Saturday, January 14, 2017

Yadubara needs a spare $235,000

PADA: Yep, we need to contribute to FUND ME to support: sick devotees, dying devotees, distressed devotees, dead devotees (who need their ashes flown to India), buying a temple's washing machine, buying a temple's heater, and so on, but when it comes to gathering together say, $20,000,000 to sue the ritviks, there is plenty of money on hand all of a sudden! OK but not so much money for a film about Srila Prabhupada? That program goes begging.

What happened to the BHAKTI CARU SWAMI "Srila Prabhupada biopic movie" that cost apparently millions of dollars, but was so terrible, its no longer even seen or available? And that fiasco all happened because BCS failed to consult with any of us on how to portray the acharya? Where did all that money go to? And there is an India biopic being made, great idea, but who is supervising and advising this project, to make sure its accurate and its portraying the acharya properly? 

Yadubara is yet another "yes man" guy who has supported the GBC's molester messiahs project, so -- is he going to do a better job of portraying the acharya than his program already has done -- by saying acharyas are usually debauchees? Yadubara's acharya pals are falling down left, right and center, lets just hope and pray he does a better portrayal of the acharya than the lusty party dogs his guru lineage has produced so far. ys pd   

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