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Govinda Dasi's Lament (Gaudiya Math Pt. II)


A Disciple’s Lament

Leaves are falling from the trees, dry, brown, and crackly. The winds of Time are blowing hard, parching the withered landscape. Wrinkles show on my hands and face, and gray hairs fall from my head. And I weep. Tears of sorrow for the mass destruction of my Master’s movement.

I feel so helpless. I ask: “What can I do? What more can I do? Is there anything, anything at all, that a small soul can do?” I pray. I ask for guidance, and the tears of empty sorrow engulf me.

“Mor Senapati Bhakta!” Mahaprabhu roared. “I shall send my Commander-In-Chief,” the Lord declared. “Even if they flee to foreign countries, I will send my Senapati Bhakta to bring them back!”

And He did. He sent Srila Prabhupada to the most materialistic country in the world-- America, to bring us back. But he was with us such a short time. “O, Srila Prabhupada, we rejoice for your visit. We thank God everyday for the great good fortune of having seen and served your lotus feet. No doubt we are delivered by this divine gift.

Yet, what of the world? The future generations? What of the great movement of Lord Chaitanya that started so humbly in a tiny New York storefront, yet spread to the ends of the Earth? What of the Hare Krishna Mantra that circled the globe, caressing the Earth’s airwaves with joyous sounds of ‘Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare....’”

Kali’s chiefs set to work on the movement as soon as our Senapati Bhakta left this world. They mismanaged, maneuvered, manipulated, and ultimately mutilated the glorious movement started by our beloved Gurudev. Is this the natural course of history? Must it happen again and again? Are we but another tragedy, like the former Gaudiya Math?

On Vyaspuja, we read some of Prabhupada’s poems of appeal to his God-Brothers. His words ring in our ears. Written so many years ago, his poem “Viraha-Astaka” is timeless.


“O Master! If all of your disciples

"Would sit down and carefully consider these things, then what nice preaching everyone could do together"!

“That was your explicit order given to us--that everyone should work together to propagate the preaching mission while remaining immersed in your instructions.”

“But if everyone simply imitates your exalted position, then there will only be a contrary result. As long as this pretense continues, there will only be utter failure.”

“Merely having a festival of flowers and fruits does not constitute worship; those who serve the instructions of the spiritual master actually worship him.”

“By serving the spiritual master’s instructions the disciples are empowered with the transcendental sound vibration. O Godbrothers, please return to this standard and give up your false pride.”

“Once the greatly learned man known as Kalidas Naga had openly challenged our master in the public assembly by saying:”

“Kali’s mission is keeping the entire world falsely contented with material pleasures--why then are your disciples keeping the essential message of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu locked up in a cage?”

“Oh, shame! Shame! my dear God brothers--aren’t we embarrassed by what we’re doing? In the manner of mundane businessmen we deceptively increase the numbers of our own disciples!”

“Our spiritual master had told us to go out and preach! Let the neophytes remain inside the temples and simply ring the bells.”

“Just open your eyes and see the tragedy that has arisen. Everyone has become a sense enjoyer and has given up preaching.”

“Within the surface of this planet there is another layer of the earth’s crust. But the power of sound is a matchless force that can penetrate right through the earth.”

"From sea to sea, crossing the earth, penetrating the universal shell, all of us should unite in purpose and flood the lands with the inundation of Krishna conscious preaching”

“You have become renunciates, O Godbrothers, and so you indeed renounce everything. But if you also give up the order of your spiritual master, then what kind of renunciation is that?”

“One who tries to enjoy the assets of his spiritual master (guru-bhogi) and one who renounces his guru’s order (guru-tyagi) are two kinds of useless persons. But one who actually serves his spiritual master (guru-sevi) will clearly understand all these things.”

“There is only one all-opulent Supreme Lord; therefore, if one’s personal opulence increases, a true saintly person rejects it, knowing it to be the cause of a dangerous position in the material world.”

“Your hoarding of money, O God brothers, is the cause of material sense gratification. This meaningful statement was spoken by Srila Prabhupada (Bhaktisiddhanta) himself.”

“Give up your personal wealth for the cause of preaching. Sit down together and make a special effort to plan for its practical use.”

