Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Radhanath in San Diego Temple

Hello I used to volunteer in the Iskcon temples here in California, until i did my homework and interviewed a lot of people that left the temple. I finally woke up, I'd say even being a regular Hindu is way better. I have to say that my friends last visit on a festival day was most interesting. Radhanath swami was in Los Angles Ca and San Diego, Ca. They wanted to confront him but were concerned for their safety, that if they did the other devotees would get mad and maybe attack. 

We don't want to mess things up, but know he is evil. My best friend freaked out when Radhanath showed up and said "oh my god, its the killer himself, shouldn't he be in jail?" Yes but I guess the man is protected. Ahhhhh yes there was another evil guru with Radhanath...Giriraj swami!! I mean really? Creepy enough. Yep I refuse to accept those demons. Why does ISKCON promote these fellows in LA, Laguna and San Diego? They look evil enough right?

[PADA: Yep, anyone who supports the illicit sex messiahs program is welcome to speak there, we are not. Kirtanananda is a known sexual predator and he was buried in a samadhi by Radhanath, and that is the real reason he is worshiped there by these people, they love to see the worship of sexual predators as God's successors in samadhis. When Sulochana went there to speak, he was killed, and Radhanath's people were the prime suspects. When Govinda Dasi went there to speak, they pulled the plug on her microphone, etc. ys pd]

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