple authorities could stop us.

I remembered the story of the little sparrow who had lost her eggs to the ocean, and was trying to dry it up. When Garuda came, he laughed at her for being so foolish. If someone is determined to engage in devotional service, there really is nobody who can stop them. We can always chant the Holy Names of the Lord, and get our own books and go out and distribute them to the public.

I humbly request Robert Grant to take up the mood of the little sparrow and go out on the streets with a book bag to distribute Srila Prabhupada's books. 
Hare Krishna.

Robert Grant: Thank you Srimati Caitanya Devi. I can't beg ENOUGH forgiveness for my failures, and will live your advice which I will try to take to heart.

Caitanya Dasi: I long ago forgave you, Robert Grant. After reading your post, this incident came to mind, and I reminded me how karma has away of rearing it's head at any time in our lives. I wish you all the best. And I know you are determined, and will get out there and engage in book distribution to please Srila Prabhupada.

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