“Srila Prabhupada personally gave that command as his final instruction to us. Please take great care to carry out his wish by adopting various preaching modes.”

“Otherwise your efforts are in vain and all your results will be spoiled. Be very careful. In this regard, or later you will regret everything.”

“‘One must work for the benefit of all living beings.’ That is Mahaprabhu’s teaching. This activity is the storehouse of happiness in the present life as well as the next.”

“According to this command, much work has fallen into your hands, O God brothers, so please gather together in a unified effort and see that it is done!”


“Be very careful in this regard, or later you will regret everything...” Can we not hear these pleas made by our own Srila Prabhupada, soon after the departure of his Guru Maharaj, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur?

These sad cries of our Master were composed in 1958, long before his first journey to America. Yet just see how applicable they are today! Just see how he wept for his Master’s Gaudiya Math, as we also weep for our Master’s Iskcon! Both have been undone by Kali’s chieftains, overthrown by Maya, and have thus become scattered impotent fragments of their former glory.

[PADA: Correct, as soon as Srila Prabhupada departed, the GBC went "straight away" over to the Gaudiya Matha's people, and claimed their leaders are our new shiksha guru "advisors." That is because the ISKCON's GBC could not find any section of Srila Prabhupada's teachings where gurus are: appointed, voted in, voted out, suspended, removed for deviations and etc. The whole idea that there is a Vatican vote, a puff of white smoke and then voila, a guru is produced, was never taught by Srila Prabhupada. 

Never mind that, according to Narayana Maharaja, Srila Prabhupada told him all his followers are monkeys. Who else but Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, various Babajis and others would declare that 11 of these monkeys are rati keli siddha parampara acharyas? No one else would ever dare endorse such a deviation except these folks. 

If we would walk into a Christian church and tell them monkeys are the guru successors to Jesus, they would immediately beat us with shoes. But Narayana Maharaja has had a huge following with his preaching that barely liberated ex-mlecchas, or actually monkeys, are fit to be worshiped as rati keli siddha acharyas. NM still has a big following in places like Hawaii, many devotees simply ate up his whole idea that ex-mlecchas and monkeys are fit to be rati keli acharyas, and he became some sort of hero for establishing that. 

Meanwhile Kailash chandra types say worship of Srila Prabhupada by the ritviks is like worship of a dog on a totem pole, and he has big fans like Rocana, Torben, Ajit Krishna, Kim Moller etc. So even if people say worship of the acharya is like worship of a dog, or NM's idea that acharyas are often monkeys, there are many followers of these idea. What could go wrong here? Then we wonder why things went off the rails?  

Did we forget to mention that Sridhara Maharaja said that acharyas can go mad after money, women and followers, which then became the standard bearing concept for the GBC's, i.e. acharyas are often deviants. The "guru by appointment" deviation was founded by the Gaudiya Matha's folks. And that is also why Narayana Maharaja says the founders of the 1936 monkey acharya's deviation are his poojya-padas, they are his mentors and seniors. 

Narayana Maharaja later helped Satsvarupa write the "Guru Reform Notebook," yep gurus are criminals, drug addicts, porno swamis, sexual predators and deviants -- who need reform. Who knew? To his credit BV Puri explained how in 1971 Narayana Maharaja had objected to Prabhupada using that title, and he admits that the appointment was only of ritviks and not gurus.  

The ISKCON GBC thus had to go elsewhere for "siddhanta corrections," to the old pros on these topics, like Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, BP Puri, ... to some extent BV Puri who waffled on the issue, and of course Fakir Mohan, Babajis and who knows what else. And then all of these people became giant supporters of the GBC's gurus, and giant influences over the society, including their idea that acharyas are often fallen and debauchees. 

As a result, the few dissenters who wanted Srila Prabhupada to continue to be the acharya were squashed like little bugs by the GBC's regime -- now coupled with their new found Gaudiya Matha's friends, advisors, cheer leaders and supporters. So it was not only Gaudiya Matha PT. II, it was bogus Gaudiya Matha PT. I -- now joining forces with ISKCON's leaders, forming bogus PT II. As Sulochana said, the old MAFIA Dons came over to the defense of the new MAFIA Dons, so they could all feast together on the leftover corpse of ISKCON, vulture birds of a feather.]  

