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Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / promoting Bob Zimmerman pooja? (Illuminutty-ness update)

OK listen up everyone! 

Yep, all the problems in ISKCON are all coming from the Illuminati / Zionist Jewish bankers, and their hand maidens, the GBC. And thus ISKCON has been taken over by a "a few guys" from this Illuminati / Zionist conspiracy. Fine except, if "a few guys" take over your neighborhood, it means you and most of the rest of the neighbors are acquiescing and allowing.  

Of course, in ISKCON it was way worse than that, most of our neighbors told me not to protest the hi-jack take over by "the few guys." At the same time, various bogus swamis, gurus, yogis and avatars have been taking over temples and properties since forever, this has been going on since time immemorial in India. And in the West, bogus various Vatican authorities, unauthorized priests, self-declared healers, dangerous snake handlers and what not -- have been fleecing their flocks -- also since time began. 

OK this process is not confined to "a few (Zionist) guys." 

But so what, now we have the solution to ISKCON's Illuminati / Zionist take over!

We have to put a photo of Bob Dylan aka Bob Zimmerman on our altars and worship him, the real "John the Baptist" of ISKCON. Sanat has told some of our people to place Bob Dylan's photo on their altars. And thus, we should follow their agenda, and take our children to ISRAEL and get them Bar Mitzvah - ized. And we need to play Jewish music as we sing along with Hava Nagila songs. That will fix the Jewish influence process? 

OK, no offense intended to Bob Dylan here, in fact he really has no idea these guys are even using his name, and PADA has no horse in the race for whatever Bob Dylan does.However he is clearly rooted in some forms of Jewish culture and so its rather hypocritical to promote: (A) we need to remove the Jewish influence process from ISKCON, (B) We need to worship people who are connected to the Jewish influence?   

So this is the problem with Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad and their sometimes.hanger on promoters, Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur, they make no sense? And then they stir up folks like Krishna Kirtan / Janardana / Tamohara and others to oppose PADA. Opposing us is fine, but replacing us with -- Bob Dylan? Seriously dudes? Of course this may be connected to some of these people promoting Radhanath's cheer leader Bhakta dasa. In any case, it appears these guys are saying we cannot listen to PADA, we need to listen to -- Hava Nagila? 

OK their meltdown mode is getting worse, that's all. So PADA is right, they are promoting the very agenda they say is bogus, meanwhile saying the Prabhupadanuga process is bogus. because we fail to "give proper credit" to -- Bob Dylan. So this is one result of worshiping fools like Satsvarupa, his disciples in some cases seem to go just about as mad as he is. A person needs to cut off all connection to these bogus influences, and take full shelter of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, in order to free oneself from these outside influences. ys pd        


Stephen Voith <> wrote:
Yes Prabhupada explained to me via spiritual television in summer 2007 that Bob Dylan is to John the Baptist as Prabhupada is to the Christ SWAMI JESUS. 'They' say no one welcomed Srila Prabhupada when He arrived in the US in 1965.

Nonsense - Bob Dylan as new age Harbinger, did a pre-baptismal of the pious American youth on July '64 at the Newport folk festival in Rhode Island when this great soul awakened their hearts to the imminent arrival if SWAMI JESUS who was already here in spirit overseeing His own sons and daughters through His messenger BOB DYLAN. 

Therefore Prabhupada directed me to share HIS revelation of this these facts via video which by the Grace if Muktipada Prabhu Matthew Taney I was able to perfectly convey beginning dec '08. And made a dozen or more which were on YouTube till October 2013 when brought down by Matthew due to threat of isgone lawsuit 

So Prabhupadas revealing this to me is no different than the thousands of other facts He relays to me throughout the years. Things which mostly have been disparaged by PADA and others or who ignored us, or in the case of Prabhupadas being tortured into death, usurped as others supposed finding. Which doesn't matter to me in the least, but it's a fact.

Prabhupada indicated to me in dream vision: until Bob Dylan is shown appreciation and amends made to his Grace for our Society's leaders ignoring his immense contribution to the HKM by bringing so many jewels (devotees) to Krishnas lotus feet, there will continue to be unsolvable problems as reaction. 


Dylan wrote the song Neighborhood Bully, in which he praised a state of Israel surrounded by hostile nations whose immensity presents a continuous threat to its existence.


Bob Dylan

The equal rights backed by Dylan in the US seemingly have no place in his politics regarding Israel and its neighbors. Dylan’s challenge to power in the US is transmuted into an embrace of Israeli militancy because of a flawed sense of reality, perhaps one learned from Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and later of the racist Kach party in Israel.

Dylan’s relationship to Kahane and the JDL is not entirely clear, but was explored by Anthony Scaduto in The New York Times in 1971. “Dylan’s interest in Israel and Judaism led him, over a year ago, into an unexpected relationship with Rabbi Meir Kahane and the Jewish Defense League,” Scaduto wrote.

The singer reportedly attended several JDL meetings and may have given money to the organization. Already in 1971, Scaduto wrote, “Dylan’s enthusiasm for the militant Jewish organization has brought down the wrath of some in the radical movement.”

Scaduto detailed this just four years after the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Syria’s Golan Heights and Egypt’s Sinai had begun: “To many young radicals, including Jewish kids, Israel is simply another one of those fascist states propped up by a fascist American Government, and Dylan’s fervent support of Israel and his over-publicized contacts with the JDL are to them a further indication that he has sold out to the political right he condemned.”
Rejecting Palestinian struggle

Dylan’s drift away from the anti-war movement over the course of the next 45 years – and his clear embrace of Israel after its invasion of Lebanon – led to no surprise when he rejected the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement’s call for him not to play Israel in 2011.

The right of return for refugees, the end of the occupation and equal rights for all Palestinians – the BDS movement’s key demands – would not have resonated with the man who wrote “Neighborhood Bully.”


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  1. Thanks prabhu, You are right, Muktipada was telling folks he had been instructed to make Bob Dylan tapes for youtube by the Sanat and Mukunda team. And you felt that was "way off base" even then. And you are furthermore correct, false preachers will make contrary instructions just to confuse the innocent.

    Yes, Sanat says we are going to be in a bad future destination if we do not join his Bar Mitzvah campaign, which is the same type of fanatical preaching the GBC uses: We have to join them or face a bad future birth.

    Right! They are all the same, fanatics who are making severe contradictions. The GBC siddhanta is full of contrary statements, and so are these people who are self promoting GBC wanna-bes.

    You got it! ys pd


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