Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Sunnyvale Restaurant! (Bangalore gets credit?)

PADA: Yes, we sometimes have people complaining that PADA is "giving too much credit to Bangalore and its programs like Sunnyvale, and PADA not giving enough credit to the Western devotees." OK, well the first problem is that the Bangalore folks seem to be getting many things done, and this creates news, and we are -- at least in part -- a news blog, mixed with some music videos for devotional entertainment, siddhanta articles etc. 

Meanwhile, we do not get so much news from other Prabhupadanuga programs, although there are a few here and there -- and we are for sure advertising for them. The Western devotees (like PADA and a few others) do get credit for writing a lot of the original Prabhupadanuga documentation (where we first coined the use of the term "Prabhupadanuga"), but since then, its mainly been devotees from India who have been practically implementing a lot of these ideas.

And importantly, after PADA helped orchestrate the BBTI books changes lawsuit, the molesting lawsuit, and introduced the poison issue, then Bangalore took the issue of fighting the GBC guru's flag forward -- and they have been in the Supreme Court of India fighting to establish that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya. OK, hardly no one else seemed to even understand that any of these above issues are of much importance, never mind taking any concrete steps to address these issues. Nor does it seem likely others will take concrete steps to address these issues anytime soon. 

Some so-called Prabhupadanuga folks wrote chastising me to say they are "doing the same as PADA and Bangalore," nope, they never even sued a peanut vendor for selling rotten peanuts, what to speak of substantially challenging the bogus gurus, nor do they have the ability or capacity to do this type of work. And now the Bangalore program from Sunnyvale is branching out to make a preaching program in Boston. So these are the types of things we need to see being done, and we would like to advertise other progressing programs, and if you have any, lets us know at: ys pd    

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  1. Right, as soon as we start bashing down on the GBC, various so-called Prabhupadanugas start bashing down on PADA. Good question, does that not mean they want the evil doers to win? I dunno what else could it mean?

    Then we keep getting inquiries, where is the program of some of these critics in UK for example? Well maybe we cannot find their program just like these inquirers cannot either.

    Yes, it appears some of these folks have as their main program -- to bash everyone else's program -- while not making one themselves, I like your idea, they are spiritual anarchists.

    Anyway we are going forward with those who can go forward, usually, those who want to go forward. ys pd


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