We had great hopes for our children, and their children. But they were abused and destroyed, driven away by greedy leaders hungry for worship and power. What now are we to do? What is our Fate? Are we not responsible for this tragedy? For allowing this to happen? If one does not protest a sinful act, he gives his silent approval, and is thus also responsible for that sinful act. 

If we witness a wrongdoing, and fail to protest, the scriptures say that we also become responsible for that wrong! This is true, so we are also to blame! Are we complacently sitting and drinking our morning herb tea, while the wolves destroy all that which our Gurudev built up? I ask, what can be done?! Will he come again to clean up the mess, or will Mahaprabhu send others to reinstate his Sankirtan movement?

[PADA: Right, drinking herb tea, smoking herb, while the GBC introduced listening to sahajiya "rasika classes" from Sridhara and Narayana Maharaja's, as the house was burning down. Correct. And many ISKCON devotees fell for their ruse, and they too ran off to these Gaudiya Matha folks, to cement in Gaudiya Matha PT. II. Many devotees over the years said to us it was offensive to counter the GBC's gurus and their new found "advsiors." 

Many not only acquiesced, they openly defended the sahajiya guru process introduced by these folks. A lot of parents first surrendered their children to the false GBC's gurus, then told their kids to run off to the supporters of the GBC's gurus like Sridhara, Narayana etc. So they created a next generation deviation.]

Oh, it will go on--of this there is no doubt! Lord Chaitanya’s prophecies will come to pass. Kali flinches at the mere sound of Mahaprabhu and His Mahamantra! But how will it go on? And what are we to do? What are we to do, those of us wounded, sometimes fallen, warriors on this battlefield of Kali Yuga?

[PADA: Well for starters people need to openly declare that the GBC's false gurus -- supported by their bogus Gaudiya Matha advisors was a severe deviation, and straighten this out for historical purposes; So we might avoid Gaudiya Matha PT. III and so on.]

Ah, we were so young and bright, so alive, and we gave our all to our beloved Master, our Senapati Bhakta! We danced to his tunes and sang our hearts out! We experienced love, real love, for the first time in eons! We fell at his feet and offered our hearts to him--not only our hearts, but our minds, our bodies, our time, our everything! And we were happy, so happy! Then suddenly, he left us. He left our mortal vision. And the trials began.

Salem’s witches’ trials are eclipsed by the intrigues that gripped our movement. Ambition, pride, and desire gave way to cruelty, deceit and even murder. Iskcon became a no-man’s land, a landscape of manipulation, with Kali’s chiefs jockeying for power, prestige, and position.

[PADA: Right, for example Sridhara Maharaja said "none should protest." He knew that such restriction on us would get us protesters targeted for banning, bare minimum. Of course, there was also beating and assassinations of dissenters, just like Sridhara's false guru program got protesters treated the same way after 1936. In short, protesting the GBC / Sridhara / Narayana false guru sabha could produce deadly results after 1936, and produce the same results after 1977, banning, beatings and murders.

Didn't Sridhara know exactly what would be the result of making false acharyas, since he had already done that with ample odious results? Witch hunt indeed, Sridhara said none of us should protest, we need to simply accept the worship of his illicit sex acharyas -- and be happy about it! 

And Narayan Maharaja said we protesters are ritvik poison so he could put a lot of pressure on us, including deadly pressures, while NM said Tamal is his dear Tamal tree of Radha. So NM was demonizing anyone who opposed his bogus messiahs and he too must have known the results, dissenters like us would be mistreated badly, if not killed, he knew this 1936 history better than us.]  

We fled away to the caves, holding tight to our memories of what was. And from a safe vantage point, we watched Kali systematically destroy everything Srila Prabhupada built -- but keep the same label on it, hoping no one would notice. And use the attractive features -- the temples, the Deities, the wealth, even the Holy Names -- to gather followers and carve out their feudal empires. And when those unfortunate “disciples” discovered the ruse, they were thrown away like flashlight batteries, only to be replaced by more.

