Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jayapataka Health Update (Video)

Jaypataka swami -- guru of ISKCON Mayapura

PADA: This is a little amazing to us. ALL of us (neophytes) were warned by Srila Prabhupada and repeatedly, not to take the post of DIKSHA GURU. Why? Because he said it would mean we are ACCEPTING SINS, and this would cause us to GET SICK, FALL DOWN, or both. Yet! So many of our God brothers ran off and thought they were exempt from all these BASIC rules of the Vaishnava religion. They volunteered to become another Jesus-like sin absorbing diksha guru, and they did so left, right and center. 

They thought they could actually take the post of another Jesus, and absorb the sins of thousands of others, and how did you guess, they began immediately to get sick, fall down, and die prematurely. Jayapataka was of course a special circumstance case, he was as fat as a walrus because he was self-evidently eating like one. Meanwhile, the kids in his schools report not getting enough to eat, so he was eating their food, which was meant for his own school children. And so he bloated out into a huge walrus sized shape.


Then later on, Walrus-pada said he wanted to spend millions of dollars suing the Prabhupada devotees so he could kick them all out, which he did. And so one day he was yelling and screaming in the court about how the worship of Prabhupada is a bogus deviation, and two days after that, he had a massive stroke. He has never recovered from said stroke, and never will. Ever.

How did you guess, some of his followers blamed us for countering his lawsuit and making him angry. Well maybe, but anyone who is angry to see the pure devotee being worshiped has a long history in the Vedas, they get sick, fall down and die, its simple karmic mathematics. And if one takes away food meant to feed little children to stuff into his fat face so he can bloat out to be the largest walrus pada on the planet, well there is karma for that too.

Anyway, this is actually sort of indirect great news for PADA. Jayapataka has become the sort of self-evident poster child for why us NEOPHYTES should not and CAN NOT attempt being diksha gurus, because these neophytes will suffer various malefic effects in this life, and major malefic problems in the next. 

Of course we STILL have some few foolish people remaining, like for example Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna, Kim Moller, Hanuman (Croatia) who say -- what is the problem, any Prabhupada disciple can imitate JESUS and take sins. Nope! And then we have people like Bhakti Vikas swami, he actually encourages these people to take sins -- so he can get them to become sick, fall down and die prematurely. Great job! Anyway, here we see what happens when one says he can over-step the orders of his guru, he has to suffer in this life, and suffer way worse in the next. ys pd      

Yes Jayapataka maharaja, you should take more sins, go for it! You will take them with you into your next life ...

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