Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is God Crying for His Lost Children? (video)

[PADA: I know, this is another sign that the PADA editor has lost the last remaining marble rolling around his brain. Yet to me, this is very heartfelt and touching story, at least in our opinion, that God would be crying for the forgetful souls who are misusing their independence. Ummm, just like we also cry for our lost children? 

What if He is crying due to missing us? 

We think there is something close to that going on, i.e. Krishna, the father of all living entities, is not at all happy to see the suffering of His rebelling spirit soul children. Anyway, this lady has had some type of realization: that we fallen souls on this earth have lost our loving connection to God, and we have to reconnect it. 

That is -- a fact. 

We think that Krishna can sometimes inspire a person from within to come to the right conclusion, even if the path they take is a little shaky. She wants to be with God and surrender to Him. And she knows, God is not at all happy that we fallen souls have lost our connection to Him, and we fallen souls are not at all happy having lost our connection to HIM either, and so -- voila -- we have to reconnect. Yep! That is the essence of the whole thing. She's got it! ys pd]     

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