They said they were the “Chosen.” But where are they now, these “Chosen?” The “Chosen” are gone, because they were never chosen by anyone but themselves! Handpicked by the cruel fingers of Kali. But then, I ask, had they not taken this role, and fallen away, and failed in their guru masquerade, would anyone have even remembered our Acharya, Srila Prabhupada, our Senapati Bhakta?

[PADA: Right, they chose themselves, then people who thought they could benefit by supporting the emperor with no clothes, ok Sridhara / Narayana etc., they all joined the band wagon to get some left over remnants from the GBC's vultures.]   

He was so quickly pushed aside, shoved under the carpet, and his disciples driven away. The so-called “Chosen” had to be exposed so that innocent people would not be misled. 

[PADA: That was the problem, people would not help us expose them, the police, media and courts had to expose them.]

Those few disciples who remained in Iskcon suffered miserably, sometimes losing their faith and leaving completely. Those who watched the horror from afar suffered with feelings of anger and helplessness. And guilt. They continue to suffer, even now.

[PADA: Right, many of the original disciples later on either: Got very sick, and many now have various near-terminal maladies; Many died prematurely; Some became addicted to drugs, indeed some died from drugs or alcohol poisoning; Some had sexual addictions to porno and in some cases -- prostitutes; Some became attracted to wife swapping, which was going on and apparently still is going in some circles, and in sum -- all manner of deviations started to flourish. And many of them often told me they had to avoid fighting the GBC in order to have peaceful lives, but its seems to me, they may have avoided the main Kurukshetra event, but the effects of the war took over their lives anyway.]  

And now, nearly 40 years have passed. We are becoming old. Many of us have left this earth realm. Our children flounder in the world, searching for jobs in a materialistic society. Few survived the Spiritual Holocaust of 1978. Even Srila Prabhupada’s books were burned by the fires of the Holocaust, and are now mere charred remains of what they were. And it continues. The changes, the edits, the “improvements.” The Kali’s fingers of destruction.

There is no need for names. They know who they are. The Judas’ amongst us will be tried at the time of death, and they will enter hell worlds far worse than we can imagine. And we will all lament with compassion, “Oh, Prabhu, if only you could have served Srila Prabhupada without the cruel ghost of false ego, and the putrid stench of power and prestige!”

But we cannot save them from their fate. Only Mahaprabhu can do that. The tragedy of torment sits on their heads: Kali’s Chela-- the children of Kali, Her sentries and chiefs.

What will happen here, on this earth planet, in this universe? Will Prabhupada come again, or is he busy elsewhere? Will he send others to reinstate what was so famously begun?

Our hearts are weary, my Lord. There is quarrel and wrangling everywhere we look. They fight over minute details as if it were a game between the Yankees and the Red Sox! We lack adhikar, we Westerners; we have no qualification for devotional service, therefore we have spoiled everything. Please forgive us. We beg of You, please forgive us.

Srila Prabhupada sometimes said, shaking his beautiful golden head: “Oh, they say I have done miracles by turning these Western boys into Vaishnavas!” And then he placed his right hand on his head, as if to subdue some pain, and said, “But they do not know how much headache it has been!”

At the news of another fallen sanyasi, he quietly commented, “The problem with these Western boys is that they go to the other side.” “The ‘other side’’’ someone asked, “You mean, back to the way they were before?” “Yes,” he nodded, and said softly, “ Therefore most of them will have to take birth in India to complete their Krishna Consciousness...”


I ponder these memories, fresh as the sunshine that danced on your face. But my question remains unanswered. Again, I ask, What, if anything, can I do to serve your glorious Sankirtan movement? Is there anything at all? My qualifications are small, my health is frail, my time is short. Yet my desire is strong. Please, give me the answer, please give me encouragement and inspiration, for without it, my life is like an empty grave, a bellows without air, and a stove without fire. It has no meaning.

Oh yes, I can happily serve my beautiful Blue-cloud Lord with figs and nuts and fresh fruit. And heaps of Tulasi flowers. And I will go on doing that. I love to serve in that way. Daily this brings such incredible joy! But when I look out at the charred landscape of your Iskcon, my heart breaks and I weep anew.

