Saturday, June 17, 2017

Hanuman Dasa (Croatia) And His Puppy Dogs Acharyas!

Hanuman Dasa (Croatia): Last week, I tried the obtain the "guru (loyalty) form." You see, to become guru in ISKCON, you have to fill up the “guru (loyalty) form,” in which you promise that you will never criticize the GBC or the other “gurus”. In other words you must promise that you will be good guru puppy.

GBC gurus are loyal puppy dogs!

[PADA: Swell! Hanuman says (A) we need to still worship the GBC's gurus, despite (B) they are defective, compromised with corruption, and despite they are puppy dogs! We need to offer bhoga to Hanuman's puppy dog acharyas? Yep, that is what he told me! 

He says we cannot offer bhoga to Prabhupada because that would make Prabhupada "someone like Jesus" and we cannot have that going on! We need to worship foolish puppies instead! And we need to offer our food to foolish puppy dogs, and that will make it prasadam? Where in shastra does it say we should offer bhoga to puppy dogs, and then it becomes prasadam?   

Of course Hanuman is also right on this issue, in order to be a guru in ISKCON, one has to be a loyal puppy dog to the rest of the GBC's guru program, and sign "a legal oath of loyalty." A GBC guru thus really cannot criticize the other "gurus," or he will face censure, suspension, removal and even expulsion. 

And that is why all the corruption goes on, there is no real ability to speak out on the real issues, because everyone has had to sign a legal "loyalty oath" to the rest of the GBC, making criticism not only difficult, but also illegal. So that means the whole group is compromised, hence, loyal puppies to the corrupt system.

Anyway! Hanuman still says we STILL need to worship the GBC's gurus, simultaneously -- they are puppy dogs? WHAT! Hanuman is right on this one point at least, all the GBC gurus are compromised with corruption and that is why they are like foolish puppies who follow a bogus leadership program with no discrimination. A puppy has no brain to discriminate right from wrong, and neither do Hanuman's acharyas.

Hanuman's New Acharya for the Jagat!

The ritviks are bogus, because, they do not worship ignorant, sexual predator, criminal and compromised puppy dogs as their messiahs and acharyas? This is getting ritvik-diculous!

HEE HEE! ys pd


Destination of naughty puppy acharya's program?

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  1. Thanks, Yes Hanuman is not making any sense. (A) We need to expose the GBC guru process as bogus, and those who collaborate with it like BVKS are compromised puppies, at the same time, (B) we need to promote them and their program. He has no solution, correct. ys pd


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