The Kali wars have reduced the chariots of Harinama Sankirtan to mere toys, taken out for show on the weekends. When he was here, our Commander in Chief, the chariots rolled every day! Harinama moved through the streets of every city, purifying the atmosphere for miles around! Abundance filled the coffers of Iskcon’s fortress! 

Now, gaping holes line the bombarded fortress, and the wounded and dying are everywhere. So many soldiers have fled. And the fat sargents sit in their lounge chairs and feed their dogs and computers, sniffing out money for their self-important projects. While the people of the world suffer from the lack of Harinama. And we suffer, unable to do our duty, building fake sandcastles in the sky around us, hoping to forget the pain of our failure.

And so, we weep. We fall on our knees and cry out, “Oh Srila Prabhupada, Oh Mahaprabhu, what can we do? What can we do? Is there anything at all? We are so small and so helpless. Please, we have only a short time remaining in this world. Please give us some hope. Give us some instruction: ‘Do this, do that...’ As you did while you were here.”

“Please, let us meet you again, our beloved Master. In some other universe, in some other Kali Yuga, please let us try again. Let us be led like dancing dogs behind the lotus feet of you, our Senapati Bhakta. Let us try again. Here, we have failed miserably. But we want to try again. Please show us your mercy.

Dear Friends and Devotees,

This was written several years ago, when times were worse. Now, as time has passed, things are continuing to improve. But I felt I had to be truthful and really express those Dark Ages after the Holocaust of 1978 in the most honest and heartfelt way. Sorry if it sounded negative -- well, that's because it was!

Now, so many positive things are happening. By Krishna's mercy, we have the third generation growing up safely in the loving homes of the second generation, far from pedophiliac sanyasins, These children are already showing signs of divine inspiration. Remember, Srila Prabhupada assured us that from the "children of your children, pure devotees will be coming out." And they are. We have a lot to look forward to!

And, though not quickly enough, the fossilized old dinosaurs are dying off slowly but surely. Though still desperately trying to maintain absolute control, in spite of their diabetic seizures, and heart attacks and strokes, they are sure to be gone within another 10 or 15 years--if not by accident, then by illness. A whole generation will cheer their passing. That will leave the joyous cries of the second and third generation of devotees to jubilantly chant Hare Krishna Kirtans in Srila Prabhupada's temples! (that is, if the dinosaurs don’t sell off all the temples in the next 10 years.)

And most of all, we can be grateful that hundreds of thousands of Srila Prabhupada's original books are now being printed and distributed every year--and not just by faithful Prabhupada disciples, but also by many younger devotees who are aware that the Acharya's words should never be changed.

So things are definitely better, folks. And there's more to come. Stay tuned!

Your servant and Godsister,

Govinda dasi ACBSP

[PADA: Govinda Dasi nailed it, this is Gaudiya Matha PT II. There is a current revival of the worship of Srila Prabhupada going on outside the GBC's orbit, its increasing, as is the desire for his original books etc. So there is hope, and it mainly happening outside the GBC / Gaudiya Matha compromisers with the GBC / orbit. She is right! Great analysis Govinda Dasi, we agree, these Gaudiya Matha people destroyed their mission and then our leaders went to them, and the result was the same because there could not have been any other result. Following the same bogus messiah's process produces the same result every time, that is what Srila Prabhupada told us, follow them, and you will all go down and so will my mission. The only way forward is to re-establish the acharya's worship, and it is going on, albeit slow but sure. ys pd]

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  1. Right, she says we do not have to mention their names. She does say the Gaudiya Matha failed, and we all know that Sridhara Maharaja made a bi-sexual deviant as his acharya, and that dissenters were beaten and killed and his acharya later drank poison to commit suicide. And we all know that Narayana Maharaja said that the people who created the bi-sexual acharya, like Madhava Maharaja, are his poojya padas, and NM even says these founders of the bi-sexual acharya and another person credited with poisoning Srila Bhaktisiddanta are all his poojya padas. And then these guys said Tamal is the dear Tamal tree of Radha, because he also made bi-sexual deviants into his acharyas. ys pd


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